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make-up smeared eyes

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"The term ‘love/hate relationship’ didn’t describe what we had. It was more like ‘in love/out of love,’ and he made up the latter half of it."

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Author's Note: This is yet another early ChristmaHanuKwanzaa gift from me to ficwad. It's taken more than 10 attempts to get this posted, so I hope you guys like it.

ONE: make-up smeared eyes


…We only made out
You never kissed me
That’s how I learned to hold back all feeling

I opened my eyes only to shut them once again as the lyrics reached my ears.

Wait, please don’t go
I won’t stay
All these words on replay

Irony. Pure irony is the only way I could describe it.

Staring at the empty space next to me, I could feel the sides of my mouth pulling into a frown. My fingers absentmindedly ran over the sheets while a soft sigh escaped from my lips.

I’m okay, it’s alright
Good to know that you’re fine
Pretending everything is right

The rumpled fabric was cold to the touch. He must’ve left a while ago.

To make it better I’ll hide my make-up smeared eyes
To show that I tried...

I‘d been awake for less than a minute, and things were already were already getting off on the wrong foot.

Disappointed, frustrated and just plain tired, I reached over to my alarm clock and hit snooze. The music cut off mid-lyric and I retreated under the striped comforter. With hopes of falling asleep again, I closed my eyes. But despite my efforts, memories of the previous night played through my head like an old film on a broken projector— choppy and discordant.

From under the many layers of fabric, I could still hear the door as it creaked open. The mattress’ distribution of weight shifted away from me, indicating an unwanted visitor in my room.

“Go away, Lace.”

I rolled my eyes as said person refused to move.

“You just rolled your eyes, didn’t you?”
“Will you just—”
“C‘mon, it‘s already 10.”

Groaning, I turned away from the sound of her voice.

“This room equals sanctuary. Sanctuary equals this room.”

Sure, she was my roommate, but I was still entitled to some privacy. Remembering that I didn’t have any clothing on underneath the sheets, I pulled the comforter even tighter to my chest.

Lacey sensed that there was more to the situation than my usual morning bitchiness, and gave my shoulder an okay-I’ll-leave-you-alone-but-we’ll-talk-later pat. The bed shifted back to its original weight distribution.

I sighed in relief.
She sighed in defeat.

“Just get out of bed before I get back from work. I don‘t want you going into atrophy or anything.”

Though she intended her last statement to be a bit of comic relief, the tone of her voice conveyed genuine concern for my well being.

“Yeah, okay,” I said, half-heartedly.

The doorknob clicked, signaling that the coast was clear. Reluctantly, I peeked out from under the covers. My eyes readjusted to the light, then wandered to the window. Icy flecks of snow clung to the glass, serving as tiny reminders of how lucky I was to be inside.

Tired of the monotonous view of an increasingly white window, I turned to my side and buried my head in a pillow.

I‘ll hide my make-up smeared eyes…

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