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I love you Toya

by RenoTurk 3 reviews

Makoto's dreams of Toya come true and both of them cannot believe how good it finally feels. R&R if you like.

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“I’ve never loved someone until you.” Makoto giggled flirtatious at Toya.

“Love and lust are different.” Toya told him curtly as they sat in the pub, the Enchant University was now such a distant memory. The dedication of his friends had been overwhelming, people had really felt that strongly for him that they wanted to save him and not see him dead at the end, well Atsuma and his friends did in the end it seemed.

“I love you.” Makoto had nodded. Affirmation from the transvestite had always come as a shock to many. “I know that. I do I really do.”

“You are annoyingly pathetic.” Atsuma muttered from the other side of Toya, he’d been happily nursing a beer or few for some time, his cheeks were red flushed and he had that warm feeling in his gut that said if he stood up and went outside he was going to end up quite tipsy.

“Moron.” Makoto muttered and flipped his fingers through his blond locks. “You’re incapable of being anything but angry or over excited about nothing.”

“Will you both just quit your whining? Some of us came here to enjoy themselves not listen to you both arguing.” Raigar muttered as he looked out of the window, his wife had ushered him out of the door to join his old adventuring friends and now he was listening to the usual banter.

“Sorry.” Atsuma said stretching and standing up. “I think I am going to head to another bar. Raigar you coming?”

“Might as well.” He nodded and stood up, the towering fighter ended up helping the younger man out of the door when the fresh air hit him but Astuma refused to go home instead he used his friends’ body as a prop and stumbled off.

“Why do you put up with him?” Makoto mumbled to Toya.

“He’s an honest and loyal friend. You and him both saved me, all of you did so don’t give me that look. You like him a lot really. I think you both get off on arguing.” Toya sipped at the last of the red wine and stood up. “Do you want the spare room to save you travelling home at this hour?”

“Please babes.” Makoto smiled. “You’re inviting me home? I might have to behave that’s going to be difficult.” He giggled and bounded out of the door off towards Toya’s house.

Toya let them in, put the keys into a bowl on the side and then dropped his coat on the hook. Makoto stood in the hallway watching him and smiled as he did, Toya was hot, really hot and he’d never hidden his feelings for him. Now it was just the two of them and Makoto felt rather nervous about it. He wouldn’t betray Toya’s trust but he really was going to have a hard time not acting on his fantasies.

Toya headed up the stairs to make a bed for his friend and looked over as Makoto headed to the bathroom and started to take the make-up off and discard various bits of jewellery. Toya shook his head, he looked just as pleasant without all of the trinkets but then again Toya was used to his friend now and the way in which he chose to live his life. To him it was just the same as Atsuma’s constant bickering and Raigar’s periods of silence.

Makoto came to the room and put his jacket over the side he had enjoyed enough to drink to feel a warm buzz but was nowhere near drunk. Toya looked up at him, a warm smile on the dark features; he went to stand up and came face to face with the blonde. Toya hesitated from pulling away, part of him really did like him but the other part wondered if it would open an obsession floodgate.

“The bed’s made.” He said softly.

“Thanks Toya.” Makoto smiled warmly, his eyes washing over the darker haired man’s features, hand snaking to it.

Makoto leant forwards and pressed his lips to Toya’s. The darker haired man didn’t punch him like he expected, instead after a slight hesitation Toya kissed him back. The kiss started out nervously, Toya wondering what the hell was going on in his mind to let this happen but in the end the kiss turned more demanding as he put his concerns aside and decided to enjoy what might happen.

Makoto couldn’t believe he was letting him touch him and pulled back a moment, put his hands to Toya’s cheek, seeing nothing to worry about in his eyes he leant back and revelled in the feel of Toya’s tongue exploring his mouth and a long lived fantasy starting out, better than he had hoped in fact. His heart was pounding as the darker haired man’s nerves slowly began to disappear.

Toya and Makoto landed on the bed together with the darker haired man on top claiming the blond. Makoto’s blonde hair spilled out over the bed and he gasped as he pushed up against Toya’s warm body his hands going to the shirt, undoing it and kissing along his bare chest. Toya’s semi-erection pressed to the blondes’ thigh and it elicited a soft moan from Makoto’s throat.

