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Empty Tears

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Manson starts dating Brian Molko (Placebo)and Twiggy isn't fond of that idea.

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You fucking bastard." With that Twiggy threw the only thing that he could find. He grabbed the lamp off the table and aimed it for Manson's head. Manson ducked. The lamp hit the wall and smashed into pieces. If there was one thing that he had learned through his years of dealing with Twiggy Ramirez it was that when the man was throwing things at your ducked.

"Twiggy I swear, if you throw one more thing I'm going to break your fucking face."

Twiggy stood with his hands on his hips. Lately this had been the way that life with Manson was. They never really seemed to be able to agree on anything and the more time they spent together the more they seemed to argue. He was fearful that maybe they needed a break from one another.

He could remember a time when he looked into Manson's eyes and felt like they owned the world. Now when he looked he felt like he was alone standing on the edge of the world. It terrified him that Manson could be so complex. He knew that as long as Manson was like this nothing was going to change.

He walked over to Manson. "I'm sorry. I'm not going to quit the band but I think that maybe we need a break from one another. Maybe it would be best if we saw other people for awhile." His heart broke a little as Manson let the words sink in and he slid to the floor.

He knew that this was coming. It had been for a while. That didn't mean that he liked it. "Twiggy. I.."

"Shh." Twiggy bent down and kissed Manson's cheek. He knew that Manson's moods were unpredictable. That's how he could go from being angry to being perfectly calm. It was the nature of the beast that was Marilyn Manson. He just hoped that whoever Manson decided that he was going to be with could handle that.

He walked out of the room. As soon as Twiggy left Manson got out his cell phone. He dialed a number. "Hi Molks? Yeah it's Manson. Can I come over? Twiggy and I just broke up."

Brian hung up the phone. This was brilliant; it couldn't have been going any better if he had planned it himself. Manson had called him and told him that he had Twiggy had just broken up. Brian wasn't vindictive by nature but the way that he saw it Twiggy had his chance. For as long as he could remember it was Manson and it was his turn. He had always loved Manson.

They first met each other back in 1998. Brian had been at a bar and he was having trouble with this guy. This man could have over-powered Brian easily and though he liked to think that he would have been able to take care of the situation himself he knew that this would have been stupid and impossible. Manson had walked right up to Brian, put his arm around his waist. "Hey baby. I was looking for you."

At first Molko hadn't known what to say. He had to wait for his brain to register that someone was talking to him and that that someone was none other than Marilyn Manson. At first all he could do was stare. Then because the man that had been hassling him was staring he wrapped his arms around Manson and kissed him. Manson, never being one to miss an opportunity rubbed Brian's bottom lip with his tongue and was granted access to the other man's mouth. Their tongues wrestled with one another. Much to Manson's dismay the man had lost interest, he had been curious to see how far this girly-boy would let him go. Without the disturbance and gawking of an audience there really wasn't a reason to continue.

Brian had been somewhat disappointed when the Shock Rocker had stopped his activities but had expected that to happen. He looked into Manson's mismatched eyes. "Thank you." As he spoke he pressed his small frame up against the other man. He wanted to make sure that his intentions and desires were clear. "You should let me repay you."

Normally Marilyn wouldn't have let any such thing happen. But this guy was gorgeous. One look into those grateful green eyes and it was almost enough to make him stop doing Cocaine. Almost. They walked hand in hand to the bathroom. Brian had spent that night on his knees sucking Manson's cock. He didn't mind and Manson thought that it was the best blowjob he had been given in ages.

Now Manson said that he needed Brian. He was more then willing to do anything that Manson needed him to do. It wasn't that he hated Twiggy. It was just that (in Brian's opinion) the other man never knew what he wanted. He started out with Manson, and then apparently had gotten bored and went with Trent. Then he went back to Manson and now he had decided that they needed "a break." Brian saw this as his opportunity to be with Manson. And once he had him he had no intention of letting him go.

Manson knew that Brian was up to something. It wasn't the way that Brian was acting; it was a known fact that the man would flirt with anything that walked. It was the way that he was looking at him. It seemed like it was a mixture of pity and something else. He knew that Brian didn't like Twiggy; Twiggy didn't really like him either. But he couldn't help but think that maybe Brian was up to something. He banished that thought as soon as it entered his head. Brian had been nothing but patient with him. After all he had been willing to drop everything and be with Manson when he really REALLY needed someone. That couldn't be a bad thing.

