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~X~ Take Your Gloves ~X~

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Sequel to ~X~ Fix Your Eyes ~X~.

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Author's Note: Well, here it is, the sequel! Far more pleasant, I think, than the first one. Takes place exactly where the other left off.

Chapter 1. Take Your Crap, Gawd!
It was 8 o’clock by the time I got all of Frankie’s shit into my car. Then it took me another hour to gain the motivation to drive over to Ray’s, because I did not want to walk in on another of Frankie and Ray’s “precious moments”.
Fortunately, when I pulled up, Ray was sitting on his porch steps. Frankie was nowhere to be seen.
“Hey,” Ray called, his voice breaking anxiously. He was chewing his right thumbnail.
I didn’t answer him, just started throwing boxes out of the back of my VW. A lot of them probably contained something breakable, but I didn’t give a fuck anymore.
“Gerard?” Ray’s voice was softer.
“Do you seriously believe I’m going to talk to you?” I yelled. Ray jumped, looking stunned. I tossed another box onto the lawn, where it sprung open to reveal piles of comics. I took a step towards my best friend, who immediately jumped to his feet and backed away. “You can’t believe I’m just gonna accept this and we’ll stay bestest buddies. This is fucked up, Ray. Plain fucked up. You stole the love of my life. Do you understand that? Don’t you get that you took away the person that matters most to me? Why? What was the point? Why would you just take him?”
“Hey, man.” Ray looked defensive. “He came to me, okay? You heard him. He was miserable, and…” He shook his head. “And I love him, Gerard. I really do. And sometimes I doubt that you ever did.”
I’ll admit it. I lost it. I fucking lost it. I can’t really remember how it happened, but my hands were around Ray’s throat, and Ray was kneeing me in the crotch (with unbelievably painful results) when Frankie came funning out of the couch - um, I mean running out of the house. My groin was hurting so bad that my brain couldn’t even form sentences anymore.
“What the hell is wrong with you two?!” Frankie shouted, pulling me away from Ray. I fell to the porch like a ragdoll, whimpering and holding onto my “junk”. Ray massaged his neck, gasping for air. “You two were going to kill each other!”
“Exactly!” I snapped, my voice an octave higher than usual. I attempted to get up, but the pain in my cock caused me to slide back down and temporarily lose my vision.
Frankie huffed, shaking his head. “This is ridiculous and immature, you guys. You’re best friends. Nothing can stand between that.”
“Oh, yes it can,” Ray rasped, his face still scarlet. “You can.”
Frankie’s eyes softened. I wanted to choke Ray again for making him look so sad. “But I don’t want to. I want you guys to get along the way you always have. Come on, I’m not worth fighting for.”
“Of course you are!” I shouted, making sure to say something before Ray had the chance. “You’re worth anything and everything, Frankie!” I hate to admit it, but I shot Ray a look that was pretty obviously supposed to say, Beat that, biatch. Except, of course, that Ray wasn’t a biatch. He was a whiny little fucking bitch.
The whiny little fucking bitch stood up and brushed himself off, meeting Frankie’s eyes gently. “I know you don’t want us fighting. I’m sorry.”
Frankie flung himself into Ray’s waiting arms. Ray smirked over Frank’s shoulder at me, as if to say, Take it like a bitch, Gee.
I scrabbled to my feet, never taking my eyes off Frankie as he turned again to face me. He was biting his lip, looking nervous and absolutely fucking adorable.
“So.” I flung my arms out. “This is it.”
Frankie sank into Ray, looking scared. “Y-Yeah… Yes. Yes, Gerard, this is it.”
Tears rose up, finally spilling over the rims of my eyes and sliding down my cheeks. I sank to my knees. “Jesus, Frankie. Jesus… Don’t say this… Don’t end it this way…”
To my horror, tears welled up in Frankie’s eyes. He rubbed them away, yelling, “I already told you, I don’t love you!”
“But… Frankie…”
Frankie let out a raspy sob. “Please, Gerard, just go.”
“Frankie, please…”
My whole body went rigid with shock. Frankie had never spoken to me so harshly before. It was like a knife in my gut, turning my stomach and making me feel sick. There was so much hurt in what he said… So much hate…
I stood, my legs trembling from the effort. I wanted to fall down, bury my face in the soft green grass and sink into the ground, be transported to someplace without other humans, without sun, without the neighbors now staring at my psychotic breakdown, somewhere cold and dark where my only companion would be a guitar. But I didn’t. Instead, I held out a hand, feeling disconnected from my body, and grabbed Frankie’s wrist. His protests seemed miles away. I gently kissed the back of his hand, feeling the soft, warm skin I’d become so accustomed to always feeling near me.
“I love you, Frankie,” I whispered in a voice that sounded high, strained, ugly, and unfamiliar. I looked at Ray. “And I’ll never fucking forgive you for what you’re putting me through.”
Frankie looked thunderstruck, gently stroking the place where I’d kissed him. Ray gave me a superior look of cold indifference and put an arm around Frankie - MY Frankie - and hissed, “Just get the fuck off our lawn, Gerard.”
And I did. I turned and walked away, feeling that every step took me farther away from the only life I’d ever known and towards a cold, new existence.

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