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Part 10- Anouncement

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What you've all been waiting for- the results! the announcement! and the smut!

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Disclaimer: Well, here it is. In response to overwhelming popular demand (I know, I'm scared too), the last segment of the election campaign.


A week before the election, Weasley Wizard Wheezes received a rather unusual order from the Photography Club at Hogwarts. Colin Creevey explained that he was looking for four terminals that could receive sound from a central transmitter. He said that they were for a project that would directly benefit Harry Potter, and thus hoped that he could get a modest discount on their usual rates, whatever they were.

The resulting letter from the twins asked if a 100% discount would be acceptable, since they still owed Harry for providing so much of their equity.

Putting together what Muggles called a closed-circuit radio system was easy, and they had discovered a part of the spectrum unused by Muggles and unblocked by magical energy while at work on another project. As a result, the system was ready on Tuesday and smuggled through the Gryffindor fireplace in the small hours of Wednesday morning. Club members arranged to have the seventh year girl prefect from each House take custody of one receiver, and these receivers were placed in the respective seventh year dormitories.

Thus, when the girls left the common rooms shortly after 7 PM on Friday, they went to the seventh year girls' dorms. They weren't as tight a squeeze as might be imagined; Hogwarts' founders arranged for seventh years to have the most room, and understood that it might be required for the girls and boys to meet en masse separately.

At 7:15, the Gryffindor and Slytherin ballot boxes arrived, and Lee Jordan was on the air once more, welcoming the girls of Hogwarts to the Special Election Broadcast.


"Joining us in the studio tonight are the lovely Luna Lovegood, the smashing Susan Bones, the handsome Hermione Granger, and the pulchritudinous Pansy Parkinson!"

"Pulchritudinous?" inquired Rodney Alexander, the Hufflepuff cooperating with Lee on the broadcast.

"You should learn a new word every day, Rod. And also with us tonight is the man of the hour, the lucky dog who'll be doing whatever the winner wants, whenever she wants it- Harry Potter!
Harry, do you have a few words before the boxes start to be counted?" Lee exclaimed.

Harry sat down next to Lee, across from the candidates. "I just want to say that I'm overwhelmed by the support that I've received from so many of you, and that I hope to be a boyfriend that the winner deserves, whoever she is. I hope I'm good enough for you. I want to thank Hermione and Luna in particular, as this election was their idea, so they tell me. But," he continued quickly, "I believe that Susan and Pansy would be excellent girlfriends as well."

The candidates sighed in unison, as did many of the listeners in their respective rooms. Some of the latter sighs sounded more like moans.

"Thank you, Harry. I don't suppose I could be your girlfriend, Harry? Hah! You should have seen the look on his face, girls. It was priceless," Lee chortled.

"And I see that we have the Hufflepuff box all counted. Let's go to Colin Creevey, who has the numbers for us," Rod interjected as a segue.

"Seventy votes were cast in Hufflepuff House, representing 100 percent of eligible voters," Colin stated, reading from a piece of paper. "Susan Bones received fifty-two votes, Pansy Parkinson eleven votes, Luna Lovegood four votes, and Hermione Granger three votes."

"Well, no surprise that Susan won most of the Badgers' vote, but I am surprised that Pansy is such a strong second and Hermione in last. That certainly wasn't the case at the start of the campaign," Lee explained.

"If I may," Rod broke in, "there was a story from Hufflepuff that some girls believed Pansy was being belittled by Susan and some of her friends. I spoke with some of the Hufflepuffs earlier today, and they seemed to confirm this."

"Excuse me," interrupted Susan, "but I said and did nothing of the sort, and I believe Pansy will back me up on this. I have attempted to run a purely positive campaign."

"Well," Pansy drawled, "I think my friend Susan goes a bit further than can be justified. She didn't sound terribly positive when she said that Luna was flighty, for instance." Pansy decided that she would do better arguing on someone else's behalf.

