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Chapter Six: Three years and a blood ritual later.

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Tom is rescued from Azkaban, but not by who he expected, and not for reasons he would have accepted.

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September 1994
Flicking open the Daily Prophet, Severus Snape looked through the current events. ' Albus Dumbledore removed from the Wizengamot, Supreme Mugwump title revoked. Cont. below'

He looked down, curious to see where this might be going. 'Former Headmaster of the original Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore, has been removed from the Wizengamot following a vote that took place tonight concerning the aging wizards mental stability. We were unable to get a direct statement from him, but one member, who has asked for their name to be withheld, provided us with the following: "Albus Dumbledore has done many great things in his lifetime, of this we can hold no doubt. What we do doubt is his judgment in recent times. Need I remind anyone about the scandal involving a Mr. Potter? The Hogwarts Massacre the following night? Or the continued efforts to locate esteemed members of our society and bring them into questioning by his vigilante group, the so called Order of the Phoenix? No, I believe we will all be much, much safer with Mr. Dumbledore off of the Wizengamot. Personally I think it time he take a nice, relaxed stay in St. Mungos until we can be assured of his mental stability, which has been, shall we say, in the bin ever since the previously listed events began."

'Quite a statement, is it not? In addtion, to ensure he does not attempt to put himself back onto the Wizengamot, the Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeor, has revoked his title and authority of Supreme Mugwump. When asked about this, the Minister responded "Dumbledore clearly enjoys his power, and any attempt to remove him from it has met swift retribution, although all incidents have been handled by a third party we have recently come to know as the Order of the Phoenix. Connections between the two are quite numerous and the Aurors are indeed looking into the matter as we speak. If I were Dumbledore, I'd start looking into Mr. Ma.. excuse me, our un-named Wizengamot members statement about a stay in St. Mungos. Because if he is found directly linked to this organization, he will be spending a very long time in another magical confinement, Azkaban. The Ministry does not tolerate vigilantism." cont. page 2.'

Snape smiled thinly. "Very... interesting, shall I say?" he turned his attention to the next page to continue.

'Certainly that is a very direct warning. But it does raise some questions, if Albus Dumbledores stability has been breaking down in his later years, what does this say about his recent actions? Have we thrown our saviour in Azkaban by mistake? Is Harry Potter wasting away on a deluded wizards command? We intend to look into matters and determine if the illegal trial held three years ago for Mr. Potter truly necessary, or was he simply under the control of Quirinus Quirrel or even possessed by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named at that time? Expect the results soon.'

Snape lowered the papers as a knock came on his office door. "Who is it?" he asked lazily, drawing his wand. He still owed Albus a debt or two, and if the old codger expected him to cash in on them now, he was very mistaken. After all, letting them be passed onto Aberforth was in his best interest at this point. Things had been most cold between the former headmaster and himself in recent years.

"Draco Malfoy." a voice responded. "Basilisk." Snape stated the password softly, and the wall before his desk shifted, becoming a stone door. Draco struggled for several seconds with the weight before getting it open enough to slip in. "What brings you here so late, Draco?" Snape asked.

"Have you seen the morning prophet yet, sir?" he questioned in turn. Snape frowned. "There was little of interest in it." he responded. Draco muttered something and reached into his black and green robes, pulling out a still slightly warm folded paper. "My mistake, sir. I meant tomorrows prophet. Father just flooed it over himself." Draco told him with a hint of smugness.

Snape resisted a sigh of annoyance and held out a hand. Draco promptly handed the paper over. Stretching it out and glancing at the front page he paused. 'Harry Potter and two Death Eaters broken out of Azkaban! Dementors aid in the process!'

Snapes eyes widened and he flicked the paper open. 'At precisely midnight september 13th 1994, Harry James Potter, Bellatrix LeStranger, and Sirius Black were broken out of Azkaban prison by three other Death Eaters. For some reason, the Dementors have aided them in this process before fleeing from the prison in various directions. If anyone sees them, get inside and alert the Ministry to the location! More infomation will be avalible as it comes.'


