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When Bordom Strikes!!!

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"Jennifer! Do you want to help me make muddy buddies?" My mom shouted up the stairs for me.

"MUDDY BUDDIES!!!!!!!" I shreiked running down the stairs in my black and white skull shorts and white tank top.

"Calm down! It's just a candy! Why do you like it so much?" She asked.

"Cuz eet be tastay!!" I laughed getting the chex mix out of the cabinet.

"Don't talk like that. I will agree that Muddy Buddies are addicting, but not that addicting." She laughed getting out a pot.

"Yesh they are! They are the best food ever! It's like you keep eating them and eating them, and you can't stop and you make your self sick! Trust me I've done it!" I explained. If you don't know what Muddy Buddies are I'll explain. Muddy Buddies are Chex Mix covered in chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar, and they are the best treat EVER!

"Okay how bout I leave you in here to make the muddy buddies and I leave to watch TV...I think tha'ts a good idea." She said backing out of the kitchen slowly, I can tell by how she was looking at me that my pupils were dialated.

"Okie dokie! I'm gonna call Ray and tell him to come over to help wif mah muddy buddies!" I said getting my cell out of my bra and calling him.

"Hola! What's up Jilliam?" (Jilliam- Jen and William put together) Ray answered.

"I'm making Muddy Buddies...come here and help or I will shave your head in your sleep!" I shouted hanging up. About 20 minutes later Ray walked in with Bob and Frank.

"Hiii, soo what are we doing and how are we doing it?" Frank said running towards me and giving me a bear hug.

"We're making Muddy Buddies and very carefully." I answered hugging him back.

"YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! MUDDY BUDDIES!!!!! I was wondering when I could get some of those!" Frank shouted jumping up and down.

"Hellz yeah boi!!!" I laughed. About then my mom came in with Franks dad and then she dropped the bomb.

"Jennifer, Frank, we have some very exciting new for you two...Me and Bill are getting married!" My mom said. I blacked out for a second and woke up with a throbbing head and Frank looking down at me.

"What happened?" I ask grabbing my head and looking at my hand, no blood but my wrist was pretty messed up, "Can I get some gause over here?"

"Uhm, you passed out, hit your head on the counter and landed on your wrist, AKA that's why its screwed up." Frank said helping me up.

"That's funny, I thought my mom and your dad said that they were getting married." I chuckled refusing to believe it.

"Uhm, that kinda did just happen." Frank said looking at his feet.

"Ooohhhhhh, my head hurts!!!" I said putting my left hand on it.

"Mine does too." Frank said doing the same thing.

"Well, looks like we're finally gonna be siblings, and it won't be weird at all cuz me and you only went out for two days and we didn't even do anyting!" I said trying to lighten the mood.

"Yeah, I'm glad we didn't do anything, and hey who knows maybe we can actually make this step sibling thing work out, you know?" He said.

"Ray come over here I feel I need to be tall!" I said making Ray bend down to about four feet and jumping on his shoulders, he got into his normal 6'4" height.

"Happy now shorty?" He asked grabbing my ankles.

"Yes quite!" I said. (Note from me: I'm making myself the shortest in the group, Gabbie your gonna be 5'4")

"Good, cuz Bob does the same thing with Frank." Ray laughed. Just then, wouldn't you know it Frank got on Bob's shoulders.

"Lets play chicken!" Frank laughed.

"Hahaha I...don't think so!" I said taking out my head band and throwing it at Frank's head, hitting him in the face.

"Bob put meh down!!!" Frank whined grabbing his nose.

"Mmkay, Why? Did she hurt you with her little plastic headband?" Bob asked putting Frank down, and leaning down to see his nose.

"No, I just don't like hights to much." Frank laughed.

"Haha okay."

"Hey uhm, Mom!?" I shouted walking out of the kitchen and into the sitting room.

"When are Frank and Bill moving in with us?" I asked.

"Tomarrow, but Frank is staying the night tonight and then tomarrow we're helping them move in." She replied, kissing Bill, using tounge.

