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Okay so recently I have been seeing some things posted on here that are kinda shoutouts to people's fave authors and stories they think are good, or their top ten or whatever.

I decided to do a little one of my own.

I vote...EVERYONE!

This is in no way a little bitching session to all those who did post author shoutouts, cause hey! It's great you want to give people credit, but it's also nice to be included, so I saved you the job of listing all authors and summed them up in one word.


Every single author who is on here, whether I have read them or not, in my opinion is a great author. They have to first come up with a plot, choose characters and then write it all out and hope for a good response. I think that is a great job in itself so I just wanna say I think your all great!

Well, that's it really. Yeah.


dondon xo.
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