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Just another Speck on the wall.

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Seriously, Will He Ever See me? I just want him to know I'm Alive.

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MY Daily routine at school, consisted of not being Heard, Seen, or spoken to. I hate being out in the open, or in social gatherings. It's just to much from me. Especially since Thomas is such a big part of Extra Curricular activities, I can't be around him; It Just hurts way to much.
So I go to my locker as quick as possible, shoving my ear buds in my ears, and shuffled through the crowd with my head down, snatching glances to see if he's anywhere around, But he's not. Oh well.
I feel someone bump into. No biggie. People shove past me like I don't even exist. I might as well just lay in the middle of the hallway and see if anyone notices. They'd tromp right over me.
But something was different about this Bump. I had a feeling. I pulled one of my earbuds out and looked back.
"Oh, sorry dude, I didn't mean to." His voice flowed through the air, like music. I wanted to hear it all day long.
He was gone before I could say anything back; My mouth was cemented shut. I felt Like someone just shoved a fuckin' rock down my throat.
I turned back around and drug my feet against the dirty tile floor to my next class.
It's probobly a good thing I got assigned a seat in the back, because I cried my eyes out the whole period. No one heard me, another good example of "I don't exist."

I can proudly say I'm obsessed with this guy. I daydream about him all day. I do my shitty homework, and daydream about him. I take a shower and daydream about him [not in a sick way, though]. I Listen to my Sappy Emo music and daydream about him. And I sleep, and I dream about him.
I feel like such a loser.

I guess theres no hope in finding anything out about him. All I know is, He's fuckin' gorgeous, he has the most amazing hair EVER. And his fashion sense is amazing. I Know, that sounds so gay.

I can't get the nerves to talk to him; I freeze up. I really have no friends to dig shit up about him. I guess it's all up to me.
I suppose the whole working to get what you want thing is gonna come in very, very soon.

And probobly a very big bombardment of emotions.

Oh, This will be just dandy.
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