Luna refused to be baited. "I believe Susan ran a good campaign, and I am happy to leave it to the voters to judge."

"Hermione, any idea why you received so few votes?" asked Rod.

"I believe that I didn't always run the best campaign," Hermione admitted. "I have to say that this whole campaign was a learning experience."

"Any truth to the idea that you were hurt by the endorsements of Katie and Angelina?" Rod prodded.

Hermione reacted more testily, "Absolutely not. I was thrilled to receive their endorsement and will be glad to accept whatever help they would like to extend."

"Oh, I can imagine the kind of 'help' they have in mind," Lee leered; Hermione and Harry both turned scarlet, but neither said a word. "Let the record show that they're both blushing!" (So did quite a few girls listening and imagining themselves part of the transaction.)

Rod jumped in, saying, "Sorry to break up the party, Lee, but I think Colin's about ready to announce the Ravenclaw results."

"Seventy votes were cast in Ravenclaw House, representing 100 percent of eligible voters," Colin read. "Luna Lovegood received fifty-four votes, Pansy Parkinson received six votes, Hermione Granger received five votes, and Susan Bones received five votes."

"Again, Pansy finishing second! Any thoughts on why this happened, Pansy?" Lee inquired.

"A true Slytherin abides by two rules, Lee. First, never tell everything you know," Pansy answered.

Lee waited for Pansy to continue. When it was obvious that she wouldn't, he said, "Sage advice, I'm sure. Rod, where do we stand now?"

"So far, Luna's got the lead by one vote over Susan, with Pansy and Hermione well behind. I've got Nathan Silver here to offer his two Knuts. You were Luna's campaign manager, correct?"

"Yes, Rod, but I think I can be reasonably objective about the campaign," Nathan said, walking over from where he had been observing the tally.

"What is the reason for Luna's success, do you think?" Rod asked.

"Luna's a wonderful girl with a... unique approach to her campaign, and the voters responded well to it," Nathan responded evenly.

"I have heard rumors that you disagreed with some of her decisions," Rod commented slyly.

"I've heard them, too," Nathan replied rather stiffly, "and I won't comment on them."

"Dammit," Lee muttered. "Well, thank you for your thoughts. In case you were wondering, the other campaign managers are also looking at the ballots as they're being counted. Blaise, could you come over here for a second?" Blaise Zabini heard Lee's call and ambled over.

"Blaise, Pansy seems to be doing well in the other Houses. Can you tell us why?" Lee asked.

"Pansy Parkinson has thrived for years within Slytherin by being underestimated, and the rest of the Houses are now learning what we know about her," Blaise replied enthusiastically. "She'll make Harry an excellent girlfriend for however long they stay together."

Whoops came from the Slytherin dorm, as Blaise made another statement on which everyone could agree.

"Thank you, Blaise. I believe that Colin is now signaling that the Gryffindor count is complete," Rod said, nodding toward the elder Creevey.

Colin announced, "Sixty-nine votes were cast in Gryffindor House, representing 99 percent of eligible voters. Hermione Granger received fifty-six votes, Susan Bones received six votes, Luna
Lovegood received five votes, and Pansy Parkinson received two votes."

"With the three houses most likely to vote now in the books, I have a very narrow lead for Hermione over Luna and Susan, with Pansy far behind. Slytherin still hasn't been counted yet, but an awful lot of Slytherin girls showed no interest in this election," Rod detailed.

"True, but the other candidates seemed to have little interest in Slytherin votes," noted Rod. "It's hard to see any of the other candidates doing much in the land of green and silver. Lavender, can we talk for a moment?"

"Certainly, Lee," Lavender replied as she slinked over.

"It's always a pleasure, Lavender," Lee said, more sincerely than usual. "I understand that Hermione has you to thank for her comeback."

"Well, I made a few suggestions, but that Ball was all Hermione's work. Harry," she said, turning to him, "I just want you to know that if we win, our deal is still on." She walked behind Harry's chair and rubbed his shoulders. "In fact, I'd like it to be on in any event, win or lose," she whispered in Harry's ear.

