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Liz and Mikey have been dating for 2 years, and it's their anniversary...

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Elizabeth Hanson opened her eyes to a dark living room and white snow on the television. She had a crick in her neck from falling asleep on the couch. She tried to move to get up, but the arm of her boyfriend was holding her down. She turned her head to look at him and smiled. She had been dating Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance for almost two years now, and she loved him more everyday.
They had met when she’d gone to one of his concerts in Austin, TX, where she use to live. She had been waiting for her roommate to come and pick her up towards the back of the club when the guys from My Chem had come out, making their way to their bus through all the fans. She had gotten pushed into the chaos, and fell, right in front of Mikey. He’d helped her up, and that had been it. The crowd starting getting crazy, and in the haste, he’d ushered her onto their bus to get out of the throng of people. He told her later after they’d been dating for a while that he just thought she was pretty and wanted to talk to her, and that he’d hoped she wasn’t crazy. They hit it off immediately, and exchanged phone numbers and emails, and talked everyday, and started dating soon after that. They’d been together ever since.
She nudged her elbow back into Mikey’s chest hoping to wake him up. He groaned a little bit, but didn’t budge.
“Mikey, sweetie, wake up.” She started to punch his arm in an attempt to wake him up.
“MMmnoit’stooearly,” he mumbled.
“I just want to move up to the bedroom and then we can go back to sleep. I can’t sleep anymore on this couch.”
He opened his eyes then and looked around. “We fell asleep on the couch again?”
Liz laughed slightly. “Yeah we did. We really have to stop trying to watch movies so late. It never works out well.”
Mikey yawned and stretched his arm, and she took the opportunity to sit up. She stood up from the couch and stretched, relishing in the painful straining of her muscles. She felt Mikey’s arms come around her waist and lay his head on top of hers. She wrapped her arms around her waist where his arms were and they made their way to the bedroom. When they got there, they both collapsed on the bed, Mikey pulling her into his arms, and they fell asleep.


The smell wafted into her nose and she woke up with a warm feeling. Liz opened her eyes and took another deep breath, smelling the pancakes and bacon that was cooking in the kitchen. She got out of bed carefully as to not wake Mikey, and made her way downstairs to the kitchen.
“MMM, something smells fantastically delicious.”
Her best friend Emily turned around and smiled at her. “Yeah well, I felt like cooking this morning. I told Gerard that he’d have to cook tomorrow. We got in kinda late last night so he didn’t wanna get up, just eat.”
Gerard was Mikey’s brother, and they were roommates. When Liz had started dating Mikey, she’d introduced Emily to Gerard, and they had hit it off as well. Mikey and Gerard had a place together, and when Liz and Mikey decided to move in together, she just moved there. Emily and Gerard hadn’t been ready for that yet, but in a couple of months they decided that they were. It was like one big happy family living under one roof. It was nice.
“So where did you guys end up going anyway?”
Emily shrugged. “We just went to Chasers. We couldn’t think of anywhere else to go. It was fun, but you know, I wouldn’t want to go there every night. I think we’re going to stay in tonight. Watch movies or play games or something. What are you guys doing?”
“Well,” Liz said, getting a sly look on her face. “It is our 2 year anniversary, so I’m secretly hoping that Mikey has something wonderful planned.”
“I’m sure he does Liz. That boy loves you so much.”
“Yeah, I kinda like him too.”
“Only kinda? Babe, that hurts.”
Liz turned around to see Mikey coming into the kitchen. “Aww, you know you’re growing on me.”
He walked up and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Happy anniversary babe. “
“Happy anniversary to you, too.”
“Morning Em. Is there enough food for everyone?”
She nodded. “Yeah, but if Gerard doesn’t get his lazy ass up he’s not going to get any.”
“It may be lazy but it’s a hot ass.”
Gerard shuffled into the kitchen and over to Emily, giving her a quick kiss on the mouth. “Morning beautiful.”
“Mmm, I never get tired of hearing that.”
Liz laughed. “I’ll bet. So,” she said, turning to Mikey. “What are we doing tonight?”
Mikey shook his head. “Nope, not telling you. It’s a surprise.”
Liz batted her lashes at him. “Pwetty pwease?”
He just smiled. “Nope, you just have to wait. Now, who’s hungry besides me? Let’s eat.”

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