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“Can’t we just stop?” Frank whined as he watched the neon Burger King sign shine and fade as the car sped past. “Gerard! I’m /hungry/!” he said still pushing his luck on getting what he wanted for dinner.

“Shut up.” Gerard said plainly, glancing at his whinny boyfriend. “You’ll get your fill…” he mumbled before smiling evilly to himself. Frank rolled his eyes and pouted, taking this opportunity to stare out the window ‘cutely’ as he calls it… yet another feeble attempt to get his way. “We’re getting what I want whether you like it or not!” Gerard scolded, “And stop /pouting/! It’s so childish!” Gerard said, leading the car into the next lane. Frank let out a small ‘humpf’ and finally gave in, turning on the radio.

The music on the radio was quite boring today, always Fall Out Boy… Never Misfits or Rob Zombie… Frank was so disappointed. He went to turn the station, when his hand was grabbed by the man in the drivers’ position.

“Wait,” he said, letting go of the hand to reach into the compartment in-between them. “Here” He said handing Frank a CD without any labels on it. He placed the plain sliver CD into the player and waited. All of a sudden, Never Gonna Give you Up came on. Frank burst out laughing, and Gerard smirked.

“Gerard! What the /hell/!” Frank shrieked, “I’ve just been Rick Rolled!” He said laughing harder and holding his stomach. They listened to the rest of the song with Frank’s horrible singing adding to the horrible song to create a hilarious song. Gerard smiled as the last chorus came and past and the song ended.

“Are we there yet?” Frank asked in a bored tone as he fiddled with his seat belt. He waited a few seconds and grew irritated when there was no reply, “/Gerard/ I sai-”

“WE’RE HERE!” Gerard shrieked, smiling as his boyfriend nearly jumped out of the car from the sudden loud noise. Gerard pulled into a small crappy parking lot. It was a McDonalds built in the freaking Stone Age. Frank looked up at it and frowned. This is what he had planned for their seven year anniversary? This piece of /shit/? Frank shook his head and turned in the car to say something to his boyfriend, but when he looked… Gerard was already walking towards his door. Frank smiled as his car door was opened, and a hand was offered to him.

“My lady,” Gerard said smiling as he got punched in the shoulder. He wrapped his arm around the shorter man’s shoulder and they walked briskly to the McDonalds doors. Gerard walked faster and opened the door for the other man.

“Thanks.” Frank muttered as he walked in and looked around. “Gerard…” he breathed out at the sight in front of him. The entire place was dark… there were candles at the table in the center. The slight glow coming from the candles made small pools of light reflecting off the table. There were sun flower petals everywhere… Frank smiled and laughed. Gerard had gotten him roses on their first official date. He had bitched at him and told him if he wanted to get him flowers to get him sun flowers. Gerard lead them to the center table, Frank got a pang of remembrance in his stomach. Had they been there before?

On the table was there dinner already laid out. Frank sat down and stared at his number nine (Chicken nuggets) and his fries and looked at Gerard’s Big Mac and salad. He hadn’t had these since… He quickly lifted up his tray and gasped. Gerard had found it. He had found the table…

Carved into the table were three words. “I Love Gerard” He gaped at the table. The McDonalds they had their first date… it was gone, Frank had tried so hard to find this freaking table. Called the company, called every McDonalds he could think of.

“How?” he asked, looking at the grinning singer in front of him. “How the hell did you find this?” he asked.

Gerard shrugged and sat down, lifting up his tray to reveal a new carved phrase. Frank smiled and traced the writing with his fingers. “I Love Frankie” He giggled and leaned quickly to give his boyfriend the kiss he deserved. Gerard broke the kiss, and gestured for him to sit down.

“Now,” he said, holding Frank’s hand in his. He got up and got down on one knee. Frank’s eyes widened as the light bulb went off in his head. Everyone knew what the man on his one knee meant… Frank smiled and tried to hold back a scream. “Frank Anthony Iero…” Gerard said, reaching into his coat pocket and brining out a small Pringles can. Frank lifted up one brown in confusion and looked the singer in the eyes. “Will you open my Pringle can?” he asked. Frank frowned and took the can.

“You really shouldn-” He said but when he dumped the contents of the Pringle can onto his hand, he felt something cool, something metal. He shrieked and hugged the man in front of him. Gerard laughed and pulled back looking Frank strait in the eyes and smiled.

“Frank Anthony Iero…” He said again, “Will you marry me?” he asked. Frank didn’t bother with a proper answer; he pulled his boyfriend into a passionate kiss and wouldn’t let him go till his lungs burned with the need for oxygen. “Is that a yes?” Gerard said sarcastically.

“Fuck yes.” Frank answered and leaned in to kiss him again.
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