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I said that I feel like I've had enough.

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I don't know exactly what this is. Frerardish? Some kinda mixed up shitttt! Read itt. :D

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Okay so this is the end of my winter break. I'm putting this up because this fucking happened on the 30th-1st. It was pretty epic. But I dunno how this story is gonna turn out. It's just a little one-shot, and I'm adding some humor, but I dunno if some of you Frerard lovers are gonna like me after this.. But either way, I'm getting another chap of 'Cause Everyone Hates You' soon, so that will make up for it.. I hope. So yeah, enjoy-ish?? Heheh.

--Frank's POV--

I went over to Ray's house to just chill with him, and do what we do best: Play video games 'til our eyes bleed. But then...... It all changed! In a flash! Like: BAM!

Okay, so this is my story.

I, Frank Iero, have been dating Gerard Way for two months. He's put me through a lot of shit, but I love him.. Or at least I thought did. I'll put it this way; Gerard is kind of a whore. My whore, but a whore nonetheless.

He'd been texting my BFFL Ray Toro since we started going out. And a week into it, Gerard tells Ray that he likes him! I mean, whatever, Ray's not like that. He wouldn't do that to me. So.. Him being my BFFL and all, tells me that Gerard said he liked him (even though Gerard told Ray to not tell me anything they talk about together. Well pssssshhhhh, Gerard should've known better.)

But anyway, I stuck with him, and to make him just like me, I made out with him the next day. Like, hardcore, boner-popping making out. He didn't text Ray for a while after that. But then it started up again. I, being afraid of losing him, was bitten by the jealousy bug. Turns out, I was a bit too jealous. Gerard didn't like it too much, and while we were all hanging out, I mean all. Ray, Mikey, Bob, Gerard, and I. We were all at Mikey's/Gerard's house and Gerard was totally flirting with Ray, and the week before, we were all on the couch seated like this: Gerard, me, Ray. Well Gerard had his arm around me, and Ray was right by his arm, so he totally like, touched Ray's 'fro. Twice! Right in front of me! What the fuck!?!

But anyway, back to the previous 'hang out'... Gerard was making out with me, but he wasn't even into it. He was watching the TV! So I stopped, and wouldn't kiss him anymore. He ended up not wanting to sit with me anymore, and sat himself on the floor. I moved to the recliner that was seated at the end of the couch, right next to Bob's seat. I see Bob, Ray, and Gerard all texting at the same time. I didn't bother to look at anything though, because I thought I knew. Well, Gerard had asked Mikey to talk in the laundry-ish room, so I started to attack Ray and Bob with questions. Finally they gave in and told me that Gerard was planning to break up with me because I was too jealous. Well, when Gerard and Mikey came back into the room, I took Gerard by the hand and led him back into the laundry-ish room. We talked it out, and decided it was best to take a break. He reminded me several times that he still 'loved me' and that it wasn't 'breaking up'. Well, I just wasn't comfortable anymore, so me, Ray, and Bob all walked back to my house, which was conveniently right down the street. I cried and cried and cried. That's when Ray showed me the texts Gerard sent him after we left. There was:

Ya, were just taking a break to c other ppl
Ya Idk who im gunna go out w. now
Umm. Okay..
To be honest......I kinda like.....u......
dude! Wtf nooo! i hate you! how could you do that to frank?! douche bag!

I cried even more. Then Bob got the same texts!!!! Gerard liked Bob and Ray!!!!!!!! Bob and Ray were both appalled by Gerard's more-then-usual whore-like attitude. For one, Bob had a boyfriend already, Brendon Urie. Gosh, Gerard was just so desperate. It killed me inside, but I still didn't tell Gerard that I was done with his bullshit. So to calm me down, Bob and Ray decided to take me to Starbucks, and that's when I got texts from Gerard.

Do u want to hang out as friends tomorrow?

I'm havin sum problems now my grades r slipping and my family is having money issues so i just cant b w/ n e 1
OK? I'm going through that too. I understand.

.......I wanna get back 2gether....
Not now. I just can't yet.