Harry gulped as he felt two hard points rubbing against his shoulder blades through layers of clothing. "Sounds wonderful, Lavender," he said weakly.

"Lavender Brown, ladies and gentlemen," Lee finished. "Now, to complete the set, I believe that Laura Madley is available. Laura?" he summoned.

Laura walked over. "Susan seems to have kept kind of a lower profile than most of her opponents. Was that the strategy that you intended?" Lee inquired.

"Well, we believed that Susan is quite capable of speaking for herself," Laura stated. "I mean, look at her!"

"Laura, we're on the wireless," Rod cautioned.

"Susan's beauty, intelligence, and good humor speak for themselves," Laura continued, "and I believe that our campaign has done a fine job of emphasizing them."

"Well, good luck to you," Lee said by way of farewell. "I believe the Slytherin count is nearly done, am I correct, Colin?"

"Give me one minute, please," Colin pleaded, arms full of ballots. "We're double-checking our numbers. We just want to be sure about our results here."

"No problem, Colin," Rod replied. "Take your time. We know this is a very important vote for all you women out there."

"And just remember, girls- no matter who wins, we're still available!" Lee crowed.

"There's a reason for that, Lee," Pansy snarked. Everyone laughed at that, including Rod.

"Tell me you're finished, Colin, please," Lee pleaded; it was remarkable how deeply his blush could show under his dark skin.

Luckily for Lee, Colin was. "Forty-seven votes were cast in Slytherin House, representing 67 percent of eligible voters."

In all four seventh-year girls' rooms and at the announcers' table, everyone held their breaths. Even with the higher-than-expected Snake turnout, Pansy would still need almost all of these votes to win.

"Pansy Parkinson received forty-five votes..."

Pansy quickly added the numbers in her head. 'I just might win after all!' she mentally exulted.

"Susan Bones received one vote..."

Susan wasn't quite as fast as Pansy, but she grinned as she realized that she just might have a chance.

"Luna Lovegood received one vote..."

If Luna was adding the numbers or otherwise considering the result at all, she gave no sign.

"And Hermione Granger received zero votes."

Hermione's jaw was dropping as she turned to look at an equally gobsmacked Pansy.

"Please bear with us for one moment while we double-check our

Harry wasn't quite as good with numbers as Pansy and Hermione, but he'd been writing the tallies down as each ballot box was counted, and finished adding them a minute later. "Did I make a mistake, anyone?" he said quietly, sliding his parchment around so that the girls could read it.

"Nope," Luna said with a grin.

"I don't think you did," Pansy replied evenly.

"Looks right to me," said Susan.

"Harry, I've kind of got something to tell you," Hermione sputtered.

"What is it?" Harry asked uncertainly.

"I kind of..." Hermione was saved by Colin making an announcement.

"After recounting, we confirm the following final totals. Miss Susan Bones of Hufflepuff, sixty-four votes; Miss Hermione Granger of Gryffindor, sixty-four votes; Miss Luna Lovegood of Ravenclaw, sixty-four votes; and Miss Pansy Parkinson of Slytherin, sixty-four votes."

The boys still in the common rooms were startled by the noise coming from the girls' dormitories, but no one had the guts to ask what caused it.

"Well, thanks, Colin," Lee said. "Sorry to disappoint you girls, but it looks like this election didn't settle a thing! Still, we thank you for listening to us and hope you have a wonderful evening." With that, Lee and Rod stepped away from the transmitter.

"Now what do we do?" Susan asked.

"Don't ask me. When we talked with Hermione and Luna, we said we weren't going to do a second round of voting. This project was fun, but it ate up a lot more time than we thought it would, and I'm not sure we want to do another two or three weeks of this right away. I hope you all settle things with a minimum of injuries, and I wish you luck, Harry. You're gonna need it!" With that cheerful riposte, Rod picked up his papers and headed for the door, where the other Photography Club members were already headed.

