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Part V

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In which no one can heal our hero's soul...

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The waiting room was dead. Although it was full of patients waiting to be seen by a doctor or family and friends waiting to see a loved one, no one spoke. The room was just filled with an uncomfortable silence, which is why everyone was more than startled when Izzy burst through the door.

"He's awake! Axl's awake!" He cried frantically.

The others were up in a flash and they all ran back into Axl's room to see for themselves. The doctor was standing, looking down at Axl in the bed asking him questions and shining a tiny torch into the singer's eyes.

The four Guns shoved the doctor out of the way and stopped dead at the side of the bed and took in the sight before them.

Axl, still lying back on the bed, was weakly looking up at his friends, curling and uncurling his fingers. Every breath was an effort and even his blinks were slow.

No one could speak, barely able to contain themselves at the sight of Axl's open eyes and tiny smile.

"Boys will you please wait outside?" Said the doctor rather sternly, "There's still a few things that need to be done before you can properly see your friend. I'll call you back in a little while."

He kindly pushed them out the door before shutting it, cutting off the Guns from Axl once more.

The 'little while' lasted four long and agonising hours. The Guns paced the waiting room, nervous, excited, scared and hopeful.

When the doctor finally called them back in to see Axl, he was nearly knocked down as the Guns rushed in and crowded around their best friend. The doctor explained to Duff, Slash, Steven and Izzy that Axl merely waking up from his coma was the first stage of a long process of recovering.

The doctor rambled on for some time about eating plans and monitoring Axl's behaviour and eating patterns but the Guns were barely listening. Hugs and kisses and 'I love you's and apologies were exchanged and even tears in Steven's case. The doctor eventually left them and Axl decided this was the perfect time to ask the guys,

"Are you mad at me?"

His voice was tiny and weak and the others almost hadn't heard it. They stared, wide-eyed in disbelief.

"Why would we be mad at you?" Asked Slash, "How could we be mad at you?"

"Ax we love you more than anything and you scared the fucking shit out of us." Said Duff, "But we never got mad at you."

Axl's watery green eyes slowly moved over to settle on Izzy who was looking at the floor, lips trembling. Duff noticed this and decided before any more time could pass, Izzy and Axl would have to sort things out.

"Guys, let's leave these two to talk things over." He said, flashing a sweet smile over to Axl.

Duff, Slash and Steven turned to leave and just as he was about to shut the door behind him, Steven poked his head in again.

"I think you've already talked things over, haven't you?" He whispered and Izzy smiled.

The drummer shut the door, leaving the two best friends alone in the hospital room.

Axl slowly moved over in the bed slightly, leaving room for Izzy to sit closer to him. He patted the bed and smiled, melting Izzy's heart. The guitarist climbed up next to Axl and thought back to just before the singer had awoken.

"Ax, a little while ago, I said something to you. Did you..."

"I heard it all." Axl whispered with a smile.

"Izzy I understand why you acted out like that. I'm not mad at you and I'm sorry too."

The guitarist hesitated. He couldn't let out a sigh of relief just yet.

"Will you do it again?" He asked after a while, fear as clear as day in his eyes.

Axl's smile disappeared and he shook his head, reaching out for the guitarist. Izzy leaned in close and hugged his friend tight, never wanting to let him go again. This was all he wanted. Axl to be happy and healthy. Never again in his life did he want to see his best friend lying on a hospital bed strapped to a machine that was breathing for him.

Looking over Izzy's shoulder, Axl caught a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror and he started thinking...

The End.
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