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Warning: Nosebleeds

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Ray takes his shirt off. Mikey gets nose bleeds. (Script-type-thing for a comic that was never drawn.)

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[at high school, everyone’s laughing at Geek!Ray, who’s standing with his massive oversized glasses on with mud all over his shirt.]

Weird-ass voice-over thing: Ray Toro discovered his superpower at a young age.
Evil people: OLOLOL
Ray: -sniff- aww man, Mom’s gonna be so mad at me! -strips off shirt-
Mikey [at back of crowd]: OMG! -nosebleed-

[After shooting Honey This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us]

Ray: Hmm… I think I’ll randomly take off my shirt and see what happens. -strips off shirt-
Mikey: OMG -nosebleed-

[During Vampires Will Never Hurt You]

Mikey: This room is dark.
Ray: -randomly strips off shirt to reveal glowing abs-
Mikey: OMG -nosebleed-

[After shooting I'm Not Okay]

Frank: I'm gonna go sleep now.
Gerard: I'm gonna go hop in the pool.
Frank: Okay.
Ray: Hey, Gee, I think I'll come with you. -strips off shirt-
Mikey: OMG -nosebleed-

[During dancing scene in Ghost of You]

Ray: I’m sick of all this ballroom dancing! IT’S TIME TO GET DOWN! -strips off shirt and starts dancing to the I’m To Sexy song-
Mikey: OMG -nosebleed-

[After shooting the coffin slash stairs slash Ray's hair deflating scene in Helena]

Bob: Ugh, I'm soaking!
Frank: -sneezes- Me too man, I need to go -sneezes- change.
Ray: Yeah, this shirt is soaked. -strips off shirt-
Mikey: OMG -nosebleed-

[During the making of Life on the Murder Scene]

Ray: …aaand I just put my hand in a cupcake. OH MAN! I got cupcake all over my shirt! -strips off shirt-
Mikey: OMG! -nosebleed-

[While shooting Welcome To The Black Parade]

Ray: -shirt rips on pointy part of stage- Oh man! My shirt is ruined! -strips off shirt-
Mikey: OMG -nosebleed-

[After shooting Famous Last Words; the rest of the band is waiting around while Bob gets his leg looked at]

Frank: Oh man, it's hot.
Ray: I know, right? I'm dying in this jacket. -strips off jacket and shirt-
Mikey: OMG -nosebleed-

[During I Don’t Love You]

Ray: Great, I got white facepaint all over my shirt! -strips off shirt-
Mikey: OMG -nosebleed-

[During Teenagers]

Cheerleader 1: Oh. My. God. My Chemical Romance is like, my favourite band EVER.
Cheerleader 2: I know! They're, like, sooo cool.
Cheerleader 1: Mikey's so adorable!
Cheerleader 2: And Bob's just so manly. -sighs-
Cheerleader 1: I love Ray's hair.
Ray: YOU WILL LOVE MY ABS TOO. -strips off shirt-
Cheerleaders: -die from sheer hotness-
Mikey: OMG -nosebleed-

[Before a show]

Gerard: Hey Frank, remember how we used to torture Mikey by throwing him off the porch?
Frank: Yeah! Good times man, good times.
Gerard: Now we don’t need to throw him off the porch. All we need is for Ray to take his shirt off, and-
Ray: Did someone mention “Ray” and “shirt off” in the same sentence? -strips off shirt-
Mikey: OMG! -nosebleed-

[At that interviewy thing]

Interviewer: Vampires or werewolves?
Gerard: Vampires.
Frank: Vampires.
Mikey: Werewolves.
Frank: Pirates!
Ray: I like werewolves better, actually. I’m gonna go with werewolves.
Frank: -gasp- Traitor!
Ray: Screw you! -strips off shirt-
Everybody: OMG! -nosebleed-

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