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Chapter Two

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How Pete met Patrick.

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Author's Note: I admit, in this chapter, I kind of gave Patrick one of my quirks - I'm a huge literary nerd. I've always seen Patrick as a guy who likes to read, though. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Anywho, I wrote this chapter on a long car trip. I found it funny, but I have a strange sense of humor... Hope you like it!

I met Pete long after I’d met Andy and Joe. Joe had been my next-door neighbor since we were five, and Andy had been my lab partner in seventh grade science. Pete I didn’t meet until college.
I was dating a total douche at the time. His name was Chad, which already lets you know he was a douche. Chad is a very douchey name, kind of like Ashton. Think Chad Kroger and Ashton Kutcher if you don’t believe me.
Anyway, I was sitting in the quad, reading Tale of Two Cities for the third time when I first saw Pete. My mouth went dry the second I saw him. A hottie with olive skin, black hair, and tight pants was sitting about three feet away from me on the bench. He pulled out a copy of Of Mice and Men, the only decent Steinbeck novel.
He was perfect.
And he was staring at me like I was insane.
I looked back down at my book, blushing furiously. Shit. What was he thinking at that moment? Probably, “What’s that fat little monkey doing staring at a god like me? Who does he think he is?”
I was hoping the bench would open into a portal to somewhere far, far away. Like my bed in my dormitory where I could curl up and pretend I didn’t exist.
Until, that is, a hand entered my range of vision, obviously wanting to be shaken. “Hey, I’m Pete,” I heard from next to me. I looked up to see him smiling. “Pete Wentz.”
I took the proffered hand. It was warm and instrument-calloused. I was so nervous I’m surprised I didn’t throw up on him. “Hey. I’m Patrick Stump.”
Fuck. I shouldn’t have said my last name. I could’ve sworn I saw his lips dart into a millisecond smile. My nickname in elementary school had been Stumpy – and that was before anyone even knew my last name.
Pete pointed at Tale of Two Cities. “Haven’t read that one. How is it?”
I managed up enough saliva to answer. “It’s great. I’m a huge Dickens nerd.” Great. That’s just what you want to say to someone you just met.
Pete didn’t seem to mind. “I really liked Great Expectations, but I haven’t gotten to read much else.” He motioned to his own book. “You like Steinbeck?”
I wanted to lie, but I couldn’t. Lying about that seemed like a travesty. “No, not really. I liked Of Mice and Men, but not much else.”
“Yeah, same here.” I let out a small breath of relief. So he didn’t think I was a total d-bag. That was good.
Pete tilted his head and looked at me. “I haven’t seen you around before. Are you in the dorms?”
“Nope, I have an apartment a little off-campus. I come to the dorms a lot, though.” To see my boyfriend! Say it, Patrick!
“Well then, would you be interested in coming to a party?”
I had never, never been invited to a party. NEVER. Not even elementary school birthday parties where the entire class seems to get an invitation. I’m surprised I didn’t burst into grateful sobs.
But wait.
I had a date with Chad that night. Shit! I couldn’t cancel. That would really make me an asshole, canceling a date with my boyfriend to hang out with someone much more attractive.
And not only was it a date, but Chad would be wanting sex. It seemed wrong to cancel sex. I don’t know why, it just did.
“Um…” I didn’t want to say it, but I had to. “I can’t tonight. I have a date with my boyfriend.”
He obviously thought he was getting blown off. “Oh.” He looked back down at his book. “Okay.”
I bit my lip. I couldn’t stand seeing him look so dejected. “But… But I can go any other time.”
Pete smiled a little. “Yeah, okay.”
Then he suddenly pulled out a notebook and shoved it at me. “Hey, will you look this over for me?”
They were song lyrics.
Am I more than you bargained for?
I’ve been dying to tell you
Anything you want to hear
‘Cause that’s just who I am this week…
I couldn’t help but stare. This was amazing. I had never seen words strung together like this. I, being the dork I was, suddenly imagined that Charles Dickens had sent Pete as a prophet of sorts. It was like God had thundered, “Here is your lyricist. With great power comes great responsibility.”
Hey, God’s seen Spider-Man. Everyone has.
“Pete, these are…” I shook my head slightly. I didn’t want to pull my eyes away from the page. “These are fantastic.”
“Really?” I was surprised to see a slight blush on his cheeks. “Thanks.”
“I mean it.” I handed it back to him. “I’ve never seen writing like that. It’s beautiful.”
Pete seemed proud of himself, as he should. “Thanks. I’ve never been complimented like that.”
We talked for two hours about random stuff. I told him about Andy and Joe, and how we were trying to start a band, but we didn’t have a bass player. He told me about how he had been playing bass for years. We even set up a time for him to audition before he had to go to class.
I went back to the apartment feeling light as a feather. Even Joe’s greeting of, “Hey, Porky Pig,” didn’t dampen my spirits.
That night was a totally different situation.
Chad did, indeed, want sex. I was on my back, eyes closed, panting lightly, mentally replacing Chad’s dull blonde hair with a mop of fluffy black, and his white skin with a beautiful olive complexion. Then –
“Hey, Chad! I got the beer!”
My eyes snapped open. The voice that I had been imagining had suddenly burst into reality. Chad stopped above me.
