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Chapter Three: Empty Bottles and Empty Beds

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A lot of regret...

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Author's Note: OKAY. So there are a lot of little chapters in this story. That means that I'm going to be doing a mass upload - as many of the chapters as I have available to me, I'll upload. And I might even post the sequel.
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Chapter 3. Empty Bottles and Empty Beds
I awoke that morning to birds singing outside the window. It was warm, even though summer had barely started. Smashed bottles littered the floor. Someone had dragged me to my bed and tucked me in. My head felt like someone had taken a knife to my brain.
On the night stand was a glass of water and two aspirin. I downed them, then picked up a note on Frankie’s pillow.
I went over to Ray’s. Take the aspirin and go back to sleep. Feel better.
I love you.
Tears welled up in my eyes. “What kind of bastard am I?” I whispered under my breath. I was so happy that no one was there to tell me.
The only person that wouldn’t say “A sick one” was Frankie. And, as usual, I’d shoved him away.
I wrapped myself up and whimpered, barely holding back the tears that pushed at my eyelids. What had I done?

Author's Note: Chuck Norris reviews. Do you?
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