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Ashes to Ashes

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audrey is at landons house!

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Audrey felt fresh tears dribble pathetically down her purple and blue cheeks as she shoved clothes into a suitcase, the only thing she had ever gotten from her parents. The fading brown color signified the retro origination of the piece of worn down luggage. Currently, Audrey could care less about its tacky appearance. She just wanted to leave before Landon and Gerard (hopefully) woke up. Audrey couldn’t bear the shame of living with th person who ruined her life twice now. It just wasn’t happening. Not this time.
Grabbing the last of her belongings and shoving them in a backpack, Audrey took one last look of her room here in the apartment. Then, a thought hit her straight in the face.
Where, exactly, was she going? Audrey couldn’t afford to get train tickets to find Heather, and any other relatives were beyond her. That only left Lucas. Audrey let a slow, shaking sigh escape her, and left the apartment, while sending a text to Lucas, saying she would meet him at the laundry mat, and then she’d explain everything.
When Audrey had exited the brick apartment building, she look up, and saw the window to her old home had its curtains where pulled back, and Gerard was staring out at his horizon, his gaze going over her head. Another tear slipped down her face, and at that, Audrey knew she could cry no longer. That part of her life was over.
Continuing her painful walk down to the store, Audrey dried her face with her sweatshirt sleeve and put her head up. She was going to see Lucas soon, and then, everything would be alright. Audrey wouldn’t have to worry about doing everything herself, and watching the people she thought loved her hurt themselves and then turn on her. Audrey let a small smile brush across her face at the thought.
Suddenly, Lucas, tall and ever-clad in black, came into the girls view, and Audrey grinned, running as fast as her luggage would let her, towards him. He held his sturdy arms out to her, and wrapped her sore body with them, holding her to his chest.
Lucas saw the bruising on her cheeks, the stiff way she moved, and he instantly realized something bad must’ve happened. Her hair was stringy, and her clothes wrinkled and frumpy, as if she’d left to fast to think about looking presentable.
“Hey,” Lucas said, holding his friend out at arm length, “ What happened to you, Audrey?” She immediately looked down, her warm smiled faded and gone.
“Landon. He, he-“ her voice broke, the memory too fresh and embarrassingly painful to speak of yet. Lucas pulled her back into him, and said quietly through her brown hair,
"We’ll head back to my place, and get you cleaned up, okay? You look pretty terrible.” Audrey nodded, knowing she was safe, and let Lucas put an arm gently around her, and lead her down the streets, to his apartment upstairs from an old diner.

The soft, steady sound of the shower laid on the bottom of Lucas’s hearing as he sat at the kitchen table, flipping through an old magazine, his mind turning over the recent events. How in the god awful world had Audrey gotten so beat up and broken. Sure, Lucas had seen his small friend vulnerable before, but never, ever, to the point of speechlessness. Audrey was so strong, willful, and, if you wanted to be completely honest, pretty damn stubborn. Lucas smiled to himself through his anxiety, think about all of the heated conversations the two had shared, late night battles of philosophy and politics.
The quieting of the shower snapped the long haired boy out of his nostalgia, and he attentively listened for the door to squeak open. When it did, and Audrey appeared in a pair of Lucas’s boxers and an old Souxie and the Banshees t-shirt, Lucas smiled, hoping to coax something resembleing life from the girl’s hardened and emotionless face. She did, indeed, attempt to look cheerful, but the look was grating, forced, and Lucas knew that whatever had happened the night before was serious. Too serious to keep putting off explainations.
“Audrey,” Lucas began, “you really need to tell me what went on last night.” Silently, the birdlike girl with the wet hair plopped herself down on the couch opposite of her friend, and closed her eyes, brows furrowed.
“They didn’t stay in Landon’s room, did they?” Audrey shook her head and replied, in a soft, teetering voice,
“Gerard did. He wasn’t there,” her voice trailed off, and everything clicked inside Lucas’s mind, his hazel eyes widening.
“Did Landon. . .”
“Yes-“the tears came once again, and Audrey pulled her legs up to her and commenced sobbing, so ashamed that she’d let that happen, and then lied to Lucas, her best friend. Immediatly, Lucas stood up, mustering all of the force he could to not go kill the blonde villain, and sat next to audrey, gingerly placing his arm around her shuddering frame, waiting for a reaction.
She turned her head into his chest, her wet tears dripping onto his shirt. Wrapping her arms around his waist, Lucas burried his face into her hair, kissing the top of her head, rubbing her back with his big, calloused hand. Lucas whispered into her brown mop of hair, not payig attention to what he even said, just hoping he could comfort her, in some way or another.

yep, i lied. heres another chapter that isnt the end. but, thank God, there will only be about three or four more before (DUH DUH DUNNN) it ends. epically.
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