September 13th, 1994
Tom found himself shackled at the wrist and ankle into a sitting position over a circle of runes in a bleak graveyard. A robed and hooded man, slightly tall with a hint of platinum blond hair escaping from beneath, and carrying a bundle of white cloths, approached. Behind Tom a cauldron boiled. Bella and Sirius were nowhere in sight.

Toms robes were torn and battered, and his skin was a very pale white. Bone shown through the flesh quite easily, dark circles beneath his eyes, which had a sunken into the skull look to them. His hair was long and wirery. When he spoke, his voice was raspy.

"Voldemort.. the original." he spat. A couple of Death Eaters standing guard behind him looked at the bundle of cloths and the potter brat before them curiously. A hissing and high pitched voice answered. "Tommy Riddle, my wayward fragment! At last we meet again..."

The sound made the gathered Death Eaters in the graveyard shiver, save for the one holding the bundle, who merely cringed once before straightening back out. "Is the potion ready, Lucius??" the bundle demanded. "Nearly, my lord.. the boy will need to be fully submerged at the same time as you if we are to succeed." "So be it. Push him in headfirst, yet hold his feet above. Release just as I am entering!" he ordered the others.

Lucius nodded his head to the ones behind Tom. One undid the shackles keeping him in such a position and hefted him into the air in a spread eagle position, then summoned a purely silver dagger and slit each wrist. Tom hissed in pain, voice crossing over into parseltongue for an instant as his blood dripped down onto the runes beneath his body.

After nearly thirty seconds his body was bound with robe and the cauldron lifted over the runes, then with a jerk of the wrist, Toms body inverted itself and dived down into the freezing potion below until only one ankle was held above the surface. "Hurry!" Voldemort hissed.

Lucius stepped forward in three quick strides and undid the bundle, leaving a scarred white mass, the same size as an infant, but with Voldemorts snake like face. The same runes beneath the cauldron were cut into his flesh with the same silver dagger above the surface of the potion, allowing his weak blood to flow out and drip down.

The blue liquid surface hissed to a boil on contact with the almost black blood coming from Voldemorts body. Cautiously Lucius lowered his master into the liquid and motioned at the same time for the other Death Eater to release the boys ankle.

Voldemorts body submerged just before the last of Toms foot.

"Blood of the enemy, unwillingly taken. Blood of the master, consciously given." holding out his left hand over the surface, Lucius was about to cut off his own hand when the potion rapidly began to glow and change from blue to a silvery hue as the runes beneath it began to glow. Its surface was rapidly boiling, and the heat it emitted made Lucius draw his hand back in pain.

A sharp hissing came from behind as Nagini slithered up to the cauldron, drawn forward almost unconsciously by the potion and the black magic being performed. The horcrux rose up and stared at the boiling surface, weaving its head back and forth as the silver surface began to calm and change to a pale crimson once the runes stopped glowing.

"What just happened?" One of the other Death Eaters asked. "I.. I have failed." Lucius whispered, staring at the calm surface.

A moment later, however, a hand pushed up from beneath, scars where runes once were lining it, grasping onto the edge of the cauldron. An arm and shoulder followed, then a head, neck, and the rest of the body. More of the same runes lined the figures body just as they had on the baby Voldemorts.

When he turned to look at Lucius and the others, his eyes were an almost black-emerald, and a jagged lightning bolt scar lighted his forehead with a dim glow. All other features of Harry James Potter were gone aside from those. The rest held Tom Riddles looks.

The Death Eaters looked at the form in silent awe. When he spoke, his voice was soft and cold. "My wand, Lucius." he commanded. Lucius quickly dove into his robes and dug it out, handing the worn wand over quickly. Once it had touch his finger tips he looked it over curiously.

"It has been nigh on fourteen years since I last held this wand... I feel out of touch with it, almost. In fact, it feels nearly as good.. as its Holly equal." with a flick of his wrist a wave of raw magic flowed from the wand around his body, knocking the others to the ground.