As Manson stood on Brian's porch and waited to be let in he was seriously wondering where he'd be going. For as long as he could remember there was always someone from his band that he could turn to. But now? He knew that Twiggy felt as though time apart would help their relationship. Ginger was too quiet, sure he'd listen but when it came to adding his two cents there was nothing that he had to say. Tim was gone and Pogo? No, that was out of the question. So whether Molks had planned it or not all he had was Manson.

He had been sitting in the same spot for what seemed like hours. Manson was asleep on his couch. The half empty bottle of Absinthe on the table. He didn't know how Manson could drink that shit. He figured that it was just one of the unique things that made Marilyn, Marilyn.

He sat staring at the man sleeping. He was day dreaming about the future that they had together. It would be fantastic. He was slightly irritated when there was a knock on the door, the knock woke Manson. He opened the door and was upset to discover that Twiggy was there. It was less then 24 hours since their "break up" and already that pathetic man was trying to weasel his way back into their lives.

Brian put his hands on his hips. "What do you want?"

Twiggy tried not to laugh. This little man, who looked like he weighed 100 pounds soaking wet was trying to intimidate him. That was rich. "I want to talk to Mazz."

He smiled as he saw the tousled figure of Manson standing near the doorway.

"I thought we were taking a fucking break?"

Twiggy smiled. "I know. It's just that Ginger said that you were really upset and that I should make sure that you were alright."

Manson stepped behind Brian and put his arm suggestively around the other man. "I'm fine. Now fuck off."

Brian could help but lean into Manson's embrace. He couldn't help but smile as the look of shock settled onto Twiggy's face. He waved to Twiggy. "Bye bye."

Twiggy nodded. "If that's what you want then."

Manson didn't see Brian's face light up when Twiggy was walking away. Manson didn't see Twiggy's tears. Twiggy didn't see the regretful look that Manson gave him. He also didn't see the lustful look that he gave Brian. Manson didn't know what to do. Brian figured that there was nothing to do, he had what he wanted.

Twiggy knew what he had to do. He had to get Manson back. At the same time he had to hurt Brian. Brian needed to be taught that you couldn't steal other people's things. As far as Twiggy was concerned he belonged to Manson and Manson belonged to him. He was going to make Brian cry, scream and beg for mercy. By the time that he was finished with him Brian was going to wish that he was never born. Twiggy smiled as the worst idea that he ever had formed in his head. He was going to make Manson not want him.

He decided that the sooner he put his plan into action the better. Now all he needed was a reason to get close to Brian. What he really needed was to get Brian alone. That would be easy. He just had to figure out how.


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It took a few days but Twiggy finally figured out how he was going to make his plan. For almost a month he was nice to his former lover and said person’s pretty new lover. Twiggy reasoned that this was a lot easier than he had first thought that it would be. He figured that the main reason for this was the fact that Steve Hewitt was no longer with the band. Steve had always been Brian’s protector; making sure that when Brian ran his mouth that he didn’t get beat up. If he had still been there things would have been a lot harder. Stef didn’t really seem to care what Brian did and who he did it with. At first Brian was suspicious. The first time that Twiggy had told him that he wanted to talk of course the little man was suspicious. He had gone to Molko’s when he knew that Manson wouldn’t be there.

“Can we talk?”

Brian studied the way that Twiggy was standing. Years of having bad relationships had taught him how to read people. When the emotional cues were all wrong the only thing that you had to go by was the person’s body stance. He was pretty sure that this guy would try to kick his ass if he was given half a chance but he also knew that he couldn’t hide forever. He knew that his bodyguard, Tony was too far away. What harm could talking do?

He stepped aside. “Come on in.” He would let this abomination inside his home but he wouldn’t offer him anything to drink. He wanted this to be as quick as possible. Manson and him had a full day of making love, kissing and worshipping each other planned; he didn’t want this to ruin that.

Once they were inside his living room with the front door locked Twiggy tried to quickly think of what he should say next. He looked at the man sitting across from him and he almost backed out of his plan. There was something in his eyes that seemed sad and yet knowing at the same time, they weren’t so different from Manson’s when Twiggy had met Manson for the first time. Once again he thought that maybe there was more to this man than what he saw. He shook that thought from his mind; he reminded himself that this man stole his Manson from him that was not fair. Besides all of that there was no way that he could know what he was planning, he hadn’t told a single soul.

