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One-shot! My first-ever songfic! Please read and enjoy!

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own Harry Potter, etc. What would ever make you think I do?
ADDITIONAL DISCLAIMER: "Island" is a song written by the group Renaissance, and so that belongs to them.

A NOTE ABOUT THE MUSIC: "Renaissance" was a group that was very popular back in the 1970s, but sadly, a lot of their fame and recognition seems to have vanished since then. Their style was rock, but with some influences of classical music in it, which resulted in a truly stunning style. If anyone wants to listen to this song and the single version of it, both can be found on the 2-disc album "Innocents & Illusions", which came out last year in 2004.

A/N: This is my first songfic, so please be gentle.


By Quillian

This story is dedicated to QueenWeasel, who used the song lyrics in her wonderful story "Behind Emerald Eyes" after I mentioned it; it was only after she did that when I realized how I could write a songfic about it.

It was barely a week after Harry Potter and his friends had graduated from Hogwarts, not long after the Second War ended. Harry fought alongside his friends and adopted family against Voldemort and his ruthless minions, and we able to win the war with a surprisingly low number of casualties.

Now, life seemed almost perfect to Harry; he could now live in the world he strived to preserve, and reap the fruits of his labor.

Now, he was in a spacious apartment in a nice building in downtown London. Down below, he could see and hear the city's people going about their daily lives.

Not that Harry really had anything against the wizarding world (thankfully, they had also grown out of doubting him every other year), but if he got a home somewhere in the wizarding world, he and his friends would have to put up with some fans who would not hesitate to camp out on his front doorstep.

This place was just perfect for him, however. Not too big, not too small. Not too modest, not too humble. Not too expensive, not too cheap.

It was wonderful.

There is an island
Where it should never be
Surrounded by suburban sea
And through the tired and hopeless waves
To where it's free

I want to be there
I want to be there
I want to be there
For the rest of my time

Between magic and the Muggle skills which Harry learned along the way throughout his young life, it didn't take all that long for him to set up the basic things in his apartment.

The magical items he possessed were all safely stored away in a heavy-duty but innocent-looking trunk. On the other hand, he also took out ordinary Muggle furniture, returned it to its normal size, and was able to put it all up around the room in a way which he liked and felt comfortable with.

Finally, across the room from his bed so he could see it from his bed, was a picture of a stag, a dog and a wolf gallivanting in a forest clearing. The truly wonderful thing about this picture was that the magic could be "turned on" or "turned off" so, if Harry wanted, the animals could move and really could move about in the picture.
As day moved to dusk, which in turn moved to night, Harry finished unpacking, had some dinner he prepared himself, took a relaxing shower, and got ready for bed. He looked out into the night, across the nocturnal London skyline, and felt as though he was truly in a place he could call home.

Not only was he physically high up (his apartment was on the tenth floor), but for some reason, he also felt spiritually above the rest of the world as well. Since he was on the Gryffindor Quidditch team while he was at Hogwarts, it certainly wasn't as though he had a fear of heights.

The sight, the sound and the feel all allured to him for some reason.

Then again, he really didn't care, so long as he was happy as he wanted to be.

Between a few sparse clouds in the night sky, a bright three-quarters moon shone through, illuminating the darkened bedroom.

Harry slept soundly and deeply like he hadn't in months.

There on the island
The sun is always bright
The moon sends away the darkness in the night
I know that it's waiting
I know there's a place ready for me

I want to be there
I want to be there
I want to be there
For the rest of my time

Nearly a month had passed, and now Harry had gotten news from the Ministry of Magic that he was now accepted into the Auror apprentice training program. He was thrilled beyond belief, and felt himself ready and willing to rise up to the challenge.

Harry had also done further work on his appointment in the meantime. He now had a few big plants around the room, making the place livelier, or so he figured. A couple of other paintings and a sculpture also graced his new home. He even managed to make a small place for Hedwig, which he made sure no Muggles would find out about.

/Potter's Island/, his friends now called this place.

/Perfect/, Harry thought to himself, laughing silently.

He was seldom unhappy in his new place. Regardless of the weather conditions outside, he'd be fine. Should anything ever happen at work, he could come straight home and relax. And, best of all, he could finally invite over friends and family to his home (as opposed to when he was still living with those horrible Dursleys).

In fact, they would be coming over tonight for his eighteenth birthday.

Harry hoped it would be the first of countless happy events to follow while he lived here.

With a great smile, he got back to work in making sure he had everything ready for that night.

Warm sounds of wind songs
Come down through the trees
But faraway tears are borne on the breeze
I'll follow the raindrops
Cause sunshine and smiles are waiting for me

I want to be there
I want to be there
I want to be there
For the rest of my time


A/N: So, how was this? -Quillian
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