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Chapter 4~Alone

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He stopped in his tracks. “Nualas?” She tugged again at his wrist, but saw that he was going nowhere without an explanation. “Nuala is wild beast. They smell food.” “What exactly are they?” She opened her mouth to reply, but stopped, sniffing the air. “Not time.” She hissed, shoving him into a nearby cluster of bushes. Just as he was about to complain, a large, bear-like creature lumbered into the clearing. It sniffed the air and then swung its massive head, emitting a low grunt over its shoulder. Within seconds, another creature crashed through the bushes. They exchanged a few grunts and growls, then, split up, to search the clearing. “Are they looking for us?” whispered Kairu. Myoko swiftly covered his mouth, but it was too late. One of the Nualas had heard him and was now sniffing through the bushes, its beetle-like eyes inches from Kairu’s face. Myoko slowly reached down and grabbed a stone, then threw it across the clearing so that it landed in the trees on the other side. Instantly, both of them ran after the noise. Kairu and Myoko waited in silence for a few minutes. When Myoko said it was safe, they moved from their hiding spot.
“That is Nuala.” She said. “They not bright and they no see well in sun time, but they don’t give up easy. We keep moving.” “Can I at least get my tent first?” She nodded and led the way back to their previous camp site. He gathered his things and put them back in his sack, and then they set off again, widely skirting the clearing the Nualas had just left.

“Kairu?” He jumped at the noise. They had been traveling in silence for so long that her voice had seemed very loud. “Yes?” She hesitated before she spoke. “What you dreaming?” He blushed. “I…uh…I was dreaming I was chasing something through the snow.” She nodded and thought in silence. “You say my name.” He stopped and turned to her, slightly confused. “You say my name when you dreaming.” “I…er… I…” She laughed softly and continued walking, leaving him to stumble over his words in an attempt to explain himself. “You come?” she called over her shoulder. He jogged to catch up to her.
Once he was beside her, he opened his mouth, but stopped short when he heard the sound of breaking wood. They both spun around and stared into the trees they had just left. One of the Nualas had just crashed through the brush, and was now charging straight for them.
“Run!” Myoko shouted. Kairu didn’t have to be told twice. He started running after Myoko at full speed, not paying attention to the monstrous creature behind him for fear that in turning around, he may trip. He just focus all his energy on breathing and putting as much distance as possible between him and the beast. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he dared to look over his shoulder, and what he saw filled him with both fear and relief. The Nuala was gone, but so was Myoko.
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