“I don’t want to fight with you. I want us to be friends.”

Brian being the infuriating, self-centered man that he was, was checking his nails for chips while Twiggy was talking. He didn’t care why Twiggy thought that he was there. Manson belonged to him. He had waited a long time to have Manson if Twiggy thought that he could come in and just tell him that he wanted to be friends that Brian would ease up he was dumber than he looked. Brian looked straight at Twiggy. “That’s nice. I already have all the friends I need. I don’t need you. Manson does not need you coming in and confusing him. You need to leave us alone.”

As Twiggy stood up there were alarm bells going off inside Brian’s head. He didn’t think that Twiggy would leave that easily. Twiggy had always said that he loved Manson; if he did then Brian was pretty sure that he wouldn’t let the older man go without a fight. Brian stood up so that Twiggy wasn’t towering over him so much. The look in the other man’s eyes scared him into clarity. It was the same look that he had seen on the faces of his abusers, it took all of his self-control to keep from shaking.

Twiggy grabbed Brian’s arm. There were too many windows in the room that they were in. Too much of a chance that someone might see them. Brian knew that if he let Twiggy take him into the bedroom that nothing good was going to happen. His eyes widened in terror and understanding as he realized that was where exactly where they were headed. He was dragged into his room and thrown on the bed.

If Twiggy had been thinking clearly he would have realized how much of a bad idea that this was. But he was so blinded by the rage that he could feel towards this man that all he knew was that he wanted to hurt him. He knew that after this was done and he had Manson back that everything would be much better. This man would be out of their lives and they’d be happy. He looked down at the figure on the bed with contempt. He leaned close to Brian’s face. “Not a word.” Terrified Brian nodded.

Twiggy slid Brian’s skirt and the lacy thong that he had been wearing down his legs and threw them on the floor. As Twiggy pulled up his own dress and spread Brian’s legs Brian whimpered, the tears already starting to form in his eyes.

“Please don’t.”

Twiggy slapped him sharply across his face. “I said not a word.” He quickly put on a condom and entered Brian’s unprepared entrance in one swift move. Brian yelped. Twiggy wasn’t unprepared for that. He took a piece of tape and covered Brian’s mouth he didn’t need the noise. Brian was petrified. He knew that with his mouth covered there wouldn’t be any chance of reasoning with Twiggy. He was going to get fucked. He let the tears fall from his eyes; there was little else that he could do.

Twiggy began thrusting in and out of Brian’s body. He didn’t care that the other man was crying and shaking his head in denial. He didn’t care that if Manson had walked in at that moment that all of his careful planning would be blown to shit. All he cared about was that he was causing this man as much pain as he had caused him (or at least he thought he was). He grabbed Brian’s hips for better support and began forcing Brian to meet his thrusts.

Brian eventually just gave up. He knew from experience that he could go inside his head and just let this man do whatever. He knew that the less he fought back the better shape that he was going to be in. His ass was starting to hurt. He knew that if he didn’t stop crying then his nose was going to start to run. He felt Twiggy pull out and push back in several times. He was glad by the lack of rhythm that Twiggy was going to come soon. Three thrusts later he did and landed as a sweaty heap on top of Brian.

He recovered quickly and withdrew from Brian’s ass. He pulled his skirt back down and untaped Brian’s mouth. “Twiggy. How could you?”

Twiggy smiled. Despite the fact that he had heard about how much sex Brian liked to have he was amazed that he was still as tight as he was. “It was easy. Consider that your warning. I want you to break it off with Manson. If you don’t within a week then I’ll be back to do it again. Manson is mine. You thought that you could have him but you were so wrong.”

Brian continued to lie on his bed long after Twiggy left. He didn’t know what to do. This had started out as a friendly little exercise of getting Manson to love him. Now he had been degraded, raped in his own bed. He slowly got up and made his way to his shower. As soon as he stepped under the spray he heard Manson walk in downstairs. He froze; he had no idea what he was going to do.


Brian was acting strange. Manson noticed that almost immediately. It was the fact that that night after he was done showering he dressed in the bathroom and then he insisted on sleeping on the couch. At first Marilyn thought that maybe he had done something wrong so he gave his lover the space that he seemed to need. He was hoping that this was just a temporary fit that Brian was in. He hated to think that maybe he did something.

