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First Time

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canustakemyheart SOC challenge. Gerard buys a prostitue...?

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Okay Gerard just breathe. Seriously, breathe or your gunna turn fucking purple. In and out, thats it. Okay, you can do this...I think. I mean I have never done it before so you know, it's kinda new to me. It's okay to be scared, everyone is scared on there first time right? Oh shit I'm sweating and we haven't even started yet. Just wipe it away quickly, you don't wanna have slimy hands and whatnot.

"Hello Gerard"

"Um, hi, It's kinda my first time so, you know..."

Oh shit, can't even finish my sentence, that is bad.

"Don't worry, just sit down and relax"

Phew! Okay, a chair, you know how to sit in one of those. Just ease in there, thats it. Pretty comfortable actually, wonder if this is real leather? Side tracking, big no no. Just focus okay? Smile and breathe, no, breathe then smile, yeah that's better.

"So your first time?"

"Yeah, uh, and I'm kinda nervous"

"That's only natural"

Woah she is leaning me back already, fuck fuck fuck. Don't you dare cry Gerard, don't you dare. No D+D if you do. Jesus Christ what a dork, what next? I'll ban myself from playing chess. Relax and try not to shake, it will only complicate things. Should I close my eyes or not? Maybe I will get a shock more if I do, I guess I'm keepin 'em open.

"Okay I'm going to get straight in if that's okay with you?"

"I guess that's fine, um, yeah sure, go ahead"

"We can start at the back"

Oh fucking hell, the back! Shit shit, this is not good. This is it, no turning back now. Oh fuck this is bad. Ow that kinda hurts in a strange way, just find a spot on the ceiling. Focus on that spot, like that coffee stain over there. Woah, how the fuck can you get a coffee stain on the roof? Ahh I want coffee right now, a big mug of fucking starbucks.

"Can you open up a little wider"

I can't even fucking speak. Nod Gerard, just give her a nod. There you go.

"Thanks, it gives me an easier entrance that's all"

This is going over so fucking slow, I thought stuff like this was meant to be fast or something. Shit she is pressing in deeper, oh my god something just gave way inside and I can feel blood. Fucking blood, that awful fucking red stuff. Here comes the pain. Oh shit, I feel tears. Dammit to hell! If my mother could hear me now she would crack me up side the head for all this cussing. Oh god her finger is going in and out, this hurts so bad.

"There we go all done"

Gerard your panting, fucking panting. You pervert. Suck it up and be a man, don't cry for gods sake. Wait till you get out of the room at least.

"T-thank you, that was, um, different to what I expected"

She just laughed. At me? Was I that bad, I was sorta a wimp I guess. So do I wait around now or what? Should I leave, stay, say something?

"You can go now"

That's it? All that fear and pain and she just fucking dismisses me like a dog. Bitch. Last time I ever use this dentist.

I know what you were all thinking. You dirty, dirty people ;)

dondon xo.
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