"AHHHHH IT BURNS!!!!" Me and Frank screamed at the same time covering our eyes.

"Jen what are you talking about? You and that nice boy, William, so that all the time." She said.

"Yeah but with me and Will it's cute!" I said running to my room.

"Are we gonna make Muddy Buddies?" Frank, Bob, and Ray asked knocking on my door.

"Oh yeah!" I remembered.

*15 Minutes later*

"Jen you look like a crack head." Frank pointed out, I looked at my reflection in the glass top stove and sure enough I had powdered sugar on me cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead.

"Yup I do!" I said grabbing a handful of Muddy Buddies and shoving them in my mouth.

"I thougth you were going to throw those at me." He said taking a handful of Muddy Buddies and eating them.

"Theesh are mich Mubby Buffiesh!!!" I tried to say but the Muddy Buddies kinda got in the way.

"Yuph!" Frank said swallowing, "These are the BEST!!!" He said sitting down on the tile floor, I sat down with him and said,

"What's wrong Franky?"

"It's just, I don't want to be your brother! I want to go back out with you, but you have William and me and you had to much in common and it's just weird!" He said putting his head in his hands and shaking it.

"But you have Brittany." I said sitting closer to him and putting my arm around his shoulders.

"Well can I atleast have a goodbye kiss?" He asked turning his head towards me.

"Yeah." I said kissing him, open mouth, no tounge, at least thats not what William saw.

"WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!" William shouted.

"Oh God, William, it's not what it looks like!" I said getting up and walking to him.

"Then what was it then? Huh? I just saw my girlfriend, to whom, I was about to ask to marry, kissing her ex boyfriend!!!" He said walking out the door.

"Oh God! I'm terrible!" I cried colapsing on the floor and rolling up in a ball.

"No Jennifer, it was my fault. Do you want me to talk to him?" Frank said picking me up and hugging me.

"Get off me Frank." I whispered, pushing him away.

"I'll take that as a 'go talk to him and make him understand'." He said opening the door.

*Franks POV*

I opened the door to see William leaning aginst the wall near the door in the fetal possion sobbing.

"William?" I said crouching down next to him and putting my hand on his shoulder.

"Don't talk to me!" William sobbed.

"It wasn't Jennifer's idea, it was mine. If it helps she's in there bowling her eyes out." I said trying to comfort him.

"But why would she do this to me?" He sniffed.

"I asked her too." I said calmly.

"Why the hell whould you do that?"

"Cuz, if you don't already know, her and I went out and I still love her, I just asked her for a goodbye kiss, because in a few months we're gonna be brother and sister and then it would be a little weird." I explained.

"That dosn't help any! It's gonna take me forever to trust her again." He whined hitting his head on the wall.

"Fine if you don't want to trust my sister then don't, she's your loss." I said getting up and walking into the house, helping Jen up and taking her to her room.

"What did William say?" She whimpered hitting her head on her wall.

"I'll talk to him more tomarrow." I said calmly laying next to her on her bed and wrapping my arms around her shoulders.

"Oh Frank I'm a terrible person!" She said bawling somemore and wrapping her arms around my waist.

"No, Jen, it was my fault, not yours." I said kissing the top of her head.

"Frank could you just leave me alone, I need to think." She said letting go of me and turning to her other side.

"Yeah, goodnight Soon-to-be-sister." I chuckled getting up, turning off her light and closing her door. I went back downstairs to see William on the bottom step, "What are you doing in here William?" I asked sitting next to him, damn tall people.

"I want to talk to her." He simply said.

"She's sleeping." I said.

"I'll come back tomarrow." He said walking out the door, before his cell phone went off, he looked at it, texted a few things, and left.

'I think I know who just texted him.' I thought walking up the stairs and opening Jen's door in time to see her put her cell phone down.

"What did you say?" I asked.

"I'm sorry." She replied.

"What did he say?"

"I know, I'm sorry for overreacting."

"You feel any better?"

"Not really."

"Good night."

"Night Frank."

It took me a long time to write this chapter, hope you like...^_^

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