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Her Mistake.

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Emma has 2 guys which she loves both. What will her choice be?

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She watched out her window, looking at the stars. Her heart was torn in two many places. She looked at his picture knowing he loved her so. Scared she didn’t love him the way she wanted to, he wanted her too, but she helplessly under his spell. He held so much power and there was nowhere for her breathe. She picked up the other picture and stared. There he was kissing her. Kissing her like there was nothing else in the world than her lips. As if his life depended on her. She stated crying not know what to do. Broken down completely, her heart was tired and ready to give them both up. How could she hurt such amazing boys? Both held a special part of her heart. She felt as if it was shredding. What was she going to do? She pushed her long blonde hair behind her ear.
“ Any one home?” she heard her best friend Joshua calling down the stairs. She wondered if he would be kind to the situation or hate her. She opened her mouth but closed it swiftly afraid she would just ended screeching her head off. She heard him coming down the s stairs. He froze looking at her. “Emma, what’s wrong?”
She just collapsed against his chest crying out her story. She was beyond confused and didn’t know what to do. Josh set her away from him. He slapped her twice up the side of her head and left.
“ I swear you get yourself into the dumbest situations you stupid little fucking bitch. How the hell do you Emma? You little motherfucking rejected stupid fucking cunt. Everything can be going your way and still you fuck up. You Emma not one else. I can’t stand the fucking sight of you. I hate you that bad.” Josh Screamed at her.
She started crying even harder. The tirade made by her best friend made her heart bleed more because she thought she may be falling for him too. She was falling hard for the boys closest to her. Suddenly she looked up when she heard the door opened. She thought it might be Josh but was flabbergasted when she saw Michael walking down to her. Out of the 2 guys he commanded she was absolutely under his thumb at all times. Something about it made her hotter than the sun. He also was very sensitive and always let her know what he feeling especially when she was the reason for the feeling. She tried to wipe away her tears but he just grabbed her. She took a deep breath desire mixing with fear.
“Did you tell him yet?” he said in his deep husky voice. She looked at his tan hands and his long black hair. She loved the Indian features he processed. She had to start being politically correct. He was Native American not Indian. The little difference didn’t mean much to her but it did to him. He was so proud and loved his heritage. She looked at the slightly older but deeply more mature face. She shook her head, afraid to voice the words. His eyes narrowed as hers widened with fear of him. Suddenly with no warning he dragged her to the couch in the middle of the room. He barked at her to sit and she did, no questions asked. He looked at her, glared at her rather, than he was kissing her deeply. She finally felt some tension leave her as she kissed him back. Roughly he pulled her on top of him. Then he lifted her up as he grabbed at her shorts yanking them down quickly as he unzipped his pants. She held her breath and didn’t move a muscle till she felt him slamming her against him. He forced his way inside her brutally. But she loved it and began moaning almost immediately. He begins driving into her over and over with such force. She was going to cum even quicker than normal.
“ No! No! No! No! NO! You better not cum. I swear. This is not a pleasure fuck for you. Oh no. This is punishment.” He breathed in her ear. She began whining in his ear trying to get him to let her but one look in his face stopped her. He then smiled and leaned her on to her back and began going even harder. Harder than she had ever felt him go. She began moaning loudly and groaning. He barked at her to hold it and she did because she hated to disobey him but the tension was reaching a new high. He lifted her up and began attacking her g-spot. She screamed begging him as his brown eyes poured into her blue ones. He shook his head enjoying himself as she began crying. She just couldn’t hold on anymore and with the loudest scream she ever gave in her life, she came. It was long pleasurable endlessly and the best ever. She didn’t stop coming because he never stop fucking her silly.
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