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A Desperate Call

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After participating in a rescue at a US research base John begins experiencing strange and amazing side effects.

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Chapter Eighteen: A Desperate Call

Thunderbird Five

Next Day

Alan Tracy groaned in annoyance as the incoming emergency signal alert sounded throughout Thunderbird Five. Now what, he thought stopping the DVD he had been watching before getting up from the couch in the entertainment centre and heading for the stations control room. He wondered who wanted their help this time even as he cursed their lousy timing; the movie had just been getting good.

As he approached the control room Alan sighed and pushed his annoyance out of his mind. He was up here on Thunderbird Five to do a job after all, not just lean back and enjoy himself. Entering the control room he heard a frantic sounding American voice coming from the speakers.

"Calling International Rescue," the voice was saying. "Calling International Rescue. Please respond. Damn is this thing even working? Calling International Rescue." Okay, okay keep your shirt on, Alan thought slightly amused as he picked up the microphone before turning serious as he opened the communications channel.

"This is International Rescue space station receiving your distress call," he responded.

"Oh thank god," the voice replied. "International Rescue we're in desperate need of your help. We can't get out, the mountain is going to erupt soon and..."

"Calm down, calm down," Alan instructed calmly. "Give me the details clearly. Tell me everything." For a moment there was silence and in his mind's eye Alan could see whoever was calling him taking a few deep breaths to calm down a bit and collect himself to better give him the details of the situation.

"You're right International Rescue. I shouldn't have freaked like that I'm sorry," the voice came back at last. "Do you have a name I can call you by?"

"It's alright I understand. My name is Alan. Now tell me how can we help you?"

"Okay Alan. My name is Doctor Kyle Norman I'm with the United States Geological Survey. My field unit and myself are in desperate need of your assistance."

"I'm all ears Doctor Norman give me the details."


Tracy Island

That Same Time

Scott Tracy stood at the end of the island's runway looking towards the sky as Tracy One retreated into the distance. Dad was off on his way to the Tracy Industries tower in New York to deal with a major foul up, a foul up that could cost them a lucrative defence contract. Dad was going to New York to see what he could do to salvage the situation and keep the contract. Scott didn't doubt that their father would succeed in his goal, and make the persons who'd fouled up wish they had never been born, it just meant that he was going to be away from the island for a few days.

After a moment Scott sighed and turned around and started heading back along the runway to the path that would take him back to the villa. He hoped that no rescue calls came in while Jeff Tracy was away from the island, as he would not be able to go on the missions but be forced to stay here and only listen in and guess what was going on. Which was something he absolutely hated doing, he was a man of action not a man who liked sitting on the sidelines unable to do anything. If a rescue comes it comes, he told himself firmly, you'll just have to grin and bare it and not pester your brothers with unnecessary calls just so you can know what is going on in the danger zone.


Ten Minutes Later

Scott was just stepped off the path onto the sundeck besides the swimming pool and grinned when he saw that all his Earth side brothers were there. Virgil and Gordon were playing a game of water volleyball in the pool with Tin-Tin acting as referree, while John was sitting comfortably under the parasol reading a book. Perfect peace and quiet, he thought as he moved to sit down on one of the loungers.

He was just sitting down when a familiar alarm went off triggering a chorus of groans from around the deck. Typical, Scott thought getting back to his feet before running up the stairs to go inside the villa. Footsteps behind him let him know that John was following and he knew that Virgil and Gordon would be along as soon as they could dry themselves off and get some clothes on.

"I wonder who needs our help this time," John commented matching Scott's pace as they entered the air-conditioned comfort of the villa.

"I don't know. Whoever it is their timing sucks," Scott replied. John laughed knowing Scott was going to be unhappy that he couldn't go on the rescue.

"Since when do accidents and disasters have good timing," John asked.

"Good point," Scott answered as he came into the living room and dropped his pace to brisk walk as he went over to his father's desk. Moving around behind the desk he sat down reluctantly before pressing a control to answer the incoming call.

"Go ahead Alan," Scott said and a moment later Alan's portrait vanished replaced with a live feed from Thunderbird Five.

"Don't kill the messenger Scott but we've got an emergency call from a group of scientists in the Cascades mountain range," Alan replied. "They were sent to replace some sensors that had gone down on Mount Baker and conduct an up to date survey on the state of the volcanoes glacier and get some samples from the geothermal field near the summit. Apparently there has been a very sharp rise in earthquake and geothermal activity around Mount Baker in recent months."

"Sounds like Mount Baker is stirring from its sleep," Scott commented.

"It's worse than that Scott," Alan answered. "Three hours ago there was a series of powerful gas and steam explosions in the summit crater. Since then gas emissions from the crater have shot up and the volcano is sending up a lot of smoke. It's going to erupt soon maybe as early as this afternoon."

