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Harry makes changes to his life. Harry/multi

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters involved. They are owned by J.K. Rowling. I’m not making a dime from this story I just wrote it for the fun of it.

Chapter One: A New Path

The weather outside his window matched his mood, cold and raining. He had not felt like doing much of anything since the he returned to Privet Drive, five weeks ago. The death of his godfather the notorious mass murder Sirius Black or that is what the wizarding world believed. The young man was the most famous wizard alive. Harry Potter.

Young Potter’s world was about to change in a way that no one could have predicted. His future was at that very moment flying toward the window of the smallest bedroom of the most normal house on Privet Drive.

As Harry lay on his tattered bed that was almost to short even for his small frame the years of malnutrition at Privet Drive. The year at Hogwarts had helped but he would never be considered tall at almost sixteen he was barely 5’6 but he had made an effort to put on some muscle this year. He had made sure that he ate double portions and had got up at four every morning to go to the room of requirement. He had managed to avoid Filch and Mrs. Norris as well as Umbitch and her Death Nibbler Squad using his cloak. The room had provide a muggle style gym with treadmill free weights. It had paid off he now weighed 11 stones easy. He had even managed maintain some of his routine here at Privet Drive, running in place push ups, sit ups, crunches and the like. Midnight raids of the kitchen. He tried not to think of Sirius and failing miserably. He was brought out of his thoughts by the...Tap...Tap...Tap of a very large hawk its wingspan must be three meters easy.

At the sight of the hawk Hedwig began to hoot indignantly and puffed out her chest.

“Its okay girl” he said as he scratched behind her ear she nuzzled into his hand affectionately.

He opened the window and let the bird into the room. The bird fluttered over to the rickety old desk. Harry slowly moved to remove the toaster sized package from the birds leg he notice that the box was almost weightless.

‘Must be charmed’ Harry thought taking the box to the bed.

Just as he was opening the package he heard the loud crash of metal rubbish bin. He stood and looked out the window. He could see the bins in disarray and the vague silhouette of a person under an Demiguise invisibility cloak one far inferior to his own. Because even with the downpour his cloak never would have betrayed his position.

‘Poor Tonks she must be miserable down there wet and cold.’ He thought. He walked over to his trunk and removed his own invisibility cloak.

As he did he remembered when Hermione had cracked the ancient charms on the cloak using her Arithmancy. He hadn’t known at the time that was what she was doing with the cloak. She asked to borrow it and he had not thought twice about letting her. He trusted her completely so he had given it to her and forgotten about it until she had ambushed him on the way back to the common room after another detention with Professor Umbitch the great toad-faced pain in the arse.

She had dragged him to the room of requirement by the hand and he had to admit that it had made him tingle like nothing he had every felt. Though he was sure the she had felt nothing and all how could she, she obviously had feelings for Ron right everybody saw that right. ‘My God she was pretty especially when she was determined like now’ he had thought.

When then had arrive at the room. She began to explain to him at a pace that he only got one word in ten. But it had come down to the fact that she now knew how it had been made and had been able to reproduce the effect on a handkerchief she demonstrated on her hand. He had been amazed watch the miniature cloak work perfectly. She had also said that she didn’t understand how it had been so easy, and pointed out that Dumbledore had had it for a decade and as far as they knew had no be able to reproduce the cloaks effectiveness.

The next thing she had showed him had been that she had ‘improved’ the cloak she said that she and been experimenting with some new charm she had created before she continued she had begged him not to tell anyone since it was a serious crime and she would be real trouble if anyone found out. Only a charm master could create new charms and then they had to be test before they were widely accepted.

He had been shocked by two things first that she had knowingly broken the law not just a school rule but an actual law, and second that she thought that he would tell on her. It was then that he had saw her looking down at her feet he reached out with his hand touching her chin and lifting her face so that she was looking him in the eyes her honey brown meet emerald he moved his hand and move a strand of hair from in front of her eyes and tucked it behind her ear.

“You know I would never betray you, Mione. Now, what kind of brilliance have come up with this time.” Was all he had to say to restore her good mood and reward him with a beautiful smile.

She then went onto explain how she had develop a charm that would weather proof and climate control a garment basically it made the person wearing it comfortable if it was hot outside a built in cooling charm activated if it was cold a warming charm it also had a charm for blocking the wind and was able to repel objects with a minor repelling charm for hail and snow. He was impressed with all of this but even better she had found a way to make all of this with a single charm that was able to work with the existing invisibility charm to increase its effectiveness It was a little complex but after a couple tries he had been able to charm his school robes. That had been about a month before the Department of Mysteries.

Harry shook himself out of his remembrance and took the cloak to the desk used his handkerchief to wipe away the drops of water the hawk had left.

He took out a piece of parchment his ink pot and new quill and begun a short missive.

Harry wrapped the note in the cloak to keep it dry and the with a piece of twine tied it to Hedwig’s leg.

He looked at his loyal owl and said “Can you take this to Tonks for me please girl.”