Brian, on the other hand, was trying to figure out just how seriously he should be taking Twiggy’s warning. What Twiggy had done did hurt. If he had been trying to get a message across it worked. Exactly what kind of message Brian wasn’t so sure. He knew that Twiggy had said that he loved Manson and that Manson belonged to him. But that went against everything that Manson was, didn’t it? Manson always tried to be what no one else was; he belonged to no one but himself. If that was true, then Brian could do as he pleased. He decided that that was exactly what he was going to do.

That morning things between the two lovers were different. Brian had decided that Manson was his and that was the way that it was going to be and if Twiggy didn’t like that then he could fuck himself. As Brian kissed Manson good-bye before he left for the studio, Manson had made the deduction that whatever funk Brian had been in that was now over.
Twiggy was surprised that afternoon. He had expected that after everything that had transpired the day before that Brian would be quiet and withdrawn. He had expected that Manson would have come to him confused and slightly broken; he had wanted it that way. He had wanted to be the one to fix Manson and forever blot out Molko. He was very bitter that this was not what had happened. In fact when he arrived at the studio (a little later than usual) he almost ran into the pair making out in the hallway. He was disgusted by the way that Brian curled around Manson. It was obvious to him that his warning had not been taken seriously.

Brian clung to Manson. He knew that Twiggy was watching them and he could feel Twiggy trying to burn a hole in him with his eyes. He was grateful at that moment that Twiggy did not have x-ray vision. He was scared. He was terrified that Twiggy was going to hurt him or at least try to. He wanted to tell Manson what Twiggy had done but he knew that telling wouldn’t do any good. He knew that telling would just make it worse for him. So he hugged him and held on like he was drowning. For now he could pretend that everything was all right.

That night, despite how hard he tried he couldn’t get Manson to spend the night at his house. He locked the door but he knew that locking the door was futile. Twiggy would find a way in. He knew that Twiggy was going to hurt him and there was nothing that he could do to stop it. So he sat on his couch smoking a cigarette, watching the door and waiting for the inevitable. He wasn’t surprised when there was a knock on his door. He took a drag off his cigarette, snubbed it out and opened his door. He was hoping that he didn’t look as nervous as he felt.

Twiggy stood in the doorway looking angry and bitter. There were certain things that he absolutely couldn’t stand. Right at the top of his list was this disgusting little man. It wasn’t that he hated Brian for any one reason either he just couldn’t stand him. The fact that Brian had deliberately ignored him when he was nice enough to give him a warning really pissed him off. He pushed past him and was glad when the man jumped as the door slammed shut.

He walked past him and into the living room. Brian followed without saying a word. He wanted another cigarette but didn’t trust his hands to stay steady long enough for him to light it. He stood in the living room trying to look like he didn’t have a care in the world. The fact was that he was scared shitless of this man. He knew that he was going to get hurt at the hands of Jeordie White and there was nothing that he could do about it.

Jeordie on the other hand thought that this was great. He could tell by the way that Brian was standing and by the look in those now terrified green eyes that he had the smaller man exactly where he wanted him. It would be a simple matter of hurting him until he agreed that being away from Manson was the best idea that he had ever heard. He closed the distance between them. They were so close that he could smell the shampoo that Molks used.

When Twiggy came near him Brian backed up. He knew from experience that this was a bad idea. The last thing that he had wanted to do was back himself into a corner where he couldn’t defend himself or get away. And that was precisely what he had done. He took a deep breath. “What do you want?” In spite of the fact that he tried to keep his voice steady it quivered anyway.

Twiggy grabbed Brian’s jaw between his thumb and index finger. “I told you to stay away from Mazz. You didn’t. So now I’m going to have to teach you the lesson all over again.” As he talked he put pressure on where he was holding Brian’s jaw. He squeezed hard enough that tears started to form in those eyes; eyes that he badly wanted to blacken. He let go of Brian’s jaw and gave him a push towards the bedroom.

Brian knew that the situation was hopeless. He was going to get raped again and there was nothing that he could do about it. The way that he saw it, maybe if he was good and did exactly as Twiggy said maybe it would be over quickly.