Nagini hissed at him and he hissed right back, leveling his wand on it. "Avada Kedavra!" the green killing curse shot at the snake and smashed right into the edge of its triangular head as it tried to turn and flee. Lucius raised a hand to his head in pain as the words just spoken clicked into place.

"Avada Kedavra!" he shouted in panic, bringing his wand up, but he was too slow. Another wave of raw magic shot out and knocked it from his hand, tearing the wand apart from the core out and rendering it useless, killing the curse on the tip of escaping.

"Muffliato. I am disappointed in you, Lucius." stepping free of the quickly dulling potion, black robes formed around his body. "You almost killed me. However..." he bound Lucius body in chains, gagged him, and floated him into the air. "You ensured the demise of the original Voldemorts body. I am one step closer to being the only Voldemort in existence." he stated quietly with a smile. "For this, you shall be rewarded. A quick death instead of the torture I have had planned for you over these last three years."

Lucius eyes widened and he struggled. "Oh dear, do you intend to break free or fight? Do you wish to be slowly poisoned and digested within the belly of my basilisk? I believe I can arrange for that, Lucius." the Malfoy head shook his head rapidly. "Yes, I suppose you have a point. I can not risk you telling the others the truth. Instead I shall give you some time to retire in peace.. Crucio!" Lucius arched his body in terrible pain, screaming silently.

For close to ten minutes he kept this up until white foam was escaping from around the gag. "Well, well, I can not have you choking on your own spittle." he said, banishing the gag and scourgifying his mouth. Lucius barely flinched. "Oh, some intelligence left? Crucio!!" This time the curse was kept up until Lucius mind snapped entirely, rendering him into the same condition as the Longbottoms.

With a content smile on his face Tom finally turned to the others. "Return Lucius to his proper clothing and ensure he is given a permanent home within St. Mungos." he ordered them. The two who had moved the cauldron and such hastily nodded their heads and dragged Lucius off, apparating away once past the wards.

Tom turned his attention on the now black potion. "Your time is coming, Original." he stated softly, banishing the contents and revealing the presence of the smoke-like, snake-faced Voldemort that had possessed Quirrell. Its shelf-life had been used up keeping the phantasm restrained.

Instantly it rose to the air, glaring violently at Tom. "Now there are three, Original. I have slain Nagini, whose horcrux I could feel as soon as she slithered up. I have burned the Diary, as well as the Diadem, three years ago. Can you find them before I? Unlikely." he taunted the phantasm.

Voldemort hissed at him before rising up into the air and gliding off towards the darkness. Tom banished the cauldron and set about protecting the runes engraved in the ground. He now held all the knowledge Voldemort did. If anyone harmed this set of runes, the body he now held in place of Voldemort having it would fall apart, leaving him in the same condition as the original himself currently was. Tom would not allow that to happen.


Dumbledore stood at the head of a table in Grimmauld Place. Around him were multiple wizards and witchs, including a few of the discarded former teachers from the original Hogwarts. "I fear this is the last time we can hold such a meeting. Considering the ministers recent statements, it is time I allowed another to step forward as head of the Order of the Phoenix. I must take a leave of absince from England for the time being in preparation for a journey I had hoped to undergo with Harry Potter... but that is no longer an option.." he paused and sighed wearily.

"I know for a fact that Harry Potter is no more. I know this because I know how Voldemort has kept himself from crossing over into deaths embrace for all these years. And the same method that he has applied, more than once, was done to Harry when he recieved that cursed scar." he paused as Moody stood up.

"What are you going to be doing about this, then, Albus?" "I intend to track down the locations and destroy that which is preserving Voldemorts soul in this world. When the time comes Harry himself is also housing that which is preserving Voldemort. But he is no longer Harry. That black magic has corrupted him into a secondary Voldemort, if you will, in essence. He must die to exterminate both."

This raised some slight disagreement, mostly from Lupin, but otherwise no one argued. "This task will be made all the more difficult because Harry Potter, Bellatrix LeStrange, and Sirius Black have just been broken out of Azkaban at 12 midnight. Supposedly Death Eaters have done this, and the Dementors had fled their assigned task."
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