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Remembrances of Silence

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The begining of a war story told through the eyes of a Burmecian grunt named Roy.

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Remembrances of Silence

One raindrop fell from the heavens on to a slate that covered the top of a house. like a dream clashing against the impenetrable barricades of reality. One drop of rain that may have one day became an ocean, had it not had been for reality. For the realty was that it, just like the slate that it broke upon, was just another brick in the wall of time. Or was it?

Water formed into the shape of a drop at the edge of the slate. Assisted by it's brothers it gains enough weight to fall from the slate into a cold, ally filled with nothing but the thought's of one man, one soldier.

"I don't know how, nor why things went this way. I always saw myself getting married or living peacefully by now, but things didn't turn out the way they should have. So here I sit, waiting for Alexandra to attack the city of Burmecia through the North Gate and Gizamalke's Grotto. We had no way of knowing that they'd come. There was no warning at all. Yet, I doubt Alexandria knows who their dealing with. When they invaded us, then they're dealing with Limblum too, and then there's no way that they can win a war with both Burmecia and Limblum. 'I'd doubt that they'd even make it to the city.' That's what I kept telling myself as I ran from the fight to bring news of this to the king. I kept saying 'They'd fall at the gate.'"

A drop of rain fell on Roy's snout followed by a lose slate that fell right to his side barely missing his tail, causing him to lose concentration. He shook his head and looked around, he was in a dark alley, the one he thought was the darkest in all the city, he didn't like it there even without the explosions going on outside. He gripped his berdiche to assure himself, and continued to survey his surroundings. Around him were more of his fellow soldiers, fifteen of them, a few he knew. Henry, the tall guy, usually kept to himself. No one really knew him very well, and he liked it that way. Jason, all his time on the force all he ever talked about was fighting. Always wanting to fight with someone or something. He always complaining about it being so boring with no war going on and how he wished something interesting would happen. Apparently his wish came true. Wasn't he supposed to be married this weekend? Quinn, always strength training, trying to pick up chicks. Looks like all those days spent on the training grounds are paying off in more ways than one. Denis, always reading books and trying to cram more into that brain of his. He was probably the smartest person Roy had ever meet. Link, probably the most social person Roy had ever meet. Never stopped talking. And finally Sergeant Benson, god what a prick. Roy had been trained by this jerk his entire military carrier and he had never given Roy a single god damn brake in Roy's memory, and now he was in his hands, the one time when things were at it's worst. Why the hell did he have to die under this bastard? Why not Freya, or another of the dragon knights? Where the hell were the dragon knights? Where the hell were they?! The one time Burmecia needed them and the two greatest dragon knights of all, Freya Crescent and Fratley Iron-tail were nowhere to be found! Had the gods abandoned them?! Had something gone wrong and the gods hated him and all other Burmecians because of it?! Roy closed his eyes. 'Was it all just a dream?' he thought, 'Please let this be a dream, let me just wake up and have all this go away.' But it was no dream, Alexandria had attacked them and he was fighting for Burmecia. Roy had been in combat before, police work mostly, but not like this. He had never seen someone get cooked in front of very eyes before, he had never seen someone crawling for their bottom half of their body before, he hadn't seen someone crying for help with their intestines spilling from their stomach, he hadn't even killed anyone before. Not until yesterday at least, when the North Gate fell. Roy cringed and shut out the memory of last night, the blood, the bodies, the dieing, the killing, the pain, the screaming, Kip's head being blown off right before his eyes. At the memory of Kip, Roy felt his stomach lurched. It wasn't everyday one of your oldest friends died. He felt nausea grip him as he clasped his hand over his mouth.

"Hey! You alright?" Jason asked.

"Quiet!!" Benson hissed, "They'll hear you."

Roy's stomach eventually returned to it's place and settled down. 'Last night,' he thought 'Oh god, last night.'
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