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Imitation Appreciation

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My own favorite stories list.

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So TheMasterOfTheWicket posted a list of her favorite My Chem fan fictions, I guess for recommendation and just-being-nice purposes, so I thought I would too. Cause that's a cool idea. I hardly ever review anyone's stories, even if I totally love them cause I'm a lazy bastard. So...this is like...a multi-review thingamajig as well. I guess.

Here's ten awesome stories:

Number ten - Twenty One Letters Ending in T by never_save_me
Number nine - Savior Of The Damned by crystalcrash
Number eight - Frank On A Leash by uptownmassacre
Number seven - Anatomy by aiIenzo
Number six - To The End by xImRadx
Number five - The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot by another_disaster
Number four - The Rise/Fall of Gerard Way by IeroMyHero
Number three - Gerard Arthur Way, Incurable Hair Addict by constant_dreamer
Number two - Kiss My Eyes and Lay Me To Sleep by asherschick

And my all time favorite My Chemical Romance story on this website is Stockholm by GerardWayIsSex.

There's my list, check those stories out if you haven't obsessed over them already. And there's tons more that I love, but didn't list because these, in my opinion, are the best.

- Robbie

Oh yeah, happy New Year.
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