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The Absolute Facts

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Just some 20 facts you didn't know about Ryan Wolfe. Some hints of CarWash, RaVe, and Ryan/Natalia. Please r&r! I might add some more later!

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The Absolute Facts

Disclaimer: I don't own CSI Miami, CBS does!

Thought One

That he hated being called Benedict Arnold.

Thought Two

He really thought that Tripp should have not cut his hair.

Thought Three

He secretly admire how Natalia got away from the gun range instructor who kept on hitting on her, even though she didn't like him.

Thought Four

He didn't like it when Natalia was accusing him of betraying her.

Thought Five

Before he met Natalia, he thought that Calleigh was the most beautiful girl he ever met in the lab.

Thought Six

He didn't mean to look at Velara's results, he was just curious, he never meant to hurt her.

Thought Seven

He wanted to go out with Valera until Natalia told hin she was going out with her ex-husband, Nick.

Thought Eight

He hated what Nick has done to Natalia.

Thought Nine

He never wanted Natalia's sister, Anya, to get hurt during the case.

Thought Ten

He thinks that Eric Delko doesn't deserve to have Natalia or Calleigh.

Thought Eleven

He wanted to kill Cooper, he could have lost his job.

Thought Twelve

He has a secret wish to kill Rick Stelter because if how he lost his job.

Thought Thirteen

He always thought that the team was his family.

Thought Fourteen

Horatio wasn't just his mentor for him, he was like a father to Ryan.

Thought Fifteen

He wanted to always meet Tim Speedle.

Thought Sixteen

Just cause he was new, doesn't mean he liked Dan Cooper.

Thought Seventeen

He hated how everyone suspected him of being the mole when he wasn't!

Thought Eighteen

He will do anything to just get his job back.

Thought Nineteen

He doesn't have a crush on Natalia.

Thought Twenty

...Though it's obvious to the team that he does like Natalia. (Natalia doesm't know all about this).
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