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Daddy, Why Does That Man Look Angry?

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Gerard is confused and angry about Mikey

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Chapter 26:

Gerard’s head was a mess as he stormed off round the hotel. He didn’t know where he was going or what he was going to do but he needed to get out. Unfortunately his current mental state made him so uncoordinated that he walked straight into the cleaning trolley, knocking half the stuff onto the floor.
“Oh, erm, sorry.” Gerard grunted, unable to find real sincerity in his voice through his annoyance.
“Don’t worry about it.” Came the gruff reply. Gerard found the voice to be vaguely familiar.
He looked up to see Frank, the friendly bell boy who had helped them carry up their bags. “Oh, hey.”
“Oh, Gerard, right?” He asked, surprised.
“Yeah,” Gerard smiled weakly. “Sorry about bumping into you,” he said now genuinely.
“Don’t worry about it, you looked like you were in a rush or something…I wont keep you.”
“No, no, I’m not…just, long day.” He muttered.
“Tell me about it, and it’s only 1:30.” Frank sighed, collecting up the cleaning supplies that had been knocked off the trolley.
“Really?” Gerard said, as he bent low to pick them up himself.
“According to my watch. What’s up then? Is it Cassie, is that the name of the girl you’re with?”
Gerard’s stomach twisted unpleasantly at the reminder. “Umm, no, she left a few days ago…” Had it only been a few days?
“Oh. Why?” Frank asked, face scrunching up with confusion.
“Had a fight…or something like that…so she’s gone.” Gerard struggled with the words, not wanting to go into details.
Fortunately Frank didn’t ask for them, “ah, dude, I’m sorry.”
“These things happen.” Gerard shrugged.
“Yup, shit happens.”
A smile pulled at Gerard’s lips, then he read Frank’s face properly, “hey, you don’t seem overjoyed yourself.”
Frank looked down and shuffled his feet from side to side, “not particularly.”
“What’s up?” Gerard wasn’t totally sure why he was engaging in this conversation with an almost-stranger but Frank seemed alright. Plus, he was easy to talk to and Gerard seemed to be making a habit of befriending complete strangers.
“Girls. Friends and otherwise.” Frank mumbled.
“Hmm, I’ve been there.” Gerard nodded. He was sort of already there.
Frank grimaced, “yeah, it’s beyond complicated.”
“Well you always think that, but it’s not always so bad.”
“Think it might.” Frank muttered.
“Listen, I just need to go clear my head a bit, but was nice talking.” Gerard said, he was itching to go outside, get some fresh air.
“No worries, I would, but got work to do.” Frank grunted.
“Tell me about it.”
“See ya.”
Gerard nodded to Frank goodbye and then headed back in the direction he had been going. He couldn’t stand to stand listening to that infuriating elevator music again so he ducked left and took the stairs.
The thoughts in his head flooded through him again.
Why was Mikey doing this? Why wouldn’t he stop? Was he, Gerard, a terrible brother for letting this happen? No, he hadn’t known of course, if he had he’d never have let Mikey continue. But he had no idea, and surely that was bad enough. He should have known. There was a time when his little brother told him everything. Every crash he’d had on a girl, every embarrassing story, every rule he’d broken. This wasn’t some stupid household rule back home in New Jersey, however. This was the law. How did Mikey not get that? If he needed money he could have come to Gerard. He didn’t have much but they would have worked something out. He got by on little, Mikey could too. He was a bright kid, he didn’t need to struggle through life.
Gerard sighed and leaned against the banister of the stairs. He shut his eyes tight and breathed heavily for a moment. When he opened his eyes an old couple walked past him on the stairway, glaring at him in disapproval. Stuck up snobs, Gerard thought bitterly as he glared right back and then pushed past them down the stairs. He half ran down the steps, just wanting to get outside. Fresh air, his mum always told him, did the world of good.
Thinking of his mother only made it worse; what would she have to say about this. Gerard decided then that she should never find out about this. Ever. No way would he let Mikey go through that one. He angrily pushed away the small voice saying that perhaps Mikey deserved it. Gerard refused to believe that. Despite everything, Mikey was still his baby brother.
Gerard had gotten to the lobby by now and he was getting suspicious stares from everyone. He didn’t know what his face looked like, but if his feelings were any sort of an indicator, it wasn’t good. A few people whispered and one small child even had the courtesy to point.
“Daddy, why does that man look angry?”
Gerard almost laughed; angry, was that what he looked like? Was he angry? Now he thought about it, a flare of rage within him seemed impossible to contain. He was angry. Though why, he was not absolutely certain.
The man with the child who had asked just shielded his son, “never mind. Just stay away from him.”
Gerard raised his eyebrows, he was right there. These people had no shame. Or maybe he just looked that crazy…. It was possible; he felt crazy.
Gerard shook his head and continued on his path out of the door, ignoring the stares and whispers now, these people weren’t important. He didn’t fit in here. He wasn’t entirely sure why he was still here. He should just cancel the booking and get his money back.
He’d think about that later; right now he needed to get outside and go for a walk. He’d walk all the way back to New Jersey if he had to. That was a thought…
He’s feel better in New Jersey, back home. He could get away from this mad city. It hadn’t done him much good, really. Girlfriend gone. Brother lost it.
New Jersey would be good. He’d go there now, perhaps visit his mother. Go back to the hotel, get his stuff and check out.
Oh and he’d have to leave a note for…
“Gerard!” A familiar voice called from a distance. Gerard looked up to see the source of the noise. Who had called his name. It turned out to be the exact person he had just been thinking of.
Kerry stood across from him, about 50 yards away.
Gerard lifted his hand to wave for some unknown reason, to acknowledge her call. But then he saw her expression. Only vaguely as she stood so far away. But it was clearly a look of horror.
Gerard’s brow furrowed as he tried to figure out why this was, but now Kerry was running towards him.
“Gerard!” She yelled again. But this time Gerard recognised it was a scream of terror and shock.
Just then he heard a roar of an engine. He only just managed to turn his head for a fraction of a second, in time to see the car swerve just before it slammed with force into his side…

Yes, I just killed of Gerard Way...
Well you'll have to figure out that one for yourselves because I refuse to write anymore.
Sorry, I will of course be updating as soon as I can, as if I'd do that to you
Thanks for reading and being patient with my insanity
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