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Chapter Four: First meetings of the same soul.

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Tom encounters Quirrell, and through him, Lord Voldemort. But things do not progress as expected... and everyone loves a stay in Azkaban, don't they?

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Tom entered his last class of the day, Defense against the Dark-arts just in time. Instantly he felt a chill run down his spine as his eyes fell upon the teacher, Professor Quirrell.

'What the hell was that?' he hissed mentally, recoiling at the same time Quirrell himself did. Both looked up at one another and, as they locked eyes, felt a connection.

"Professor?" asked one student. "Are you okay?" she added. "O-oh yes.. f-f-fine.." he stammered, breaking the contact and looking at her. With a quick glance at Tom he returned his attention to the overall class and began reading from the book in his hand.


Tom waited after class until all the other students had left. Once they were out he repeated the same process of sealing the door and ensuring privacy was intact.

Quirrell looked up from his papers in surprise. "Mr. P-p-potter?" he questioned with the usual stammer.

"Drop the act. I can feel something is wrong with you." Tom demanded, raising both wands. Quirrells face looked panicked. "W-what a-a-are you d-doing?" he shouted, waiting to see if anyone would come.

"No one can hear you; I made sure of that. Tell me or I'll extract the information forcefully." he threatened.

After a few moments more of the terrified Professor act, Quirrell stood up right and drew out his own wand in an instant. "Perceptive, boy. But I have years more experience then you do. Not to mention my other advantage." he paused to laugh darkly for a moment or two.

"That is where you are wrong. Crucio!" Tom responded, firing the curse from both wands. Quirrells wand moved furiously and a desk leaped to his defense, barely catching the double curse.

"You dare risk the Unforgivables Potter? I must say I'm impressed." he taunted, whispering his own spell work after wards.

Tom scowled. With a flourish a single large anaconda was conjured slightly behind the older Wizard, and it struck at once, wrapping around his legs in an instant but working its way up further as well.

Quirrell yelped at the painful squeezing but quickly transfigured it into a large chain, which fell to the ground around his body briefly before shooting across the room at Tom. He sidestepped and was about to fire off another curse when a low, cold voice hissed from behind the Professor.

"Halt, Quirinus." Quirrell ducked down beneath his desk, obeying but ready to begin again if Tom continued.

With a frown Tom approached cautiously. "Potter. Stow your wands away, boy.. or I shall do it for you." the chilling voice commanded.

To his surprise, Tom felt his limbs responding on their own, entirely against his will, and each wand was returned to its holster. "Show him, Quirinus." the same voice ordered. Quirrell hesitated briefly but screamed as apparent pain shot through him for his slowness.

Standing upright immediately he unwrapped the purple turban from around his head and slowly turned so his back was to Tom.

He felt his breath catch as a face emerged from the back of the older Wizards skull. Snakelike and eyes narrowed, the face glared at him. "As Quirinus said, very perceptive of you, boy. I can only wonder how you survived that accursed night... but your time has come to an end. I will finally kill the Boy-who-lived and prove the Prophecy wrong..." he hissed.

Tom felt another chill race down his body. Why had he put his wands away? Why wasn't his body responding to his commands, to draw them back out again even as he put together that this had to be the original, the real Voldemort.

That thought did not escape un-noticed. The face flinched and then hardened, and Tom felt the piercing stab of Leglimency dive into his mind. It combated his Occlumency shields briefly before drawing away, apparently unable to break through them.

"Tell me, boy... tell me all you know." Voldemort demanded. Once more Tom felt his body disregarding his own orders. "I am not Harry Potter, but Tom Marvolo Riddle, the fragment of your soul lodged within the baby ten years ago given control." he began.


By the time Tom had finished, Voldemort was bristling in fury. "You have destroyed my diadem horcrux, intending to no doubt hunt down the others and kill me when I had returned to a living body..." he hissed slowly.

Tom struggled to gain control over himself again, but found it futile.

"I will end you now, traitorous fragment, by your very own hand! Use the Killing Curse on yourself!" he ordered. Tom drew the Elder wand again and aimed it at his head, drawing in a breath for the darkest of curses.

"Avada--" the door was blown off its hinges, slamming into the back of Tom and throwing his wand from his hand as well as sending him flying.

Voldemort hissed again and Quirrell spun around, wand in hand, but was paralyzed and dumbstruck.

Albus Dumbledore strode into the room with Severus Snape at his side. "Confiscate his wands." Dumbledore ordered.

Snape stepped forward at a quick stride and tore the wand out of Quirrells limp hand then walked over to Tom, kicking him over onto his back and repeating the spells Dumbledore had done to paralyze Quirrell. He did a quick once-over and felt the hidden wand strapped to his right wrist. He pried it out with a bit of difficulty but it flew out of his grip, landing on the floor and rolling beneath a desk.

He glared at Tom as he made his way over to it, bending down and retrieving not just the normal wand Tom used, but by chance the Elder wand as well. He frowned at the abnormal power he felt from the wand and slipped it into his robes while facing away from Dumbledore.