Harry was left sitting opposite the four candidates and their campaign managers walked over. Each of them talked with his or her candidate for a minute. Nate walked off shaking his head, Laura smiling, and Lavender and Blaise trembling and biting their lips. They also left the room, leaving Harry and the candidates alone.

"So now what do we do?" Harry inquired. He got up and started to pace, and the girls also rose. "This whole election was supposed to be about making me feel better- and I appreciate it, Hermione, don't think that I don't- but now I have to disappoint three of you who earned better, and I hate to do that to you."

"So don't," Luna replied succinctly.

"But how can I keep all of you happy?" Harry asked, more worriedly.

Luna put a hand on Harry's shoulder to stop him from pacing. "Here's a good way to start," she stage-whispered, as she pressed her lips to Harry's.

Harry had only had a few kisses in his lifetime, but none had been anything like this. This wasn't Hermione's friendly peck or Cho's watery smooch. He felt Luna's tongue pressing against his lips, and when he opened his mouth to ask what she wanted, it seemed to jump in to massage his tongue. Her mouth tasted wonderful, spicy and sweet at once. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck, as his did around her back, pressing her body to him- a body with very interesting curves he'd never really noticed before. After a while, Luna let him go.

"That was very good, Harry, but you can do better. Susan, maybe you can convince him to give a better effort?" Luna stepped back to allow the Hufflepuff to step forward. Susan placed her hands on Harry's cheeks and, hazel eyes glittering, pressed her lips and body to his. Harry had definitely noticed Susan's curves before (as had every Hogwarts male who had started puberty), and was happy to have them pressed against him; he was pleasantly surprised when Susan rubbed her body against his and his body responded.

When Susan released him, Pansy took her place. Harry was a bit taken aback when she jumped into his arms- she was remarkably light, and holding her up was easy. So was kissing her; she seemed to love it when he squeezed her bum, moaning into his mouth very pleasantly.

That left only Hermione. Harry was afraid that their kiss would be awkward, but that fear was dispelled by the way that she threw herself into his arms, kissing him with a passion that he loved. He could see her eyes glittering with tears of joy as their tongues played together.

"I've been waiting to do that for... at least two years, Harry, ever since the Yule Ball. Thank you for not making me wait any longer," Hermione panted when her lips finally released his.


Unknown to the candidates, several groups of Photography Club members were engaged in quiet discussions back in their common rooms over some of the equipment. The Gryffindors quickly determined that Rod had the assignment of taking the transmitter away, the Hufflepuffs concurred that it was a Slytherin's responsibility, the Slytherins agreed that a Ravenclaw's duty, and the Ravenclaws remembered that Colin had agreed to carry it away. With the buck properly passed,
the Club members started to prepare for bed.


Meanwhile, the girls were now lined up in front of Harry again. "I think we'll need something more comfortable for this next part," Susan mused, looking around at the tables and floor. She pulled out her wand and started summoning pillows. The other witches followed suit, and soon there was a large disorderly pile of pillows covering much of the floor.

Hermione unbuttoned Harry's shirt, and the girls cooed at seeing Harry's strong, sparsely haired chest. "I think we should have a rule," Luna noted quietly, turning to Harry. "Harry, you're not allowed to take your shirt off."

"Huh?" Harry eloquently replied.

"This is an important job, which one of us should always handle," Luna continued with unusual seriousness. "If one of us is not available, it should be someone we designate."

"I've got several people in mind," Hermione quietly added as she reached the last button, noting the sizable bulge in Harry's jeans so temptingly nearby.

"So do I," concurred Pansy, eyes on Harry's pants.

"I've got one girl that I promised could do it," Susan said.

"I don't," Luna added happily, "but I'm sure I could recruit someone if I absolutely had to. For your best interests, you understand." Harry could only nod in response.

"Now it's time for you to do the same for us," Hermione ordered. The girls formed a line in front of the pillows.

