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Give Him A Chance

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Gerard wakes hospital

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Chapter 29:

Gerard opened his weary eyes slowly. As soon as he had done so, he shut them again immediately. The sudden flood of light blinded him and he winced as his eyes stung slightly. When he winced, however, he was distracted from the light completely by the fact that his body ached at the small movement.
He tried to lift his right arm to shield his eyes from the light but found that the action caused 10 times more pain than he had just experienced. That had not been a smart move and he left his arm still as it had been, fearful to move it.
Gerard groaned lightly as he scrunched his eyes up in order to protect them.
“Gee?” A frantic, familiar voice called to him. It sounded distant and strained.
He tentatively squinted through one eye to find the source of the voice. The light wasn’t quite so blinding the second time, but he kept his eyes mostly closed.
“Gerard? Are you awake?” The voice asked me in an excited whisper. He felt a small pressure on his left hand and realised two soft hands clasped it.
“Damn light.” He muttered, shutting his eyes again.
“Oh!” The hands suddenly disappeared from his and he heard the scraping of a chair and rustling of a blind. He could see from behind his eyelids the light fading.
Gerard relaxed his face and opened his eyes properly now, the room was still bright, but not in a painful way anymore.
He saw the figure walk back towards a chair by his bedside. Why was he in a bed? They settled themselves into the chair.
Kerry took his hand back in hers and smiled at Gerard warmly. “Hey there.”
“Kerry?” Gerard said hoarsely, he coughed once. “Why am I in a hospital?”
“The accident, Gerard, don’t you remember?” She said kindly, looking up at him looking slightly alarmed.
“The car,” Gerard whispered in realisation. Outside of the hotel, he had been hit by a car just after seeing Kerry. Jesus.
Her face turned to relief that he had remembered and not suffered memory loss. “You were lucky. You only have minor injuries. Mostly bruises and sore areas, and then you broke your right arm.”
Gerard turned his head slightly to look at the arm he had been unable to move previously. It was bulkier than he remembered it and he realised that it now was wrapped in a heavy cast.
“Bugger,” Gerard said, eyebrows raised. “How long have I been out?”
“A day, it’s 9am now. You almost made a full 24 hours.” She joked.
“Bloody hell,” Gerard murmured. Then his eyes went wide. “You haven’t been here all that time, have you?”
Kerry looked down, “yes.”
“Kerry...” Gerard groaned. “Why?”
“I had to see if you were okay.” She mumbled.
Gerard looked at her for a moment and then felt a random, overwhelming gratitude. “Thanks.”
She looked up again, a small smile on her lips, “Anytime.”
“You shouldn’t have stayed here all alone though...”
“Oh I wasn’t alone,” Kerry said, glancing over her shoulder.
Gerard followed her gaze and instantly stiffened.
Mikey was sitting on the armchair up against the wall; he was fast asleep and lying in an awkward position across the chair.
“What?” Kerry asked. “I thought you were pleased to see him the other day?”
Gerard looked away and back to her, she had obviously read his body language.
“We...had a disagreement.” Gerard didn’t want to tell the whole story.
“Aw, Gee. He’s been so worried about you. He came running out after you about 2 minutes after you were hit. I thought he was going to have a fit or something; he went so pale...” Kerry trailed off as she remembered. She frowned then looked back at Gerard. “Whatever it was I’m sure you can get past it. He’s been so wound up about it; he thinks it’s his fault.”
“It’s not his fault.” Gerard said immediately, in spite of himself.
“Well will you please forgive him?” Kerry almost demanded. Obviously they had talked a lot while he was out... Gerard was willing to bet she didn’t know the truth of what he’d been up to in the last several months, however.
“I’ll think about it,” came Gerard’s curt reply as he remembered what his little brother had done. What he was still doing...
“Good.” Kerry smiled at Gerard. “He told me to wake him if you woke up...shall I?”
“Umm...” Gerard said, not really wanting to speak to Mikey at this moment in time.
Kerry squeezed his hand. “Come on, Gee. You two are close, and it’s been a very...long day. Put it behind you, at least for now. Whatever it was, Mikey seems really remorseful. Give him a chance.”
She looked up at him with those deep, honest eyes and Gerard sighed; he couldn’t possibly fight with her.
“Alright,” he gave in. “But...I’m sorry, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to speak with him alone.”
“Sure thing, not a problem,” Kerry said, she started to get up to go and wake Mikey but Gerard held her hand and tugged lightly, signalling for her to stay. “What?”
“I’m really glad you’re here, Kerry,” Gerard mumbled, feeling instantly embarrassed.
“So am I, I was so worried...” Kerry seemed to stop herself from continuing and she bit her lip. “I’m happy to be here, to help.”
“Thanks,” Gerard said again, smiling.
They stayed there for a short while before Kerry eventually broke their gaze and turned to shake Mikey awake. Gerard’s hand felt oddly empty without hers...
“Mikey,” she whispered. “Gerard’s awake.”
Mikey sat up almost immediately and looked straight at Gerard. “Gee?”
Gerard looked at him, unsmiling.
Mikey got up and hurried over to the chair that Kerry had previously vacated.
“Gee, I’m so sorry. I’m such an idiot. I can’t believe I – when I saw you, on the road. I freaked out. I’m so sorry, Gee. It’s all my fault. I didn’t want this to happen. I know you hate me. I’m really sorry.” Mikey garbled quickly. He looked into Gerard’s eyes with a desperate expression.
“I’m...gonna go get some coffee.” Kerry said, heading towards the door. Just before she closed it behind her she glanced at Gee and gave him a meaningful look, smiling at him encouragingly.
Then she was gone.
Gerard turned to his little brother who hadn’t stopped his repeated and babbled apologies.
“Mikey.” Gerard said quickly, getting him to stop mid sentence. “Calm down. I don’t hate you.”
“Really?” Mikey asked suddenly. Surprise took over his features.
“No, Mikey, I could never hate you.” Gerard said slowly. “I just...don’t know how to get my head round this... I don’t know if-”
“If you can forgive me?” Mikey asked, looking at his big brother in despair.

Will they work it out? Can Gee forgive him?
You'll have to read the next chapter to find out!
You may be starting to realise they're all starting to link up now, and yes, the climax is approaching, which means soon the Hotel Bella Muerte will leave us. You may view that as either a good or bad thing :P
Thanks for reading
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