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Not Goodbye

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The concert's over. You can all go home now. Right?

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Not goodbye.

Due to our make our session toward the end of Hellogoodbye’s set, my recollection of Say Anything’s performance was less than perfect. “Baby Girl, I’m a Blur”, “Belt”, “Wow, I Can Get Sexual, Too” and “Woe” were just some of the songs that they played. But to be honest, the band could have broken out into a Bollywood dance number and I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

After the encore--“Spidersong” and “Alive With the Glory of Love”-- Bemis and company made their graceful exit. Guards handed out the setlists while roadies loaded up cords and amps. People filed toward the cracked and blinking EXIT sign. Vibrating from inside my pocket caught my attention as I followed suit with everyone else. As I pulled it out, Eric waited next to me.

“Hey, it’s Steph. Where are you?”
“Um, I’m on my way to the door,” I replied standing on my tiptoes. “You?”
“I’m outside.” In the background I could hear people arguing about where they wanted to eat.

“McDonalds is right there!”
“But I’m in the mood for tacos!”

“You have a ride home, right?” she asked.
“Yeah. I drove.”
“Alright. Get home safe, okay?”
“Don’t worry, I will.”

After slipping my phone back into my pocket, I noticed that Justin and who I assumed to be Sara, were standing in front of us.

“Could you guys give us a minute?” Eric asked, scratching the back of his neck.
“Uh, sure.” Justin linked his arm with the short blonde and walked toward the door.

As we watched the couple disappear into the crowd, silence fell over us. Awkward didn’t being to describe it.

“So…” he eventually said, looking up from his shoes. “Where do we go from here?”
“Well, we could go home and leave it at that--”
“Or I ask for your number and we hang out again?” he asked with a gleam of hope in his eyes.
“Yeah,” I said, caught off guard.

Eric pulled out his cell and I recited my number. He typed my digits into his phone and flipped it shut before tucking it into his pocket. “Expect a call from me.”

Though he seemed nice enough, my instincts told me this was all for show. That he was just being polite. Boys who make out with strangers at concerts aren’t the types who actually call.

Then it happened.

“Can I walk you to your car?” he asked, throwing me off guard. Although I’d given him the perfect opportunity to walk off without seeming like a jerk, he’d thrown it to the wind.
“Um, yeah. Sure.”

He took my hand in his, and led me past the merch booth.

“Where did you park?” he asked as we reached the sidewalk.
“Over by that corner,” I replied, pointing down the block.

The pair of us walked in a comfortable silence as other concert goers rushed past, in search of a convenience store.

When we reached my car, he gave me a quick peck on the lips. “Good night.”

I slipped into the black Jetta, then watched him until he disappeared from my rearview mirror.

Where is ATL? What will happen with Chloe and Eric? What about Chloe and Alex?

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