One by one, Harry undid the sashes on the girls' robes. Hermione was wearing the same white ensemble that she'd worn for her '3 AM' Memory Ball. Susan was wearing a low-cut basque and tiny, lacy shorts, and Pansy was wearing an expensive-looking pinstriped vest (cut low to reveal surprising cleavage) and a very short skirt. Harry could guess what Luna was wearing beneath her robe, and he was right: nothing at all.

Luna was the first to drop to her knees and undo Harry's jeans. "Oh, that looks painful," Luna cooed. "I'm sure I can make it better." With that, she lowered Harry's pants and boxers, revealing him to the girls for the first time.

There was a moment of silence, making Harry uncomfortable. When he tried to speak, Hermione placed a finger gently on his lips. "This is a historic moment, Harry," Hermione whispered.

"I underestimated you, Harry," Pansy said shakily. "Oh, the Coven will hear about this..."

"Who are the Coven?" Susan asked breathlessly.

"The people I was talking about who'll help me with Harry," Pansy answered. "Now quiet, I want to see how Luna handles this."

Luna started with a tentative series of licks, following by laps at at the head of Harry's prick; it was the size of a small plum and nearly the same color. "He tastes marvelous," Luna purred. "Sweet,
salty, creamy all at once." Then she opened her mouth as wide as possible to take him in. She got about halfway down his stalk before pulling back.

"Don't you want me to do this well, Harry?" Luna pleaded with her eyes big and round.

"What do you mean?" Harry whispered.

"You need to take a hold of me, so that I can take in as much of you as possible," Luna explained.

"I thought girls didn't..." Harry tailed off.

"Well, I do," Luna explained and returned to her work. This time, Harry kept a hand on the back of Luna's head while she worked on his cock; she had about eight inches of it down her throat now, and was making intriguing slurps and gurgles. She indeed seemed to benefit from Harry's assistance, and after a couple of minutes, Harry had had all that he could take. His attempts at warning Luna bothered her not at all, and he soon came down her throat.

Slowly rising from her knees, Luna sauntered toward each of the other girls, kissing them deeply in turn and sharing some of Harry's spunk with each of them. "Well? What do you think?" Luna inquired.

"Mmmm..." Susan purred. "I could get used to this. In fact, I expect to, Harry."

Pansy saw that the kisses had gone a long way toward reviving Harry. "I can't wait any longer," she said breathlessly, and shoved Harry into the pillows before straddling his body. She reached down between her legs to guide Harry between her lower lips, still hidden beneath her skirt. The loud groan she let out let the girls know when contact had been made, and every half minute or so another "Oh!" let them know that Harry was plunging a little deeper.

"I've got to see this," Susan cried, unbuttoning Pansy's vest to reveal her bare torso. She placed a hand on Pansy's flat stomach. "I think I can actually feel it!"

"Let me see," Hermione said, kneeling down to feel Pansy's tummy. "I don't feel it, Susan."

"No, he's up here," Susan replied, moving Hermione's hand.

"I still don't feel anything... but she's got awfully smooth skin, doesn't she? Pansy?" Pansy was too far gone in pleasure to keep track of the conversation, and responded with a gasp as she came.

"Very smooth. Nice tits, too," Susan confirmed, running her hand up to tweak one of Pansy's nipples, while Hermione was feeling up her other breast. Meanwhile, Harry had a firm grip on Pansy's hips to keep her upright as she screamed in orgasm (again).

"Oh, they're nice, but yours are go much bigger," Hermione stated. "I guess I should admit that I've wanted to touch them for a while."

"Don't let me stop you," Susan smiled, lowering the straps on her basque.

Watching one girl ride him to multiple orgasms while two more beauties examined their bodies was too much for Harry, and he yelled as he came again.

Pansy was dripping with sweat now as she bent down to kiss Harry on the lips. "Thank you, Harry. That was the most wonderful experience of my life."

