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The Diaries of the Average Teenager

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The title really explains it. Instead of the diaries of a princess its the diaries of a normal everyday teenager.

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Dedicated to Laura Winship, an encouraging friend, and Jacqueline Price, an amazing sister.

January 1st 2008
A brand new year and a brand new diary. Just what I always wanted... NOT! My grandma got me this stupid diary for Christmas and said she wants to read it at the end of the year. HA! Like that's going to happen.

You're such a creative person Natasha. You should write more often.

She tells me as she shoves this into my hands. I mean really! I'm fourteen years old. Not six. I have never kept a diary in my whole life. Why would I start now? I wouldn't even know what to write! This will more than likely be my first and last ever entry so I'll make the most of it.
Christmas was pretty cool. I got the last season of my Buffy set. You know, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the best TV show on earth... after Charmed that is. Actually I'm not sure. Maybe Buffy beats Charmed. I can't be too sure on that one. Anyways, I got the season 7 DVD and this weird book on vampires the rents thought I would like. It is pretty cool. It's supposed to be the lost journal of Van Helsing. I bet his grandma made him write one too. That's a good thing really otherwise I wouldn't have the book. Humph. It has loads of stuff to do and read. Great.
I also got the new Dr Who books. I love those books. I've got a bit behind on my reading with ALL of my books being in the attic. The attic!! That's due to my dad redecorating my room last year. I still haven't got a bookcase so most of my books are still in the attic. I made him go up and get me some though. Like most of my Anne Rice and Harry Potter set. He got so annoyed because they were all at the bottom of the box. Serves him right though. Just shoving them in an old cardboard box, no respect for them at all, but I have all the Dr Who books now so I can't complain about having no books anymore. I'm already half way through the second one. The first one was amazing! It was about these creatures called the Hervoken. They were these really big tree like creatures with pumpkins for heads and they had hibernated under this peaceful little town for hundreds of years till they were woken up and the Dr has to save the world with the help of Martha and some of the boys from the village.
Anyway enough about that. What else did I get? I got... About 3 pairs of slippers. How many my rents think I need I have no idea but meh. I also got two really pretty dresses that are so lush, oh and the shoes to match. I got a load of jewellery and bath things, some of which was from the best shop in the world, Lush! If haven't been their go! Its soooo good and it smells so nice! I could just live there it's that nice. Plus it's next door to starbucks. The second best shop in the world. I got this really cool bubble bath and soap, not from lush, its, like, you draw on the bath with this pen then you turn on the water and it washes off and becomes bubble bath! And the soap, you wet it a bit and it becomes like play dough. You can mould it into shapes and you even get little cut outs of stars and stuff. It's really amazing.
Then of course they was the usual underwear, CD's (The new Pink CD to be exact), DVD's (Buffy, Take the Lead, The Dark Knight), deodorant. You know the usual stuff you get every year. Oh and I got a ring about 3 sizes too big for me but I didn't say anything because it was my aunt who gave it to me. She had come home from Istanbul for Christmas and had bought me that ring in turkey so I couldn't say it was too big. She'd be so disappointed. I got a load of chocolate of course, which is always a good thing. So really I've had a pretty good Christmas, unfortunately the New Year sucked but I can't have everything.
All I did for New Year was sit in the house watching everybody else in the world have a good time on the TV. Apart from the Chinese I suppose. Or do the Chinese celebrate our New Year and theirs? The street usually has this huge party with fireworks and kisses and music and alcohol and stuff but no one could be bothered to have one this year. Shame really, 2008 has went uncelebrated by the Price Family.

Hey. I just want to say that i can't spell and this is meant to be a diary entry so some of the words are meant to be abreaviated and stuff. Also i know it comes out pretty short here but it was 2 pages in word and thats a long enough chapter i think.
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