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Sorry in advance for the spam, but this is getting annoying. So if you like Frerard- or hate it-, please read.

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Okay. So if I had to guess a good lot of you have probably already done that "suggest new category" thing and tried to make Frerard its own category. Well, if you haven't, I've done it enough for all of us. And why, you may ask? Because when I look up a nice, good Frerard story, the last thing I want to see is BLOODY GERBERT. >.< [It shows up more than you'd think. And I strongly, strongly, STRONGLY despise Gerbert. Like, with a burning, fiery passion.] So I think we, the My Chemical Romance fangirls [or guys, just to be PC] of, should unite to end the injustice that is Frerard not having its own category. I just really think it would make the site easier to navigate for everyone, whether you're looking for Frerard and nothing but or if you're looking to avoid it. I mean, how convenient would it be if we didn't have to scroll through pages and pages of Waycest to find what we want? Or, if you're one of those people who has a problem with Frerard, wouldn't you like to have a category for people who share with you a common opinion on it?
Now, let me also say that despite what my account says, I am truly the new kid on the block on Ficwad. I don't get a lot of its rules, I have issues with its formatting and I'm oft' confused by its set-up. So if this is considered "spam", I'd have no idea. I'm still used to the regulation of my old "neighbourhood" [a different fanfic site]. But on other sites, this wouldn't be spam- it'd be a petition. And that's the effect I'm hoping to create. I think that if I can get a certain number of reviews on this, then maybe Ficwad will hear our cries for change.
That, darling readers, is where you come in. Were you to review this with a concurrence, I think that we can actually get something accomplished here.
Thanks a bunch for reading, and I hope this was worth the time you took reading it [I really do- my mum's this close to murdering me for the "amount of time you spend on that bloody computer, Albi" -.-].
Exx-oh-exx-oh, Albi
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