"My turn!" Susan hollered as she lay down on the pillows. "I've got an idea, Harry."

Harry already had his own ideas, and gladly let Susan start sucking on his cock, which reacted quickly, returning to hardness once more.

"Now, I've got something else for you to try. Straddle my body, Harry." When he did, Susan grabbed his cock and placed it between her breasts, and then started to gently undulate, moving it through her cleavage; Harry soon picked up on her rhythm.

"Susan, I've got to admit that I've wanted to do this for a long time," Harry huffed.

"You're the first person to do this with me, Harry. And you'll be the last," Susan gasped as they continued to rock. Meanwhile, Luna was diving under Pansy's skirt to try to capture any spare droplets that leaked out of her; her licking caused Pansy to moan again.

"Damn, Pansy comes easily," Hermione noted. "I envy her."

"You'll have your chance soon enough, Hermione," Pansy panted. "I know you've known Harry longer than the rest of us. Do you want us to help?" It took a while for her to say that, as Pansy could only get two or three words out at a time.

"Not that time, Pansy. I’ll be happy to invite you next time," Hermione requested.

"Next time?" Harry gasped.

"Of course! What do you think that girlfriend means, Harry? We're with you as long as you want us," Hermione replied, swinging her hips as she walked over to Harry. "And we hope you want us for a long," she said, bending down to kiss Harry, "long," kissing him more deeply, "time."

With that, Harry let go again, coating Susan's face. The other girls converged on her to kiss and lick her, cleaning her very slowly and thoroughly. They even cleaned her breasts, which had only trace amounts of come; Pansy and Luna decided to be even more thorough and 'clean' Susan all the way down her body.

"Now it's my turn, Harry. I know this may take a while, but we have all the time we need," Hermione sighed as she lay down beside her longtime friend and new lover.


The following morning, the five woke up to feel sunshine coming through the windows for the first time in weeks. They were still lying on the pillows in the makeshift studio.

"We've got to go downstairs," Hermione called when she realized the problem. "Maybe we can pretend that we're just going to breakfast."

The other girls and Harry awoke more languidly. Susan laughed, "There's no hurry, Hermione. Breakfast is still being served for," she consulted her watch, "at least another hour. And I suspect we'll be excused anyway," she finished with a giggle.

"What do you mean?" Hermione asked blankly.

By way of response, Susan pointed to a piece of odd-looking machinery on a table behind them. "That's the transmitter they used for last night's radio broadcast. They knew we were here."

Hermione blanched. "You mean, that when I told Harry that I always wanted to be with him and that I loved him-"

"And when he gave you that fourth orgasm? Yeah, the girls heard it all," Pansy smirked. "Live."

"I thought that was expected, myself," Luna added mistily. "Politicians give speeches when they win or lose, so why shouldn't we share the joys of victory."

"This is gonna be so embarrassing," Hermione moaned, but then a strong arm wrapped around her shoulders.

"Hermione, you have nothing to be ashamed of, and I will never be ashamed of you," Harry purred. "Let them think what they want. Besides, I'm sure that they'd have loved to be here last night- tell them that if they rag on you."

"You're right, Harry," Hermione confirmed with a kiss on the lips. "Now let's go down to breakfast and then a shower."

"Oh, one more thing," Luna interjected.

"Alright, Luna, you can take his clothes off when he showers," Hermione conceded. "Do you know where our bathrooms are?"

"Yes, Hermione. But it is possible that I could get lost and it could take a while for us to find ourselves again," Luna noted airily.

With a chorus of laughter, Harry and the girls started to get dressed.


One last pol: Rodney Alexander is a Louisiana congressman. (Mine, in fact.)

A sequel series is in the works. It's tentatively titled "Team of Rivals," and details the further misadventures of Harry and the women around him. It would have a slightly greater dramatic component as they deal with the Wizarding War and treachery from all sides.

Anyone else who wants to play in this sandbox is welcome to give it a shot.
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