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Jazie keeps trying to leave her past in the past, but somethings will not go ignored.

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It’s been a long week. Longer than Jazie ever anticipated. After things got completely confusing between her and Patrick, hearing about Pete and Patrick’s little scuffle in a Hollywood nightclub, and receiving a not-so appreciated phone call from her dirt bag of a brother, Ryan, Jazie’s thoughts were a little muddled to say the least.

So she hoped getting settled into Sarah’s apartment would easy the internal struggle. With boxes unpacked and a new, better paying, job lined up (after being fired from her previous job for being “too distracted to get anything done”) she began to feel normalcy seep into her life, if that’s even possible in a week’s time.

Pete hadn’t returned from his little “break” and Patrick hadn’t come back from his business trip, so until than she decided to take advantage of the little time she had to be by herself.

Jazie drove to the nearby grocery store to pick up some home necessities; paper towels, peanut butter, Top Ramen, the latest issue of People magazine, toilet paper, and Peach Snapple.

She hummed along to John Mayer in the car as she turned into the parking lot. After grabbing a shopping cart, she rolled it slowly through the condiment isle. She made her way down the list and walked from isle to isle, grabbing the things she needed.

As she rounded the corner of the bakery, she did a double take, looking down the isle at a man that seemed vaguely familiar to her. She paused, searching her memory for who he was, but continued on to the next item, pushing it into the back of her mind.

After finding everything she needed, Jazie got into a line for check out. As she waited, Jazie looked at the magazine rack next to her and picked up an issue of Vogue, flipping through its crisp pages. All of a sudden the register made a loud beeping noise and startled Jazie, making her drop the magazine. She looked over at the source of the noise and than turned to bend over and pick up the magazine. As she reached down, another hand grabbed for the magazine. She laughed nervously, embarrassed that anyone had noticed her skittishness.

“Oh I got it, thank you.”

The stranger picked up the magazine and put it back on the shelf for her.

“No, no, it’s fine. I bet clumsiness runs in the family.” The man said with a smirk in his voice.

She made a confused face, looked up at the man and sucked in a jagged breath.

“Ryan!” She gasped and took a step back to turn and run.

“Ma’am.” The woman at the register called to her. Jazie turned and noticed that all over her things were already rung up. She turned back around and no one was there.

“But…he was just here,” she whispered to herself, water filling her eyes.

She got exact change out of her purse and laid it on the counter. She grabbed all of the bags and speed walked to her car, wondering if she was losing her mind.

This isn’t happening….that wasn’t him. It couldn’t be. He doesn’t know I moved to this part of Chicago. Does he?...He didn’t find me…he couldn’t….could he?

Jazie’s mind ran a million miles an hour as she tried to figure out if what she really saw in the store was true. Could Ryan really have hunted her down and is now stalking her? Did his previous threats hold any weight at all? Was she in danger?

She drove home in tears, worrying every time a car passed if Ryan would be right there driving beside her. Her heart pounded at the thought of ever again being in his presence; Ryan’s wild black eyes watching her, tracing her body. The thought made bile rise in her throat. She choked it down and pulled into her apartment complexes parking lot.

To Be Continued....
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