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Cry Fuget

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Calintz and Reith alone... COMPLETE, M/F, Oneshot.

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Reith looked over to Calintz as he traded the last of their currency to get potions and repair their weapons and armour. Chris his friend and another member of Calintz’ mercenary group was stood nearby looking thoroughly bored; it didn’t involve a vehicle so it didn’t really interest him. She stood near Azel and waited patiently with her hands clasped behind her back waiting patiently for the trade to end as she rocked back and forth on her heels.

“Right let’s go to the tavern.” Calintz nodded as he returned to them. “Tomorrow we can go to Amabat and Reith can get some rest.”

“Yes Sir.” Azel nodded and ran off with Chris towards the tavern where the rest of the mercenary group was gathered.

Calintz was the leader of a set of mercenaries known as the Tears of Blood and he worked loosely for the human Alliance. He was too fiery for the main troops and he had such a passion for killing Yason that he would ignore battle plans in the face of beating the living daylights out of them.

Calintz however had the general’s soft spot and this was all the aid he needed. A chance to kill Yason and to fight on the side of the Alliance was all he really wanted anyway. The idea of giving over to anyone’s orders in the sight of pure bloody rage meant even he would admit he was too unruly for the militia and so were the people he commanded.

They had sat around for most of the evening talking about their latest fight and Calintz found himself watching the young sorceress out of the corner of his eye. She had forbidden magic and it was this that worried him more than anything else. He had fallen from the bridge in a huge fight against the blast worm and found her in the caves where he had stumbled into badly injured. Somehow she had healed him using the Magna Carta, the forbidden magic.

He wanted to think of her as part of the Alliance but the Yason used the Magna Carta. He clenched his fists and stood up, the others had already voiced their concerns but she seemed such a friendly happy woman that he struggled to believe she could be anything else.

“Calintz?” Reith noticed his movements and looked to him. “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” He stood up and stepped outside. She had no memories at all and something was annoying him about it. He wanted to believe in her. She had to be a priestess from Amabat, there was no other way she could be here, human looking and have no knowledge of the Yason and the wars. Amnesia or not… if he only knew what would come to pass he might regret the stirrings he was having for her now. “Reith you may as well go and get some rest. The trip to Amabat will be long.”

“I would rather know that you are okay Calintz.” She smiled.

“I will be when you get to Amabat.” He said sternly. He was cursing himself; he shouldn’t get attracted to her. She used the Magna Carta…

“It will be a shame to leave you as you are the first friend I have made here.” She smiled at him.

Calintz nodded and was desperately trying to avoid looking at her for too long. She had an amazing body, lush hair and a happy smile that drew him closer every time he did. Reith put her hand on the soldiers arm and made him look at her. Calintz felt her take his hand and suddenly he was being led upstairs.

“Don’t…” He started as she shut the door to her own room and turned and kissed him.

Reith didn’t much care about the worries of the world as their mouths connected. He looked slender in the clothes he wore but when her hands went to his chest she could feel the well toned muscles and let out a sigh of appreciation. Calintz let out an internal groan. He wasn’t going to fight her off all that much after all…

Calintz let out a held breath when she moved away and taking his hand she moved to the bed. Reith seemed to be so cheerful and the mercenary hadn’t felt that since his childhood. The Yason had wiped out everything he had come to love. Now he had to learn those feelings again.

Calintz pressed his mouth to hers, his body warm, his hands ran over her hips as he pushed up against her. Reith’s hands went to the side of his trousers. The soft openings allowing her to brush over the bare skin of his exposed thighs, lifting the tunic he wore away from his torso, one hand ran up against his chest as they kissed.

His body was on fire within seconds of her touching him. They pushed against one another as lust took over and they tried to prove their attraction by getting as physically close as they could. One of the blonde’s hands went up to her chest, pulling at her top and kissing her. The yellow dress was pulled away from her body, the material was too obstructive to him and he wanted to feel her skin.

Her breasts were freed, his hands went straight to them and it was his turn to direct their bedroom dance. He pulled her to the bed and she giggled as she caught her foot on his sandal and topped backwards pulled him with her by grabbing at his trousers.

“Well I can see there is one fight you like.” Calintz smirked against her lips. “Since you won’t fight anywhere else I guess that makes sense.”

“I’ll always win in here.” She smiled softly and leant up and kissed him again.

Caltinz’s cock was hard against the soft material of his trousers and her hand ran over the heavily engorged length, testing and finding him well endowed. Calintz responded by moaning as she gripped him in her hand and the pleasure ran into his stomach and around his entire body. Her hand slid in through the side of his trousers and met the raw flesh with a satisfied smile.

“I could stroke you all day, just like a little pet or something.” She chuckled at him.

“Not going to object.” He said panting a little, his hand straying to her thigh, teasing at the tip of her sex and smiling. His fingers moved across the already wet tip of her clit and dipped around the folds of skin.

She moved against him seeking further pleasure as his hand teased her clit and fingers threatened to invade her. She wanted him too and her hand slid over his cock again as he embraced her fingers deftly bringing his cock up harder and harder as she stroked him faster wanting a release.

She moved along him and helped him to undress his hand on her hard cock causing his hips to jerk involuntarily. He looked even more impressive naked as her hands pulled his blond hair down around his shoulders. His fingers slid in to her sweet wet hole and she gasped. She was wet and tight against him and let out a feminine gasp that caused a further ripple of desire through him.

“Oh yes…” She hissed in pleasure as his thumb teased her clit and his fingers invaded her to her core. She was so incredibly turned on by him.

“Cry for me Reith.” Calintz told her softly in her ear. “Let all of Fuget know you are mine right now.”

Her moan ignited further passions in him, his mouth closing over one of her nipples as he began to suck and flick his tongue over it. She moved against him urging him to pleasure her further and he moved to work harder to do it. He felt her walls clamp around his fingers as she reached a climax and he looked in to the deep pools of her eyes.

“Oh yes!” She cried louder as he continued to rub over her sensitive swollen spot. “More!”

This time Calintz moved around her and covered her body as her hand toyed with his length and urged him closer to her wet opening. He wanted to plunge hard into her but he stopped as their eyes met and she kissed him. Her hand lowered to his back and his cock was left unattended for a brief moment. Then she gently pressed down and he slid into her.

Calintz whispered her name as he felt her tight around his heavily engorged erection. His hips moved, rocking in and out of her each thrust, each slide against her causing a wonderful shudder through his body. Their rhythm changed to a faster pace as Calintz got closer to his own climax and she arched up, her legs wrapping around him and forcing him further into her.

“Calintz…” She whispered his name delicately. His response was a moan of delight as they met with one another and he let out a yell as he spent deeply into her. She felt the pulsing of his erection and let out another soft cry as it caused her to follow with her own second powerful wave. He managed to avoid falling on her as he pulled away and rolled on to the bed beside her.

“Amabat…” He sighed and put his hand to his forehead. “It will be a long journey.”

“I am sure we can keep each other entertained on the long nights.” Reith assured him as they slowly dozed off in each others arms.
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