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Post - Emanations: A short scene following the events of Emanations. Harry/Chakotay est. relationship.

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Disclaimer: I do not have any claim over the Voyager series, characters or concepts. Not money is being made from this work of fiction.

Harry Kim closed his eyes, finally letting exhaustion creep in as the doors to his quarters closed behind him. It had taken a supreme effort over the last few hours to keep up the pretence that he was recovering from his experiences on the Vhnori home world, though he was sure that Capt. Janeway hadn’t been taken in by the act at all; but whilst he had managed to convince most of his friends and crewmates that he was coping, he had still been aware of the tension building within him, waiting for this moment.

Strong hands settled on his shoulders and began to work loose the taught muscle, expressing both concern and reassurance in the skilled touch, and the young Ensign sighed as he leaned back against the warm body behind him. With a gentle squeeze, the massage ended and a pair of arms encircled Harry.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Chakotay ventured, pressing a kiss to his temple and resting a cheek against the silken locks. His voice had lowered to an intimate level and Harry could feel the words resonating through the broad chest.

“Not tonight,” he replied. With the door closed to the rest of the ship, the emotional tension he had been feeling had begun to ease and he decided that he would not allow it to encroach upon their time together. They only had a few precious hours remaining until the Commander was due to return to the bridge and it was uncertain when they would next be able to have privacy like this again.

Turning, Harry looked up into the other man’s eyes as he slipped his hands inside the uniform jacket, snaking his arms around Chakotay’s waist. “I’m fine,” he responded to the unasked question, “or I will be. Right now I just want to take a shower and then have a good meal while you fill me in on the shipboard gossip.” Pressing a slow kiss to the other man’s mouth, Harry took the time to explore his lover’s taste on his palate, dipping his tongue into the moist caverns to dance briefly with its mate before disengaging, ending the kiss by sucking gently on the full lips.

As he stepped back, Chakotay captured his cheek in a large palm, brushing his lips with the callused pad of his thumb. “Take your shower,” he murmured, “I’ll deal with that irritable replicator of yours and have dinner for us by the time you’re done in there.”

It was an established routine and a practical arrangement, as whenever they could find time together one of them was always returning from a shift; not to mention that Chakotay was the only one who seemed able to operate Harry’s replicator - a fact that, much to Harry’s chagrin, had not escaped Tom’s notice when he invited himself for lunch the previous week.

Tonight there was more than just efficiency in Chakotay’s tone and the younger man looked at him questioningly as he stepped back into the circle of his lover’s arms. “I was worried,” the Commander admitted, resting his forehead against Harry’s. “When I realised...Harry, I lost you.” The arms around him tightened, as if to confirm that the Ensign was really there. “You were...gone.”

Knowing that his shower would have to wait, Harry led Chakotay over to the bed where he spent the next hour demonstrating that he was very much alive and present.
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