“Oh. Cool. Put it over on the table, will ya?” How could he be so nonchalant? He was just caught having gay sex, for Christ’s sake! Pete couldn’t see me in the dark room, but I was blushing in humiliation. I hoped that Chad would send Pete outside while I hid under the bed or something, but no.
He kept going.
“Chad!” I hissed, mortified. I tightened my knees to stop him from moving.
“What?” Chad snapped, obviously annoyed. “It’s just my roommate.”
“Exactly.” I pushed him off of me, scrambling to find my clothes, keeping the covers well over me. “We can’t do it in front of your roommate!”
“Why not?” See? I told you he was a douche.
“Because I’m not gonna do it!” I snapped.
“Why are you worried about Pete?” Chad chuckled. “He doesn’t care. Right, man?”
“About what?” Pete’s voice was apprehensive.
“About me doing it with my boyfriend.”
My cheeks were on fire. How fucking humiliating! The only comfort I received was the knowledge that Pete didn’t know it was me on my back getting fucked by the World’s Biggest Douche.
“Um, no. I don’t mind,” Pete mumbled uncomfortably, “but if he wants me to leave, Chad, it’s no problem…”
“You see?” Chad told me, kissing up my jaw to the base of my sideburns, something he knew drove me crazy. He shoved it back in, harsh enough for me to wince. There was no way I was going to win – and besides, there was something insanely hot about having Pete around while I had sex. As long as he didn’t know the slut in Chad’s bed was me…
After a few more minutes, I was back in the groove. Pete was only a room away, and I was more revved up than I had ever been.
Then I heard the door open.
I must’ve missed the knocking. All I heard was the click and creak of the door as it opened. Then I heard something that made my hot, flushed body go totally cold.
“Hey, man. Is Patrick here?”
I froze when I heard Andy’s voice. “What is it now?” Chad asked me, exasperated.
“Patrick?” Pete sounded confused. “Um… Well, Chad has his boyfriend over. Is that Patrick?”
“Yeah. He asked me to come get him, his car’s in the shop. I’m a little early, though.” I head Andy step around Pete. “Nice digs. Maybe I should’ve gotten a dorm.”
I was too horrified to move. Why was this happening to me? Why couldn’t I have one single day where my life didn’t get totally shit on?
“Oh, you, uh, don’t have a dorm?” I could tell that Pete was just trying to avoid explaining my absence.
“Nope, an apartment just off campus.” Andy grabbed something out of the kitchen fridge (once a mooch, always a mooch).
“I would’ve done that,” Pete said, attempting to stay casual, “but it seemed too far away, and most of them were a little pricey.”
“Well, yeah,” Andy replied, “but I’ve got two roommates. None of us have, like, great jobs or anything, but we play gigs for extra cash. We’re a little stuck right now, though. We need a bassist.”
Everything was quiet other than the squeaking of bed springs from Chad’s obliviously rapid thrusts. He didn’t seem to care that I wasn’t reciprocating.
When Pete finally spoke, it was slowly and hesitantly. “Um… Your friend, Patrick? His last name wouldn’t happen to be Stump, would it?”
That was enough to finally get Chad to stop. At the same time, Chad and Andy replied, “Yeah, it is!”
I covered my face with my hands. Oh my God.
I chanced a look at the open bedroom door. I saw Pete staring in, and I instantly ducked my head down.
Andy must’ve seen too, because I heard a surprised snigger followed by, “Oh. I didn’t realize he was indisposed. I can just go.”
“No, no!” I called. Chad jumped slightly, still inside me. I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning. “Don’t leave, Andy.”
“Yeah, we shouldn’t be much longer,” Chad leered, obviously taking my anxiety as a concession. He went back at it with vivacity. I was suddenly jealous of women for their ability to fake orgasms. I closed my eyes tight and tried to ignore the door. I focused on the idea of Pete in my bed (with no one else around) and managed to finish with the most miserable, pathetic orgasm I had ever had.
I dressed, still under the covers (even back them I couldn’t stand anyone seeing me naked). I half-ran out, trying to avoid Chad. “Hey, Andy… And Pete.” I straightened my hat nervously. I couldn’t meet Pete’s eyes. I could feel his gaze carving into me, and for a wild moment I thought that he somehow knew what I had been fantasizing about in bed.
“Yeah, hey,” Pete muttered. Andy seemed to be on the verge of laughter, but he had mustered up enough respect for me to keep quiet.
“Hey, Pat!” I turned around to see Chad in his underwear, holding up a ball gag. Behind me, Andy tried to disguise his giggle with a cough. “Is this yours?”
I felt my eye twitch. “No, it’s not,” I growled through gritted teeth.
Chad cocked an eyebrow. “Do you want it to be?”
I have to admit, I admire Andy for holding it in as long as he did. But every man has his limits, and this was one of his. He collapsed to the ground, howling and convulsing with laughter. I saw Pete wipe his mouth, trying to quell the smile growing there. My whole body tensed with mortification as I grabbed the back of Andy’s shirt and tugged him out the door.
“We still on for next Wednesday?” Chad called after me.
I didn’t answer.
Needless to say, I didn’t see him next Wednesday. Actually, I found out that he’d been sleeping around by then, and I didn’t have so little self-respect that I’d go crawling into bed with a guy who had cheated on me and humiliated me. Instead, I listened to Pete’s audition, which went so well I damn near fell off my chair.
I hadn’t known at that moment that things would be taking off the way they did.

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