“So pretty.” Toya gasped as Makoto’s hand ran down his length, taking in the size and eagerly wanting to please him, he began to run it up and down over the material of his pants. “I don’t know why I didn’t…”

“Please Toya don’t…” Makoto looked into his eyes. “I know why.” He kissed him again, their tongues softly playing against one another. Toya closed his eyes and surrendered himself to the sensations as his hips involuntarily swayed to the touch.

“I’ve never…” Toya broke the kiss.

“Me either.” Makoto giggled a little. “I told you I only want you and I meant it. Even if you never really want me it’s okay.”

“I do.” Toya whispered his voice husky. “Oh I do want you but I’m not sure if we will always…”

“Just tonight,” Makoto pulled his shirt off and opened his trousers, “don’t analyse everything.” He slid down gently and kissed around Toya’s organ revelling in the hot rigid muscle.

The blonde’s hair was gently played with by Toya’s fingers, they wrapped into the locks as long fingers pushed the tresses around and Toya moaned out as the hot tongue from the blonde ran over the length of his erection and his lips finally settled around the head. Makoto loved the noises he was hearing, the deepening of Toya’s breath and moans when he got a spot that was enjoyable.

Makoto’s mouth slid over the heavily engorged prize of Toya’s cock with a light moan around it, as Toya’s hands continued to play around in his hair. He watched the darker haired man’s face with the expression of pleasure written over it. Toya’s eyes were half-lidded as Makoto’s mouth and lips covered his shaft, running up and down it, Toya’s member twitched and Makoto hummed a moan again.

“Makoto…” Toya’s head fell back against the bed. “Gods that feels amazing.”

The blonde pulled back and smiled up at him, hand wrapping around the heated muscle and running up and down, softly he pumped at it as he moved up to kiss Toya again. Toya was slightly hesitant at first but kissed the blonde back tasting the salty flesh against him.

“Toya,” Makoto breathlessly panted, “please… I want you to…”

“What if it hurts?” Toya looked at him. “I don’t know if I can.” He hesitated but he was so damned turned on and Makoto’s long painted nails were starting to mesmerise him into watching, as someone other than himself worked his erection.

“I’ve wanted the chance with you for so long Toya and we can stop if it’s not what either of us wants right?” Makoto’s lips brushed over his again. “You’re so hot I can’t think of anything else that I want more.”

Toya looked into his eyes, the overtly girlish act was gone and it was just the two of them together in a room. Toya nodded and put his hand to the back of Makoto’s neck pulling him closer again and kissed him deeply, tongues once again meeting together as he knelt up and ran his other hand down into his partners trousers, opening the skirt and trousers suit he wore, he found Makoto’s hot skin to be an inviting feel.

Both of them stripped one another’s clothes off with hands exploring over their bodies, hands reaching to each others cock, fingers brushing along balls and it elicited gasps of pleasure. Toya’s rasping breath was hot on the pale skin of Makoto’s neck and he shuddered as Makoto’s hand brushed around his thigh, cock, balls, fingers that danced against his slightly sweating skin. Gods… he really had wanted him this much and now it felt good to admit it to himself and his partner.

“Oh fuck… I want you.” Toya finally let go of his nerves and leant over the bed looking for something to use as lube. Makoto leant down to his coat and found what they needed and as he came to lean up, he felt Toya’s hand on his ass and looked over at him through those pretty eyes of his. “Don’t… move.” Toya rasped as he watched his partners lean frame half on the bed and half hanging over the side.

Makoto stayed propped against the side of the bed his erection brushing Toya’s thigh and leaving a slight smear of pre-cum across his flesh. Toya’s hand ran over his ass, gently he played over and around his balls and towards the tight hole. He had to admit the idea of Makoto waiting all that time just to let Toya sink into him and claim him was fuelling a hell of a lot of his lust.

He watched as Makoto’s well toned body shuddered under his touch and his ass was taut when Toya’s fingers gently ran around his tight unused hole. Makoto wanted him to touch him, invade him or do anything other than leaving him teased and desperate hanging over Toya’s body with his ass on display.

