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A Few Weeks Later. . .

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----------------------------- A Few Weeks Later: Band Practise
“We should all flat together.” Pete was saying
“It’s better for the environment too.” Andy added, mostly for his own benefit
“I’m in!” Joe said.
In those few weeks I saw where Joe was staying. The crappiest looking dump I’ve ever seen. Basically the kind of dump that you could have sex on the lobby desk if you really wanted to. Not ideal living conditions, but remember Northern Uganda struggles a helluva lot more than us all so be good to the local charity.

We had already packed up for the day and we were sitting in a café that Patrick had introduced us all to…

Rememory time!

We were all led inside the restaurant like blind mice.
“Dude, Patrick, I thought you said this was a bar not a fucking coffee shop!”
Joe’s first impression, down to every last detail.

Our hot chocolates (or cocoas, whatever you want to ) had just arrived with the waitress adding a special wink in Patrick’s direction. The waitress, Betty, had apparently known all his life, she told us one day. She didn’t like Joe either, just like the bartender guy (at the Scottish bar).
We all agreed on the idea of flatting. Then again I didn’t know of the dangers of flatting with four boys.
You could probably guess how it ended up. The only girl in an otherwise all boy house. Let me just say Fall Out Boy is… messy.
After that we had our marshmallow eating contest (see who fnishes their marshmallows first). I came second to last and Pete used his best excuse saying that his invisible moustache was getting dirty.
“So…” I asked triumphant in not coming first for once, “Howzit with you know who?”
He smiled, “Just y’know. The status quo.
I smiled back.
I had known full well about the relationship growing between Kelsey and Pete. I mean seriously, after that one night, you could tell from then they were… an item.
“We’re meeting up tonight.” He said quickly
“Thanks.” I said, happy that he answered my question finally
And I am truly sorry that not everybody’s questions get answered on here.
Patrick was staring out the window blankly, watching a stray cat run past the roadway into a gutter.
“You are so paying next time!” I said grinning (score, saved myself money there, economic genius, I am!)
“Or what?” he said walking out of the door into the impending darkness
“Bastard.” I said, pulling the fingers through the black glass when I saw his car lights flash past. Betty grunted a little from behind her counter, where she was drying the dishes. She was just beginning to get used to our foul mouthed wa ys but she wasn’t quite there yet.
“So, are you going to tell your mom now?” Andy asked.
“What?” I said, still euphoric from my little bout of rowdiness
“Only that we’ve been together-.”
He paused for a second then decided to rephrase what he said
“-that you’ve been in a band for almost a year and that we’ve just been signed?”
“Oh….” I paused. I still didn’t tell her. I had to and I knew it because the guilt had been eating me up from the inside for a while now.
“I’ll do it tonight. I promise.”
“Do you need… moral support?” Andy asked awkwardly. Damnit, I hated those still awkward stages, even after one year. Patrick and Joe just watched from the opposite side of the booth
“We’ll come.” Patrick said, taking a stand for once
“Okay. Tonight.” I said, “Are you guys done yet?”
Joe took one last huge gulp of his cocoa, leaving a huge milk moustache
“Let’s roll!” Joe said, not bothering to wipe away the milk moustache. I had the worst urge ever to wipe it off with a napkin, in a motherly way