"So why haven't the scientists got out of there," John asked.

"Because they can't," Alan replied. "The area has been drenched with heavy rain for the last week. An earthquake triggered a landslide that has wiped out the narrow road out of the valley where their base camp is. And its still raining and extremely windy, no helicopter or helijet can get anywhere near them and they're all busy anyway helping with an emergency evacuation of the towns and cities within the potential fallout zone if Mount Baker undergoes a major eruption."

"So we're their only chance," Scott summarised. "All right Alan tell them that we're on our way. Also try to establish a remote link with the USGS so you can monitor the earthquake activity around Mount Baker."

"F-A-B, Scott," Alan replied and broke the connection from his end so his portrait returned.

"Guess I better get going then," John said standing up from where he had been leaning against the desk.

"Yes," Scott agreed. "But before you go John what's your energy level like?"

John smiled softly and raised his wristcom and pressed the button that showed the energy levels of the nanites within his body. He'd only eaten a short while ago and smiled when he saw that his nanites were at full power, every single bar on the energy gaze was full.

"My energy level is fine Scott," John replied. "According to this these things in me are at full power. I'll be fine. You know rescues like the one were about to go on don't generally take very long."

"I know," Scott answered with a sigh. "Okay then John off you go, and John take good care of my 'bird." John grinned as he headed over to the hidden entrance to Thunderbird One.

"I'll do my best Scott. Just don't blame me if we come back covered in ash. You know that volcanoes uniformly have lousy timing when it comes to erupting."

"I know. I just hope Mount Baker holds off blowing its stack until you get back. It took me three weeks to get all the ash out of Thunderbird One the last time we dealt with a situation involving an erupting volcano. That stuff just gets absolutely everywhere."

"Tell me something I don't know," John answered as he stood his back to the wall, before reaching up and grabbing the light fittings on the wall. For a moment nothing more happened, then the wall began to swivel around and in seconds the view of the lounge had vanished and John found himself face to face with Thunderbird One.

Without hesitation John stepped forward onto the platform immediately in front of him and the platform began to move carrying him over to Thunderbird One, the machines hatch opening automatically as he approached.

Without hesitation John went over to the small locker inside the cockpit where uniforms were kept. Three uniforms hung inside one for each person qualified to pilot Thunderbird One namely himself, Scott and Alan. John took out his uniform and started to get changed, the sooner he was in uniform the sooner he could launch Thunderbird One and get out to the danger zone and figure out how to save the scientists. Hopefully before Mount Baker decided to do its thing as an active volcano.


Scott watched John leave and silently wished his younger brother good luck. Mount Baker better not erupt till they get back, he thought, I don't want to see Thunderbird One covered in ash again let alone any of my brothers.

Running footsteps caught his attention and Scott looked over at the other entrance to the room as Virgil and Gordon came running in, to see what the emergency was. Both looked like they had quickly thrown on clothes after having dried themselves off. Scott was vaguely amused to see that Virgil's normally immaculate hair was messed up, Virgil obviously hadn't even taken the time to brush his hair.

"What we got Scott," Virgil asked just as Tin-Tin also entered the room as well to see what was going on, who needed International Rescue's help this time.

"There is a problem with Mount Baker in the Cascades Virgil," Scott replied before giving Virgil and Gordon a condensed version of what Alan had told him about the situation.

"Doesn't sound like we have a lot of time," Virgil said thoughtfully. "It sounds like Mount Baker could erupt at any time."

"Yes it does so what are we standing around here for," Gordon replied.

"You're right Gordon lets get going," Virgil acknowledged heading over to the rocket portrait that concealed the chute to Thunderbird Two. Gordon for his part left the room heading for the passenger lift that would take him to Thunderbird Two. In these sort of rescue situations it was always a good idea to have a double crew on Thunderbird Two ready to operate the rescue platform if there wasn't enough time to land.

"Good luck," Scott said.

"Thanks Scott I think we're going to need it," Virgil replied as he leaned back against the almost floor to ceiling portrait of the rocket that had years before taken their father to the moon. The portrait pivoted into a horizontal position and Virgil slid along its length onto the sled on the other side and disappeared from Scott's view as the portrait returned to its normal vertical position.

Scott sighed as he heard Thunderbird One taking off, just as Kyrano came into the room.

"Excuse me Mr Scott would you like some coffee," the elderly Malaysian manservant asked politely. Scott looked over at Kyrano and smiled.

"Yes please Kyrano I think I'm going to need it," Scott replied with a smile. Kyrano smiled back and bowed politely before leaving to go and make Scott a cup of coffee.

"Do you think they will get there in time to save the scientists and get out before Mount Baker erupts Scott," Tin-Tin asked.

"I hope so Tin-Tin," Scott answered. "I hope so."
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