Anyway, we went on texting for the next few days, and then we got back together. I still couldn't get over the fact that he had already blatantly told Ray he liked him several times now, and its only been a little over a month since we started dating! Well we hung out, and at Christmas time we exchanged gifts. I got him a nice little hat thing, and he got me some kind of man-jewelry that I would never wear, but whatever, it was the thought that counts, so I told him I loved it, and we went on like normal.

Well, we went to Gerard's/Mikey's house again that night, and we were talking about porn. Gerard said that he has never watched it, and I said that that was total bullshit. But he goes No, I'm serious. Its the one thing I haven't lied to you about. When I asked him what the FUCK that meant, he just brushed it off, and wouldn't answer anything about it. So I went over to Ray's the next day, and this is where it really heats up! So continue reading the story, and you'll see what Gerard has done to me! It's horrible! Ah!


We were in the middle of playing video games, and I just couldn't get the words Gerard spoke to me out of my head! They kept playing over and over and over and over and over! Like a broken record!

Its the one thing I haven't lied to you about.
Its the one thing I haven't lied to you about.
Its the one thing I haven't lied to you about.

Ray obviously noticed the pained expression on my face because he put down the controller, which he never does unless something is just too much for him. Obviously, my face was.

"Dude, whats wrong?" He asked.
"I just can't stop thinking of what Gerard said to me! What did he mean!??!?!?!" I howled.
"Just chill. I bet it was nothing."
"No, no, no, no, no, no, no!!! It was definitely something..... I have a BRILLIANT idea... Ray, gimme your phone!" I said with a mischievous glimmer in my eye.
Ray hesitantly pulled out his phone, but before giving me complete custody of it asked, "Wait. First tell me what your doing."
"I am going to destroy that mother fucker."
With a swipe of the wrist, I snatched Ray's phone and ran off into the bathroom and locked the door so he couldn't stop me.

I texted Gerard all night, playing a game with his mind.

Oh Gerard you don't know how badly Ive wanted you. Frank has always been in my way. I love you
Really?!!? You do?!?? I thought you hated me??!
I could never hate you! It was all an act so Frank wouldn't get mad at me
Omggggg. I'm gonna break up with Frank for you, okay!?!
Do it, but not yet. Tomorrow. Tomorrow is New Years it will be perfect!!!
Anything for you, oh master of the 'fro.

I played as Ray until New years eve came along, and Gerard sent me a text

Um frank, I don't think this is working..

I called him back and totally bitched him out. Using every word in the book! He still didn't suspect that I was actually using Toro's phone to create his demise, but I knew and it tickled me pink every time Gerard would bring up our break up to 'Ray'.

He was so mean! he called me so many things! it hurts, ray, it hurts
Aw baby im so sorry!


Bob, Ray, me, and this one dude named Davey were all together on New Years, and I kept texting Gerard from Ray's phone. I planned on telling Gerard that he should ask me out and then totally CRUSH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mwahahahahahahaha. Well it fuckin' worked, biatches!

Ray i cant it anymore i need to be with you will you go out with me???

Now was my time to shine!

Fuckkkkk to the noooo, bitch! did you really think I was gonna go out with my BFFL's ex boyfriend! You MUST be one crazy mofo to think that! hahahahahaha I had you wrapped around my finger when this was all Frank's plan to begin with! Have a good life, suckerrrr!!

No reply after that, but damn that felt good!

Within the next few months, I hadn't heard much from Gerard. I think he formed a band somewhere, and was fucking the singer from The Used, Bert something or other, but whatever.

I had a happy life with my new lover, Ray.

Bob lived happily with his boyfriend, Brendon.

And Mikey and Davey totally hooked up that night, and got hitched in Massachusetts the next month. They've adopted two little children.

So all in all, this was a pretty good thing. It changed the course of all of our lives, and we were all very very happy!


Yeah this is extremely weird, and I dunno how much of it makes sense, but this is my life in MCR form, with some added[needed] humor! The paragraphing probably isn't the best, but I did this at 4:30AM so yeah. :D

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