Five Minutes Later: In Our Little Convoy Groove
Up ahead at the traffic lights, Joe was rocking his car (braking and accelerating in short bursts) and I heard Iron Maiden blasting through his newly upgraded speakers. It was apart of his birthday present we had gotten him last year. With all the earnings we made, we pitched together and bought a second hand van then pimped it out. I truly believe Pimp My Ride was copied from us at times. Nobody had to worry about the suspicious red spots now, so really it was an advantage to everyone who ever carpooled with Joe. Even though we got Joe a totally pimped out van, he never had the heart to take his old Barina to the dump.
I had to take the lead, showing the drections to my house. Joe was the only one that had been to it before, but even he hadn’t been back for a while. The unkempt lawns would show off how bad Frank really was.
I pulled over onto the side of the road and hopped out. I swallowed so loudly I could hear myself aloud. The other cars pulled up in quick succesion behind mine. They all locked their cars suspiciously, because a big group of scary people just went past.
“We have to be careful.” I warned them all, “Mom’s a little…….. psycho? Don’t worry Frank is worse.”
“We can do this, don’t worry.” Andy said defiantly
“Okay.” I said, not knowng what to expect when I knocked on the door
I rang the doorbell. Six times and I got an answer saying, “I’m coming.” It was obviously Frank.
Thirty seconds later the door opened and he was staring down at us all
“What do you want?” he asked
“To speak to my mother.” I replied back sternly
“I guess you can. For now.” He added nastily. He backed out of the way, glaring at the guys angrily as they walked in. Patrick even took the time to wipe his feet six times each and he still got a death glare.
Mom was sitting on the couch, sprawled out, in a nurse costume. Patrick and Joe gagged behind me
“Yes?” she said, keeping her eyes focused on the square box she had become a martyr to. She twirled her hair, which was a habit I had picked up from her
“Um, I’d like you to meet my friends.” I said nervously
“So you’ve achieved the ability to have sex with four people at a time, whoop-de!”
I grunted under my breath
“Could you at least have the sense to listen to your own daughter?” Joe said angrily
“Oh, is it really you Joey?” she asked, mocking him and sitting up on the couch
“We’re in a band.” I said simply
“Oh okay then, go throw your life away. You’re no good anymore because you aren’t worth benefit money.”
I felt my ears and cheeks burn angrily
“What the fuck, you stupid bitch!” Patrick said, in an outburst
The room went silent
“How can anyone be this tragic… to their own daughter?” he said, shouting. I turned around and he was shaking, his hands balled into white knuckled fists
“Get your stuff and go.” Frank said grinning malevolently. He had finally gotten Mom to himself
I stood there and I knew I was trembling
“Let’s go.” Joe said, grabbing my arm and leading me to the hallway. He practically had to drag me there, upstairs to my room
“You’re a monster!” Andy said as we walked up the stairs
When we got into the bedroom I slammed the door and hunched over on the ground.
“How can she do this to me?” I asked, “Her kid?”
Joe came and wrapped an arm around me
“Don’t worry bout it. We’ll look after you now.” He told me
I smiled in spite of myself. It just seemed a little weird at the time.
“Do you have a suitcase?” Andy asked
“Um… no…” I said flatly, “We’ll take one or two of hers though. Sure she won’t mind.”
I added the last part bitterly, still feeling the tears fall in big ugly patches on my lap
“Where are they?” Andy asked
“In the cupboard, two doors down the hall.” I choked out
Five minutes later the four of us achieved a heap in the middle of the floor. My intention was to use as many bags as I wanted, she didn’t mattter. There was no objections anyway. I was going to become an adult in a matter of hours, living by myself. Not that I blamed any of the guys (especially Andy) for getting me there.
“Where am I gonna stay tonight?” I asked
Really that was only to Patrick if I was going to stay at one of their houses.
“You are staying at my house tonight. Mom won’t mind, she’ll just be proud of me.”
We all laughed but it stopped abruptly when I went back to stuffing more stuff into bags
In twenty minutes, I was done and embarrassingly enough I had to go through my underwear drawer with them all watching. Andy cleared his throat loudly. Patrick was turned the other way when I turned back and Joe was just watching me. In total, I managed to make six bags of stuff I “needed” (I’m a total packrat so I hate to throw things away). Joe and I took an extra bag each.
I didn’t even want to take another look at Mom, but I still saluted the two of them.
We still haven’t made any ground since then.
She didn’t make a move at all, and she showed no remorse. Nor did Frank.
All of the bags got piled up against each other in my car and we left. I had been to Patrick’s house once before then so I followed him back to his place.
Patrick’s always been a psycho driver. You can tell he gets mad at the traffic lights, even in a whole different car.
“Welcome to my humble abode.” Patrick said, as we walked into his parents house.
“Um. . . You can take my bed. I’ll sleep on the ground.”
“What? I’ll sleep on the ground.” I said
“No. Not after what happened tonight Crystal, you need a good sleep.I’ve got nothing to stress about.”
“Aw, thanks.” I replied.
“My bedroom’s just down the hall.” he said, pointing it out, “Second on the left.”
I walked into his room and it was how you would imagine a Patrick Stump’s room to be. Screwed up paper and stacks of CD’s in the corners. There were a few pictures of bands like Prince and David Bowie in the walls.
“Can’t wait until we find a flat.” Patrick said behind me
“Yeah.” I thought out loud
“Well. Um, the bathroom is one door down from here.” he told me thoughtfully
“Thanks for everything man. I really appeciate this."
"It's okay. Until you get back on your feet, I promise you can stay here."
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