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I Hope You Choke On Your Words

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Y'know when your just so angry you burst inwardly instead of outwardly. Like a serial killer about to strike, sorta. You tremble and grip onto something close, squeezing it hard to try and release tension instead of screaming and shouting, that's how I feel right now.

Mikey, my little brother. Always getting away with things because he is the youngest. I hate it when parents have one rule for you and another for your apparently sweet, innocent, younger sibling. Even if it's something so stupid as an argument over the housework or whatever.


"That's not fair, Mikey didn't eat all his meal and he still get's desert!"

"Yes son, because he only left a little bit"

"So? It's still left. He said he isn't hungry so how can he have room for desert?"

"Oh stop it, you both get desert so why are you complaining?"

"Because if it was me it would be totally different. I would have to lick the plate clean"

"No you wouldn't"



So that was the argument. It's not even Mikey Im mad at, it's my parents. They know what little things to do to annoy me when we have been shouting at eachother, and boy do they over do it?

Like a bully at school, waiting for some nerd to come along and then they say hi and act nice instead of stuffing them in the trash can and getting it over with, they drag it out so you get annoyed.

Parents shouldn't be like that.


Urgh. I can't believe Mikey got away with something again. Just stand and stare into the fridge, pretend your looking for something and don't get annoyed- that's what they want.

"Excuse me please Gee"

Don't move. He is calling you Gee to try and annoy you, I can feel him grinning at the thought of my blood boiling.

"Okay, don't move then"

"Wasn't going too!"

Dammit Gee, you cracked. Slamming the fridge door definetley shows your annoyed. Now he is singing. My dad never fucking sings, unless he wants to annoy me. Ball your fists up but don't let him see you, just walk out calmly and breathe.

There, shut the door carefully.

He just fucking laughed! Laughing at me, he knows Im angry I didn't hide it well enough! Dammit! I don't care now. There getting the full works. Stomping up the fucking stairs, screaming before I go into my room, slam the door behind me and jump on the bed, crying hot angry tears. Yup, that's pretty much what I do when Im angry. And as if on cue, Mikey walks by my room outside, probably to go and tell them if Im crying or not.



And now I sit and wait. Wait for my anger levels to go down and wait for them to forget about me almost breaking a hole in the stairs. Is it weird that while I sit and wait for that I imagine things I could do to them to shut them up. Things I could to do make sure they never annoyed me again.


"There are two kinds of angry people - explosive and implosive. Explosive is the type of individual you see screaming at the cashier for not taking his coupon. Implosive is the cashier who remains quiet day after day and then finally shoots everyone in the store"

Im mostly explosive, with a little bit of sick and twisted implosiveness thrown in to blanace it out >:D

So, yeah that was my little angry rant. I have very serious anger issues, but let's not get into that. Writing really calms me down (but oh my poor keyboard) so my stories never reflect my anger.

I wanna know what you guys do when your angry?

dondon xo.

P.S- That wasn't the argument, I made that part up.
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