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You're My Whole World

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Fluffy Frerard one-shot. [I was bored.]

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I'm like a Frerardtard. This is a one-shot inspired by that photo that
used to be Candyy's background a/n: this is copied from an email I sent TrekkieMonster and Candyy17 so you wouldn't know what that means]- you know, the New Jersey mob one. [Did
you ever see the whole shoot? BLOODY BRILLIANT!!]
[Also: sorry for the lack of pronouns, but I wrote it out using "he"
as opposed to names at certain points, and I realized how confusing it
was because, well, they're both "he". And I know the writing sucks.
Because it wasn't supposed to be amazing- it's just something I wrote
for fun. So you can go screw a piglet if you don't like it.] [Another
thing- I know it sorta switches POVs, but I kinda couldn't care less.]

"I'm coming!" Frank called in response to Gerard's incessant banging
on the door. Fixing his hair quickly- not that there was anything he
could do to it to make it even slightly worthy of being in Gerard's
line of vision- he swung open the door, beaming.
Gerard's smile was suggestive as he replied, "Already? Somebody missed
me," and took Frank into his arms. "Happy Christmas," he murmured
against his boyfriend's lips.
Frank, though still attacking Gerard's mouth with his own, grinned
even wider, if that was possible. "Happy Christmas."
After a few more moments of this, Gerard chuckled. "Are you going to
invite me in, or are we going to get down to business in front of all
your neighbors?"
"Get down to business". This was Gerard's gentlemanly way of saying
"screw your brains out", even though the flirtatious way in which he
said it left little more to the imagination than the latter. "No, you
can come in," Frank replied, pulling away and leading Gee into his
tiny, dilapated apartment.
Gerard looked around, his eyes showing a look of well-concealed [but
reasonably apparent to somebody who knew him as well as Frank did]
disappointment. "This place looks nice," he lied. Anybody else would
have bought it- Gerard's line of work demanded he be a good liar-, but
Frank saw straight through him.
"I know, I know, my apartment's awful," came the reply. "But the
average Tribune paper boy isn't going to get wealthy doing what he
does." Frank looked around. "And..." He looked embarassed. "I tried to
make it look nice. For, you know, you."
Gerard was half apalled that such a perfect creature was all his.
"Frankie," he said, taking his boyfriend into his arms. "I don't care
how your apartment looks. And I love you more than you'll ever know
for trying. It looks amazing." Frank leaned his head against Gee's
shoulder. "But it's the area I don't like, not your Christmas
decorating," he continued. "I hate worrying about you all the time.
These aren't honest people, Frank. They aren't all as gold-hearted as
you. And it scares me that you're here."
Frank pulled away. "But you've got your guys watching out for me.
Nothing can happen to me when they're around."
"Well, I know, but..." Gerard looked around. "Plus, you deserve much
more than this."
"Gerard." Frank's eyes were determined, but it sort of made him look
more boyish and adorable, as far as Gerard was concerned. "You work
for your living and I work for mine. And, let's be perfectly honest-
who should be more worried about whom? You don't think I lie awake
every night, panicking that something could have happened to you?
Who's around dishonest people, Gee? Those small-time ghetto gang guys
I live across the way from, or the fucking New Jersey MOB?" Frank was
getting himself upset now. "Gee, you TERRIFY me," he confessed. "I'm
relieved everytime I hear you knocking because it proves that you've
come home again. I'm always s-"
"Frankie," Gerard interrupted as he put his fingers under the shorter
man's chin to make him look at him. "You're not to worry about me," he
promised. "I tell you I'll be fine. Don't you ever be concerned.
Please? My position puts me in no danger WHATSOEVER. The guys with
guns don't know I exist. I control the operation, but then have guys
who pretend that they do just so I can stay alive. You're not to worry," he
Frank nodded.
"But..." Gerard looked around. "I'd still like to buy you some place nicer."
Frank shook his head, adement. "No, Gerard. Thank you- I really
appreciate it-, but you work for your living and I work for mine. If I
deliver papers for, maybe...two more months, I'll get promoted. I'll
be a reporter! Just think, Gerard!"
Gerard grinned. Nothing in the world made him happier than seeing a
smile on Frank's face.
It was at that moment that Gerard realized what he needed to do. A
quick glance at Frankie's small Christmas tree made him certain. It
was only Christmas eve, and he was originally going to wait till
tomorrow night- after all the festivities-, but there was a jewel
burning a hole in his back pocket and it was demanding to be put to
"Well, then," Gerard whispered, putting his fist into his pocket and
grabbing the gem in a way so Frank couldn't see it. "I'm gonna make
you an offer you can't refuse."
Frank looked panicked as Gerard lowered himself onto one knee. "Gee..."
"Frank." The two stared into each other's eyes, Frank anxious and
Gerard determined. "I've been sitting on my ass for four bloody years,
watching you run around the city on a bicycle so you could eventually
become a journalist. I wanted to help you, but you're so adorably
stubborn." Taking Frank's hand into his own and sliding the ring onto
his boyfriend's finger, Gerard whispered, "Marry me, and I can give
you the world."
Frank gulped. "Gerard..."
It was Gerard's turn to look panicked now.
Frank nodded slightly, more to himself than to the man kneeling in
front of him. "YOU'RE my world, Gee," he replied quietly. "And there's
nothing I want more in the universe than to be with you for the rest
of my life. Yes- I'll marry you."
Beaming with relief and joy, Gerard stood up, pulling Frank into a
passionate kiss. "Happy Christmas," Gee whispered for the second time
that night. "But you do realize this will mean the end of this
Frank pulled away, laughing quietly. "I love you."

I do fully realize that, back then, were ANYBODY openly gay they'd probably be shot, but a mobster in particular. But I was bored like two or three days before Christmas, and I decided to write some Frerard story. But I was also thinking about how sexy Frank looked in that shoot, so...yeah. Hope you enjoyed, however dumb it was.
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