She puffed out her chest and hooted indignantly at him as if say ‘Of course I can’ or ‘who do you think your talking to.’ She then flew to the window sill and waited for him to open the window before flying out the window and across the street to were she landed on one of the rubbish bins now standing. Harry then saw her lift her leg as if to thin air, that’s when he recognized the same silhouette that he had seen earlier move towards the owl and a pair of hands emerge from beneath the inferior cloak and remove the Hedwig’s burden. Then the hands and his cloak disappeared from view.

Harry watched his owl fly back up to the window and back into the smallest bedroom of Number Four. Harry closed the window behind her and reached in the to desk drawer and retrieved an owl pair of owl treats for his best girl as reward for braving the down pour for him. She gulped them down appreciatively. He closed the window and put his writing material away.

Walking over to the bed Harry returned his attention to the package he had received upon closer study he recognized the Gringotts seal on the top.

He opened the box and saw that inside the was miniature sword with a beautiful scabbard about fifteen to twenty centimeters long with gold inlay on the guard and elaborate circled cross with a large ruby in the center of the cross. He looked closer and saw that in the core of the ruby was a golden lion that kept rearing up on its hind legs as if attacking an unseen enemy.

Harry looked closer to the hilt guard just above the blade the was a incredibility detailed emblem about thirteen millimeters in diameter and it was divided into four sections on the left was a griffin on top was a wolf that if it was to scale only slightly smaller than the griffin and just as fierce, in the right section was an bird it look rather like the Ravenclaw eagle and last at the bottom was a to his shock a lightning bolt. Without thinking his hand rose to his forehead. Next to the Sword was a letter her reached in and remover the sword from the box, as soon as he did the sword began to vibrate at first he thought it might be a portkey but then it began to expand. He realize that the sword had been under a shrinking charm. It was now a large bladed weapon easily a hundred and twenty centimeter.

Harry decided that he would examine it more later and put it on his bed. Reaching down he picked up the letter with a flick of his finger the wax seal on the flap was broken he removed the letter.


Dear Mr. Harry James Potter,

I am writing to inform you that your presence is require not requested but required at Gringotts London Branch on July 31st of this year. It is vital that we speak. I do not know if you are aware of this or not but we have sent you several notices as to the best time to hold the last will and testament of Sirius Orion Black it is standard practice to hold the reading within two weeks time as the chief beneficiary we look to you to set the time. It has now been more than a month.

We have also receive word from Headmaster Dumbledore that you are unavailable and that he speaks for you in this matter and has tried to arrange the reading himself however we did not believe that this was done with your knowledge so we have began to review your entire account history to look for inconsistencies and have found some startling result. This is only one of the reasons the we need to see you on your sixteenth birthday one of the chief reasons was that we require your presence is that you need to claim your inheritances and that is plural because as a mater of wizarding law you are required as the last scion of the Potter and through your godfather Sirius Black you are the Blacks as well. I will go into greater detail when you arrive.

We also suspect your post is being blocked that is why we sent this with one of our saber hawks they are breed to be immune to repelling charms and have a natural stealth which makes them almost undetectable. I have only just now taken over for your previous account manager Rustyknife he had held this position since about a month before you parents tragic death his actions as well as the headmaster’s will also be discussed as well as what Gringotts is doing to rectify the situation and what restitution we are prepared to make.

The sword is a portkey set of to bring you to my office at ten o’clock on the 31st of July.

This Blade is one of a Pair that has been in the hands of the Goblins since the just before Gringotts was founded. I found instructions in the Potter

File that the Sword which was kept in a separate vault connected to both the Potter and another old family. Both blades have been delivered.

Good night Mr. Potter.

Account Manager For the
Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter


It made sense to him now why he hadn’t heard from any of his friends. Ron knew how much he hated the Dursleys and he would have at the very least would have written some kind of drivel about the Cannons just to distract him from what was going on around him. Ginny probably would have sent some food and a status report on her brothers antics. While he was not as close to Ginny as he was to Ron and Hermione they had gotten a lot closer over the last year since she got over her crush on him. She had often help him set up for the D.A.; when Ron was busy with homework and Hermione with special research projects. Harry no longer thought of her as Ron’s little sister but a funny, smart, and judging by her spells in the D.A.

a very powerful witch. And he had also noticed she was a very beautiful girl and her bum in a word amazing. ‘She’s over me now. So no point in thinking about that, she had mentioned Dean Thomas...He was tall good looking and muscular and he wasn’t an idiot like me’ Harry Thought ‘Maybe she was better off with Dean he was a decent sort. But why did all the girls I can see myself with fancy other blokes. Well not all of them Tonks is just plain out of my league.’ Were had the last thought come from he did not know did he think of her that way. He knew that he had flirted a little in the note but did he fancy her.

He thought for a moment and then admitted sadly ‘More than anything’ as much as he was attracted to other girls something always clicked within him when she was around but she couldn’t feel that way about him she was older and would never even think of him like that. ‘How did I start thinking of Tonks. I was the thinking about my friends back to that...’

