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In Darkness, I'll be your light.

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Ryan Ross's life seems great, until he falls in love with his bestfriend.

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I yawn and pick up my backpack. My older sister took the car again, so my friends and I have to walk to school. I groan.
Mom tells me she went to look for a job.
I shrug, knowing what she really went to do.
My 24 year old, bum sister still lives at home with us.
She goes out with alot of men that our parents don't approve of, and I'm pretty sure she's had an abortion.
She's also hooked on coke.
Not the soft drink either...
I'm not just an annoying little brother making assumptions, no.
I've seen her snorting it.
I've seen her bills from the abortion.
I've seen her sneak a guy out of the house at 3am.
I've seen her pregnancy tests.
I've seen her hiding places for condoms.
I'm not a judging person, but my sister is a SLUT.
Mom rushes me and I grab my skateboard out of the front closet.
I ride to Brendon's house.
He sighs, "Bitch took the car again?"
I nod, "I'm sure she's that guy..."
"He have a name?"
"Possibley, I lost track...."
He chuckles, "We're runig late... The guys went ahead..."
"Bastards...thatnks for waiting..."
"No problem...", he smiles.
I smile back and my face heats up.
I ignore it, as always.
We rush to school.

"Alright class. There are two people up for being the top of this graduating class. Suzy Marsh, and Ryan Ross. They are neck and neck now, but the year isn't completely over, so whoever has the greatest GPA by the 18th will be anounced at The Sunrise dance."
Brendon pats my back, "Way to go buddy..."
I smile sheepishly.
I have amazing grades.
The odd part of it all, is that I don't try.
Its just easy for me.
I mean, I do try, but not near as hard as Suzy Marsh, she desreves it.
But, I've always just barely beaten her.
She hates me for it.
Poor girl.
I think I'm going to Flunk a test, just so she gets it.
But, with my luck, she'll flunk on worse.

Brendon leans on my shoulder.
I smile and lean my head on his.
Spencer grins.
i move.
I hate when Spencer does that.
He acts like he knows something I don't. Loser.

Spencer calls my cell.
"So....When are ya gonna tell Brendon you're in love with him?"
"Whatever, "I'm tired so..."
"You shouldn't try to deny it Rye...", he hangs up.
I roll my eyes, "Yeah right, what would I be in love with Brendon for? Sure he's pretty good looking, but he's a guy."
I look over at a picture of me and him on the wall.
"with a gorgeous smile and amazing eyes and- Oh FuCk!"
I put the pillow over my head and try to sleep."
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