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because these assholes don't have avenged sevenfold i need to use another catergorie that ties in with the story

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Me, my mom my aunt my uncle and my cousion are all sitting on huntington beach by main st huntington beach.

"(sniff sniff) Dude i smell food" says a very hungry Johny Fuckin Chrust(A7X bassist)
"Shut up lil mother fucker i am tryin to listen to the music bein played." Says an anoyed Jimmy(Drummer)

"Ok,(listening to all the music being played) All i hear is really bad pop and rap. Wait aminute"

"I'm not like you i just fuck up come on motherfucker everybody has to die come on mithwefucker everybody has to die"

"Dude that is fuckin slipknot" says syn

And thts were the smell is comin from"

"Ok we're goin to that fire."

so me and my cousin are walkin to the car to get some fishin poels to go fishin. on the way there we see the guys from a7x.

"Holy shit what the hell, why the fuck am i talkin to jimmy"

"Well who do you want to talk to then"

"No it is just tht i am shocked"

Well do you know whos fire pit that is"

Ya ours"

Ok take us to your leader" says syn

Ok but she is in love with you."

Sorrry but i got to go to bed i will contiue to marrow
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