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My Personal Hell

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Chapter One: My Personal Hell

I gritted my teeth as the boy slammed my head into the door of the cold, metal locker. “Freak,” he spat in my face. Struggling weakly, I attempted to get out of his grip, and to no avail. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs and vanquish him and his wicked comments from me forever. Maybe I would be whole again.

The boy, Josh, was speaking. Maybe I should clarify on that. His lips weren’t moving, there was nothing physical about it at all. But I heard him nonetheless. “I effing hate this girl. She comes in to this school, and tries to destroy the reputation I built up over so long. God, I hate Tabitha Laurence.”

Why did I have to hear that? I always heard. It’s not exactly eavesdropping, is it? It’s not like I can help it, like I can keep from hearing. Just like no one that I know is subject to this . . . torture. Yes, that is what it was. It was torture. My personal torture. My personal hell.

I’d had enough. As Josh brought his left hand close to my face, I bit him. Hard.

Josh pulled away from me quickly. He howled in pain. Inspecting the indentations of my teeth on his dominant hand, which were red as fire, he looked me dead in the face. “If you ever bite me again, I swear, Tabitha Laurence,” he said my name as if it were a curse. “I will murder you.” There was a death glare in his piercing, not-so-innocent, blue eyes, and I knew he meant every single word in the harsh phrase. Josh Cancel was a man of a stubborn demeanor, and terrible liar. My exact opposite. The bringer of my personal hell. A man who deserved nothing better than what that of a convicted rapist and murder received.

Was the pain I already held in my chest not enough? Did I really have to know these things, hear these things, feel these things? Maybe I was just imagining everything. Maybe I really was crazy. That's exactly what everyone had always said. In this moment, I certainly felt crazy. One horrible thing popped itself into my mind. If I was crazy, then all the people who had ever hurt me, were right. And that thought was just too much to bear.

Kill me now, Josh. Do it. You know you want to. Just do it. No one will ever know, I wanted to scream at the boy, who, in my opinion, was worse than rancid meat. So shallow, so self-centered. Realizing that he wouldn't trouble me if I ran now, I took my chance of escape and rushed to my next class, horribly late.


When I got to my Biology class, over ten entire minutes after the late bell, my teacher, Ms. Campbell, gave me a malicious glare. "Ah, Tabitha, I see you have finally decided to join us. You do know, I hope, that you now must join me in detention."

I returned the glare. I gave one, sharp nod. "Yes, I do know that, Ms. Campbell." Traveling to my desk, I sat down with a loud thump.

The rest of the 7th Period passed in a blur, I did not, whatsoever, pay attention. Ms. Campbell called on me once, and all I did was say, "I don't know." The look the woman gave me she sent my way sent chills up my spine. She should be glad that she even got that good of a response. I had a feeling that I would not exactly enjoy detention with this lady.

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