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Addiction Discontinued

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Drama .. like always

Category: Blade of the Immortal - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2009-01-02 - Updated: 2009-01-02 - 304 words

She's walking down the hall of hell again. Ten million eyes watching her. Giving her that "Your being judged" feeling. She has friends. That care too much in her own opinion. No real love life. She considers herself to be socially akward and randomly phsycotic. But everyone thinks that. Why wouldn't they? It's the truth. So, on her way to first period she passes the counsler's office. Deadly choice. Big mistake. There is no possible way for her to make it past the office. She hates talking about her problems. It makes her feel selfish and insecure. She takes a deep breath. And walks by. 'That wasn't so bad now was it?' Her thoughts are talking to her. Is that normal? She understands why people are people. She knows how to work the human mind. But she chooses not to be a burden. " Hey Anna!" Kaitie. The hyperactive prep. She is friends with her but she can be a little much sometimes. But yet she hangs out with her because of her interesting personality. Not because she likes her. But Kaitie doesn't seem to understand that. "Hey Kaitie." She sends a fake smile to show that nothing is wrong. She can't stand being at school. Too many things happen at once. Anna feels like she has to know what is going on at every second. It makes her feel better. Safe. It's her own little thing I guess. "Anna guess who I saw this morning?"

"Everyone? Well everyone you normaly see in school."

"Well yes and no. See I saw Jimmy walking down to my locker!" She has had this obsession with Jimmy Willson ever scince fith grade. It's amusing but pathetic.


"Yea!" I shook my head. She gets excited about the littlest things. Anywho, I had bigger problems to deal with.
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