"Very good, Severus. If you would, please fetch a vial of Veritaserum. I believe Quirinus and Mr. Potter are in need of much questioning." Dumbledore requested. Snape nodded his head, stepping out of the destroyed doorway and heading down to his dungeons.

Tom felt a sick feeling of anxious energy begin to form in the pit of his stomach. How the hell did this happen to him? It only took a few moments to figure it out. 'Snape will die in the most tortured manner I can impose upon him when I escape from this!' he growled mentally.


Tom was blindfolded, gagged, and bound to a chair in the deepest levels of the Ministry of Magic. "We are here to begin the trial of Harry James Tom Marvolo Riddle Potter, and Quirinus Quirrell." a Witchs voice boomed.

"The former is charged with use of the Unforgivables upon Lucius Malfoy, Senior, who will be released from Azkaban following this trial, as well as Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley Dursley his muggle relatives, in addition to an un-named seventh year Slytherin student." she read out from a sheet of paper.

"The latter is charged with the use of black magics to raise and house the remnants of He-who-must-not-be-named's soul, in addition to plotting to create a new body to give to said beings soul following." she continued.

A hushed whisper had spread through out the entire court at the words read about their supposed savior, but they screamed in abject horror when Quirrells actions were read aloud.

"Give him to the Dementors!" a handful of Wizards yelled. That was heartily agreed to by the majority of the others, but the Witchs voice cut them off as she called for order in the court.

"Do either of the accused have anything to declare in their name?" she demanded. "Nod or shake your head." she added after a moment.

Seething, Tom tried yet again to pull himself away from the chains wrapped tightly around his arms, but to no success. He heard Quirrell shaking and trying to do so aswell.

"Very well. The sentence is guilty on all charges. As Mr. Potter is currently under aged, he will be held at Azkaban indefinitely." she paused for a moment, and the rest of the court had suddenly grown quiet as well, waiting to hear what would happen to Quirrell.

"Quirinus Quirrell will be executed immediately by beheading." she stated. Many protested this, demanding the Kiss, but she would not grant it. "Take Mr. Potter to his permanent home." she ordered.


Tom opened his eyes and found himself staring at a bleak gray wall. Sitting across from him on the floor was a very pale woman, black hair long and mangy, once-beautiful face now gaunt and dead looking from ten years in this prison. Her robes, torn and battered, revealed the very feminine form beneath, even if it was very thin from practically starving in here.

He looked to his side and noticed a third companion to their lovely little cell. A man with equally long and mangy hair, gaunt face, and almost worthless robes, staring at him in absolute disbelief.

"Harry?" the man rasped after nearly a minute. "Harry Potter?" the woman raised her head from looking at the floor and a maniacal smile appeared. "Did you.. say Potter, dear cousin?" she asked in a surprisingly high-pitched voice.

The man looked at her sharply. "If you lay one finger on him..." he growled, leaning towards her. "You'll what... bite me?" she responded, staring at Tom like a piece of fresh meat.

"I'll do that and more, you cold hearted bitch.." he threatened, standing up slowly. Bella smiled. "You'll fall asleep sometime, Black. You can't watch him all the time." she responded, looking hungrily at Tom.

Had Tom actually been listening to a word of their conversazione he might have done something about that, but he had already focused on his plans and how this could effect them. 'If Fudge does his orders, and the Basilisk begins its nightly feasting... I should be free within the month.'


At Hogwarts, things were a little more chaotic. "I can't understand where this could have happened! The Prophecy, it should have ensured the boy was firmly in the Light, but this... does it mean he'll vanquish Voldemort only to become the next Dark lord in his place?" Dumbledore demanded, rubbing his eyes tiredly.

The owl from Mrs. Figg had arrived just minutes before Severus burst into his office, carrying a map of Hogwarts he had confiscated from the Weasley Twins.

After a daring story that he still did not quite believe, he and Severus had rushed to the Defense classroom only to find it locked.

And after breaking the door down, there Voldemorts face stared out darkly from the back of poor Quirinuses head.

It was enough. Between the map, Severus tail, and now this... Dumbledore did not hesitate to have the two of them hauled before the Ministry for an official hearing.

It was only a good thing that this occurred at the end of the first day. Merlin only knew what might have happened if the boy had remained at school any longer!

Now he was dealing with the multiple questions of the other Professors. Snape was glaring icily at any of them that made eye contact.

"Harry Potter killed his relatives and used magic to place the blame on another. But that is the least of our worries. The boy seems to be completly dark, but if this is from the effects of surviving a killing curse, or more sinister dark magic I can not say. I believe that in enough time he will become the next Darklord." Dumbledore said in a tired voice.

Once the brief outrage died down he continued. "I also must confess to withholding knowledge pertaining to Harry and the Potters deaths ten years ago.. concerning a certain Prophecy."
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