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Your Guardian Angel.

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Frank and Gerard have been friends since they were children. One thing that Frank didn't know about Gerard, was that he loved Frank and would do anything for him. Even take a bullet.

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"Hey, Frank. Wanna go get coffee or something?" Gerard asked.
"Sure. I'm damn bored anyway." Frank got up and ran to his car, Gerard following.

They arrived at the local coffee shop within minutes. They walked in, and ordered they're coffee. Gerard suggested they sit outside since it was a nice day.

"Hey, Frank. I need to tell you some- oh my God! Frank. That guy!" Gerard pointed to a man dressed in a black trench coat who had just walked into the shop. "He has a gun! A fucking gun!"
"Wait! How do you know?" Frank said between glances at the odd-looking man.
"I- I'm just guessing, 'cause I saw him slip something silver and big into the front of his coat."
"But who would rob Starbucks?!"
"A very desperate person. I just think we should go." Without thinking, I grabbed Frank's hand and slowly began inching to the car. Since the man was still outside, looking around, they tried really hard not to be too obvious. But they were two guys holding hands..

"Hey! Hey you two!" They heard a gruff voice as they were about to enter the car.
"Y-Yes?" Frank answered the burglar weakly.
"Faggots!" He screamed as he drew the gun from his coat. He pointed it at Frank and put his finger over the trigger.
"No! Frank!" Gerard ran in front of him, just in time to catch the bullet in his chest.
"Gerard!?" Frank's voice cracked as the man ran down the street.

There was blood pouring over the sidewalk, but no one came to help Gerard. No one but Frank.

"Oh God! Gerard! GERARD!!"
"Oh Gerard! Why did you do that?!? GERARD!!!!" Frank cried.
"Because... I'll be there.. For you.. Through it all. E-Even if saving you s-sends me to heaven."
"Gerard! You don't have to be the hero all the time!"
"For y-you I do."
"I-I will never let you fall. I'll stand up f-for you through it all."
"Oh Gerard! Please." Frank whimpered. "Why? Why would you do such a stupid thing?!"
"Doing anything f-for love isn't s-stupid."
"W-what?" Frank sobbed.
"I-I Love you Frank."

Frank caressed Gerard's bleeding body, and kissed him gently. Using all his strength, Gerard lifted his hand to gently stroke Frank's tear-stained cheek. He smiled softly, whispering those three words once more, and went limp on Frank's lap just as the ambulance arrived.

I have to admit, I cried while writing this. Hope you like it.
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