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Doll House

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Gerard wakes up in a room with a shock collar. He learns that he's part of an experiment to 'play with dolls'. Only, these dolls aren't plastic.

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A/N--- Ok, so this story is really random. I guess you could say it's kind of like the 'SAW' movies. It's really disturbing and I probably belong in an insane asylum. Gonna put me there? Well you'll have to catch me first. I seriously tried to avoid Ferard...but it didn't work so well... xD

xoxo Tabi



Gerard's POV

"Ughhh..." I moaned; my head pulsing with pain. I rolled my head to the side a little and managed to force my heavy eyes open. I had no idea where I was or how I ended up here. With a lot of effort, I sat myself up and looked around. Wherever I was wasn't real pleasant. The light on the ceiling flickered from either faulty wiring or a dying light bulb. The floor doesn't look like it's been cleaned in years. There was water stains all over the falling tile of the ceiling. The wall paper was hanging loosely off the walls in a lot of places, revealing holes in which I could see the wooden frame supporting the crumbling drywall. There were deep red stains all over the room that I was assuming was blood.

The back of my neck burned and as I reached my hand back to figure out why, my fingers collided with metal. "What the fuck...?" I mumbled to myself, bringing my other hand to my neck. I was wearing a collar. A shock collar to be exact. I had no clue why I was wearing it but I couldn't get it off. "Hello?" I yelled. My shaky voice echoed through the empty room. I managed to stand up, my body shaking a little. Fear pumped through my veins because I had no idea what was going on. It was like I fell into a horror movie.

"Hello." A voice replied. I jumped and looked around. The room was vacant. No one but I was there. I had to of imagined the voice. "I was wondering when you would wake up." The voice spoke to me some more. It sounded like a little girl. I was really confused now. My heart was beating rapidly and my palms were getting sweaty.

"Who's there?" I asked, my eyes darting around the room to find a camera, speaker; something. It was completely and utterly vacant. No windows, no cameras, no speakers; just four walls, blood stains, and a door. "Who are you?!" I demanded.

"I am a scientist." The voice told me. "And you are my experiment."

"Experiment?!" I asked hastily. "What fucking experiment?"

"My experiment to see if boys play well with dolls." There was slight amusement in the mysterious voice. "Welcome to my doll house."

"Where is everyone?" I asked loudly. "Why am I wearing a fucking shock collar?!" I was frustrated, afraid, shaking, and nervous as hell. It was like when I first sang in front of a crowd. I really wanted some alcohol right now; even though I shouldn't be drinking it.

"The collar is to make sure you play by the rules."

"Rules?!" I asked with bitter confusion. I had no idea what was going on.

"All experiments need rules." The voice said with superiority. "See, I'm the puppeteer and you Gerard are my puppet." The voice knew my name. "In my doll house lye your friends." My heart seemed to pick up even more speed and my stomach churned. The others had been kidnapped too. "You have to search the house to find them. You have two hours to find all four."

"And if I don't?" I asked fearfully. Ray, Bob, Mikey, and Frank were all lost somewhere in this house. I had no idea how big the place was or what condition they were in. Two hours isn't a lot of time at all.

"You'll all suffocate on carbon monoxide." The voice said with laughter. "But I have confidence in you Gerard. I believe you will be my first to succeed." A lump grew in my throat as the voice mentioned 'first to succeed'. That there had others before me stuck in this situation. Others that failed. "The moment you step through that door, your two hours start. At the end of those two hours, large quantities of the poisonous gas will start pumping into the house. Each of my dolls is carefully placed in a room inside the house. There will be instructions in each of those rooms about how you are to play with my dolls. Should you disobey, your collar will send shocks through your body. Each time the voltage will increase. When you reach level six, you'll basically burn inside out." Again the voice laughed. "I'll be watching you. Have fun." The room went silent again and I heard a 'click'; my assumption was the door was once locked and now wasn't. I was confused and absolutely petrified. What did the voice mean by her 'dolls'? What situations were the others in? There was only way to find out.

I took a deep breath and walked towards the door. My sweaty shaky hand slid on the knob a little but I managed to turn it and push the door open. My heart nearly stopped when I saw a huge hall in front of me; lined with doors. I only had two hours and there were endless rooms to check. Stepping outside the room, I checked my watch then started for the closest door; trying quick to find everyone.


A/N--- I'm sure you can guess what the 'dolls' are ^^

Imma make this emotional(ish), bloody, horrific, and on the edge (if I can). I love reviews. So, lemme some? Please?

xoxo Tabi
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