Toya ran the cool liquid around his fingers, nervously he pushed closer to Makoto’s tight hole, he paused when Makoto took a deep breath and moved back against the bed more to avoid falling off it. Toya’s cock twitched as the blonde’s belly moved over it. He looked so damned vulnerable but at the same time seemed to be begging for him to take him in any way he saw fit.

Finally Toya pushed his finger into Makoto’s tight ass and felt the resistance of his muscles hugging around his digit. Makoto moaned out and for a moment Toya panicked in case he’d hurt him but the blonde shifted around the feeling and panting out Toya’s name he begged him not to stop. Toya’s heart was thundering in his chest as he probed into Makoto’s tight ass and his balls started to tighten just thinking about how it would feel hugging around his shaft.

“Fuck… good.” Makoto muttered a sweating mess, as he lay over Toya’s thigh’s feeling the length of his partner twitching on his belly. His own member was leaking and his belly tightened up. He was sure he couldn’t last much longer and yet he hadn’t even touched his length yet.

Toya’s second finger slid into him with less resistance as the muscles began to relax. Gods, how had he waited this long and not taken him to bed? He really had to admit fucking the blond was all he had on his mind now; he wanted to hear those cries of lust made real, that he had on occasion wondered about. Makoto bit his lip as Toya’s fingers delved deep into him and he heard himself muttering and begging Toya to do more to him.

Toya sat back on the bed his fingers coming free of his partners’ ass. Makoto moaned from the loss but turned around and kissed Toya’s weighty organ as Toya spread more gel around it and looked at him. If they did this, there would be no turning back it was the admission the blonde had needed so much from him.

Makoto made the choice easier, he crawled up over his legs and straddled him, his hands delved into the dark hair and he kissed him again. Toya’s hand ran over his own length the cold gel already warming on his erection, as he pumped his hand up and down his skin, he watched Makoto’s hips swaying softly as he straddled him. Toya couldn’t wait any longer.

“Sit on me.” He huskily demanded of the transvestite.

His hands gently went to Makoto’s buttocks and spread his cheeks wide, stretching his hole as best he could to help him sink on more comfortably. Makoto slid over his cock and rested on the head, he was nervous, it might hurt him. Toya pushed up against him and felt the resistance from the tight ring of muscles before he was suddenly tight inside Makoto and they both moaned in part discomfort but more of it was pleasure.

“Toya…” Makoto’s lips met his as he rocked softly over his lovers’ erection feeling the length brushing his walls. His pre-cum leaked out of his bobbing cock as they worked out a rhythm that felt good on them both. “So big.”

Toya’s hands rested on the blonde transvestites hips as he moved in and out of him, sinking into his tight ass and groaning as the walls gripped tightly around his shaft. Makoto arched against him again, he could feel Toya’s balls brushing against his ass and all he could think of was how many times he had fantasised about it. Now they were here enacting it and Makoto could hardly believe it was happening.

Makoto rode over him, his ass covered in lube as he rode up and down his long hard erection and moaned, sweating lightly as he worked with him. Toya watched, the blonde’s hair flopping around his face and smiled up at him as he pulled his partner down on him, shivering in delight.

“So close.” Toya muttered as his stomach knotted. “So close… oh gods… Makoto!”

Makoto’s hips moved faster, legs brushing against his, heart thundering. He needed to feel Toya’s release inside him. Toya panted as he moved up, his hands moved around to his back as he arched up and Makoto’s body shifted, his ass filled deep with his dark haired partner’s wonderful throbbing member and now he just wanted to let go and yell about how good it felt.

When Toya let go it was hot, thick and unexpected, Makoto jerked over him, his own orgasm building and eventually working over his body. Makoto yelled out as he spent over Toya’s chest causing Toya to groan as his already sensitive cock was nearly crushed as he tightened around him. Toya had never felt so spent and flopped back on the bed, joined moments later by the blonde who nearly slithered to his side in a sweaty mess.

“That… was way too much fun.” Toya muttered his eyes slowly closing.

“Good if you like it that much we can do it again… sometime.” He panted as he curled up, one arm nervously going to rest over Toya. Toya smiled softly, he turned over with him and kissed him softy, as he pulled away he gave him a slight nod and settled back down again.
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