When Twiggy entered the bedroom he closed the door behind him. “Get undressed and lay on your back.” Twiggy watched with satisfaction as Brian’s hands shook as he stripped himself of his clothing. Twiggy noted that the little man wasn’t wearing any underwear. “No underwear? You really are a whore aren’t you?” He hadn’t expected an answer and that was good because he didn’t get one. He was just as happy with the tears that made their way down Brian’s face. Twiggy quickly got undressed and climbed on top of Brian. He spread the other’s man’s legs and bent his knees.

At first Twiggy cursed at himself because he hadn’t brought anything with him to secure Brian down with, then he had an idea. “Take your hands and put them behind your knees. I want you to keep them there. Don’t move them until I say so or it’ll be all the worse for you. Got it?”

Brian nodded. Silent tears of panic and humiliation making tracks down his face as he put his hands where he had been instructed. Twiggy got on the bed and looked at his handiwork. Even he had to admit that when Brian was spread out like this he was breathtaking. Brian shut his eyes and held his breath preparing himself for the pain that was sure to follow.

Twiggy entered him in one swift motion. Brian tried to keep relaxed, he knew that tensing would only make it worse. He kept taking deep breaths and trying to keep his body relaxed and it almost worked. But when Twiggy began roughly thrusting in and out of his body Brian tensed. He knew that this was a bad idea right from the get go. As soon as he tensed he could feel his muscle rip. That was when he screamed. Twiggy didn’t care he fucked him hard. He looked at the tear stained face and the red eyes. “Shut up you little bitch. This is what you get. I warned you to stay away from Manson, that he was mine and you didn’t listen. You just shut up and take your punishment.”

Brian drew in a shaky breath. Part of him thought that Twiggy was right (this however, was the same part that told him that he deserved to be beaten whenever anyone used him as a punching bag). He tried to concentrate on the noises that surrounded him and not the pain that seemed to take over his body. Twiggy’s thrusts were losing their rhythm. Brian knew that this meant that he was going to come soon. He was hoping that this meant that it would be over. Just as he sent his seed up Brian’s ass the front door opened. There was the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. Brian stared in horror at the door as Manson appeared.

Manson stared in shock, for just a second at what he saw. There was his beloved Brian, lying naked and spread out and being fucked (rather roughly) by the other love of his life; Twiggy.

At first Brian seemed relieved that Manson was there. Then he saw the look that was in Manson’s eyes. It was a look that he hadn’t seen before and as far as he was concerned if it was a look that he didn’t recognize then it was a look that couldn’t be trusted. Manson walked by the bed and kissed the top of Brian’s sweat soaked head. Brian was confused; he couldn’t understand what Manson was doing. He didn’t get why he wasn’t putting an end to the atrocity that he was a part of.

Just as Twiggy got out Manson entered his lover’s body. Brian looked at him with terrified and confused eyes. There was more than one thing that he didn’t understand. Brian voiced his concern and confusion. “Why are you doing this to me?” He was shocked by the laugh that he received.

Manson looked at the vindictive little man beneath him. “Did you honestly think that you could win? Did you think that Twiggy and I would break up and that I’d conveniently pick you to confide into? Ironically just after Steve left?”

Tears leaked out of the corners of his eyes as he realized the mistake that he had made. All this time he thought that he was one the one playing when he had been the one that was being played. He realized then that Manson and Twiggy had waited until Steve had left before they started in with their plan. They purposely waited until there was no one there to protect him.

Marilyn continued to thrust in and out of him as he remembered his own tortured and confused feelings. The day that Trent had told him that that was all part of being a star. With his ass in the air and his face pressed against the pillow, feeling violated, stupid and humiliated. Thinking that he wanted to kill Trent but had accepted that this was all part of the game of playing Rock Star. As he thrust into the smaller one more time he kissed Jeordie and that was when it clicked.

As Manson got of his ripped entrance he laughed. Brian curled into a ball wanting to hide from everything. He bent down and lifted Brian’s chin. “I guess the joke was on you after all. I love Jeordie. I have fought for him. I love him and nothing is ever going to keep him from me. You’re a slut. You were fun but that’s all over now.

Brian felt numb as he saw the two of them leave together. He couldn’t help but cry. His fight for Manson had ended all wrong, now he was alone. His empty tears were his only company. He fell asleep vowing that no one would ever know what a fool he had been.

The End

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