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Ocarina of Time. There is a reason for the title, I promise. It's pr0n. Borderline pwp. (formerly titled "Phohp")

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Title: Phohp (will explain at end)
Author: Arora-Kayd
Beta: Point_earedpain
Disclaimer: I only own copies of the game and a walkthrough.
Summary:Pr0n. pure pr0n. Oh, what have I become? I was once so innocent. It's my first time writing anything like this, so it's bad. Sorry.
AN: I blame point_earedpain 150% for this. It's all her fault! She made me do it, and told me I had free reign. I feel like such a dirty old man. I was blackmailed! With pretty art.

I can't believe I wrote this... ::goes off to burn head in sand::
Word count: 590 @.@

Link stood in the middle of the fountain recovering from his latest skirmish with a peahat. Everything was quiet, save for the gentle music that floated through the air and the soft twittering of the resident fairies. Needless to say, Link jumped when he felt strong arms encircle his waist. He calmed once he heard the soft chuckle behind him. "Sheik! You scared me!" Link admonished. Again Sheik laughed.

"I thought heroes weren't supposed to get scared." Link turned as Sheik spoke, surprised but glad to see that his signature scarf was missing. That was the end of their conversation as Link brought his lips to Sheik's in a deep kiss. Both sets of hands moved to entangle themselves in whatever hair or clothing they would find. Sheik deepened the kiss, opening his mouth to allow Link entrance.

Sheik's hands began their sojourn downward, pleased to note that Link's armor had already been disposed of, resting near the edge of the pool. Sheik moved himself and Link backwards until Link hit the bottom step at the pools entrance before gently pushing down. With Link sitting, Sheik crawled partly on top of him and began attacking the Hero's neck, determined to leave a mark; he could pass it off as a battle wound if need be. His hands took on a life of their own, reaching under Link's tunic and undershirt to run over firm abs. Link leaned back as Sheik's assault continued, resting his arms on the step behind him.

Sheik's mouth moved lower, kissing the skin exposed by loosened shirt laces. His hands moved lower, creeping into white pants and slowly pulling them down. Link belatedly raised his hips, trying to focus and concentrating on the teasing mouth that had begun to nip at his collarbone.

Moving lower still, Sheik kissed the area of stomach previously revealed by his hands as he continued to divulge the Hero of his pants. Finally successful, he threw the garment in the direction of the previously removed boots and armor.

Kneeling between Link's legs, ignoring the lukewarm water around them, Sheik grasped the Hero's length in one hand, earning a short hiss. He moved his hand up and down languidly, smiling at Link's expression. Sheik rose to briefly kiss Link's slightly open mouth before returning to place his mouth somewhere much more eager.

Link let out a short gasp before inhaling sharply as the wet heat engulfed him. Sheik purred at the noise, which caused Link to squirm and his breathing to quicken.

The Hero couldn't last long under Sheik's careful ministrations and soon felt himself reaching his peak. A sudden gripping hand in his hair all the warning Sheik had before Link was spent.

After a moment Sheik separated himself from Link and captured his lips in a lazy, but meaningful kiss. They separated again, sharing an easy, knowing smile. Today was for Link, but the favor would be returned later. A blush began to spread across Link's cheeks as he realized that he was still half-naked while Sheik remained fully clothed. His blush deepened when a fairy came over to heal his "weariness." Sheik began snickering, despite his best efforts, and Link couldn't help but join in. As their laughter died, Sheik retrieved Link's pants and returned them to the grateful Hero.

Once fully dressed and assured that everything was properly arranged, Link made his was out the fountain and back to the surface, Sheik by his side. The couple shared one last kiss before begrudgingly going about their separate duties.
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