Then there was Hermione he had been expecting her usual ten page letter asking about his feeling and then he would have replied with his own personal catch phrase ‘I’m Fine.’ This should have continued every few days. Remaining quiet was not her way. ‘And another girl I fancy who is only my friend. That’s my luck, or stupidity instead of going for girls like Ginny and Hermione who are fun, sweet, and a little mischievous. With whom I can have fun with. But who do I go after Cho Bloody Chang someone who just might have more emotional problems than I do. And why because she has a pretty face but now he really took a closer look Ginny and Hermione were just as pretty and sexy even. Ginny in the girl next door way and Hermione in the naughty librarian way. Maybe it was Cho was exotic looking, after all they had nothing in common.’

But this was not the point at the moment and put the letter that was still in his hand down on the bed.

“I knew there was some thing wrong with my mail...stupid Dumbledore...First isolates me from my friends.” Harry muttered to himself as began to pace next to his bed.

Harry looked at his watch and saw the date ten days until his birthday. He turned his attention back to the sword in front of him. He picked up the weapon again by the Scabbard turned it and look at the reverse side of the guard to find a crest it looked to be a family coat of arms. It was a shield with a lion and large wolf laying in front of a large citadel. At the bottom was on a ribbon were words in Latin ‘Audaces Fortuna Juvat’. His Latin was bad but he thought it said ‘Fortune sides with the Brave.’ Something like that he knew that wasn’t right but he thought it was close.

He tried to stop a yawn but failed. He looked at his watch 12:33 am. After placing the sword in the back of his closet along with the letter. Harry undressed down to his boxers and got into bed. He turned out the lamp on the bedside table. It used to be in the sitting room down stairs but it was broken when Dudley had waddled to close to it and knocked it over he hadn’t even been in the room but it was his fault. At least it worked.

Seconds after the lights were out he found himself in a restless sleep.


At that moment at over a hundred kilometers away was lopsided house in the room on the top level a tall young man with ginger red hair like the rest of his family.

He was awaken from a light sleep the sound of tapping on his window. Usually Ron Weasley slept rather soundly but tonight he was restless which is why he woke almost immediately when he a large hawk tapped on his window he slipped out of his bed stretching his slim 6’2 frame as he moved to the window hoping that is was something from Harry.

However, when he opened the window the instead of seeing Hedwig as he had hoped a the largest hawk he had ever seen came in. It presented its leg with a package, which he promptly removed. The as soon as it was the massive bird of prey disappeared into the night.

Ron looked a the box in his hand and reached out and lit the old lamp. And sat on the edge of his bed. He tore open the box to reveal a tiny sword and a letter he recognized the Gringotts wax seal as he broke it. He remove the letter and began to read...


[*Dear Mr. Ronald Bilius Weasley,

I am writing to inform you that your presence is require not requested but required at Gringotts London Branch on July 31st of this year. It is vital that we speak.

Mr. Weasley we need to speak to you about your assuming the Prewett Head of House. It is an odd set of circumstances but I will explain to you in great detail once you arrive. I also have a few words of caution.

First we suspect your post is being blocked or at the very least interfered with we suspect this because it is well known that your family is strongly connected to Headmaster Dumbledore. Your first thought might be that his enemies are the ones mucking about with the post. However we do not believe that is the case his actions of late have shown him less than trustworthy that he is the most the likely culprit that is why we sent this with one of our saber hawks they are breed to be immune to repelling charms and have a natural stealth which makes them almost undetectable. Not to cast aspersions the integrity of the members of your family however as I have already stated your family is openly loyal to Dumbledore. This being the case I believe that you may need to keep your visit a secret. There are more reason for this gratitude than you may think. As I have said before I will explain in our meeting.

The sword is a portkey set of to bring you to my office at ten o’clock on the 31st of July.

This Blade is one of a Pair that has been in the hands of the Goblins since the before Gringotts was founded. I found instructions in the Prewett File that the Sword which was kept in a separate vault connected to both Prewett the and another old family. Both blades have been delivered.

Account Manager For the
Noble House of Prewett*]


Ron put the parchment back on the bed and remove the miniature sword. Not recognizing the shrinking charm. As soon a it was free of the box the sword immediately returned to its normal size. Startled Ron drop the scabbard sword on the bed and jumped back. Then realizing that the goblins had shrunk the blade for delivery, moved forward to take a closer look at the weapon. First thing he noticed was the Prewett Family Crest (A Red Lion and a Gold Griffin fighting a large Black serpent which Ron knew to be a basilisk) in the center of the guard. He rotated the blade an looked at the reverse of the guard was another crest divided into four sections on the left was a griffin on top was a wolf that if it was to scale only slightly smaller than the griffin and just as fierce (‘that’s a bloody big wolf’ Ron thought), in the right section was a bird it look rather like the Ravenclaw eagle and last at the bottom was a to his shock a chess rook.

Ron thought for a moment and he new that if he told his parents they would indeed go to Dumbledore straight off. And he still wasn’t sure if the goblins were right about the Headmaster or not but he was curious by nature. So he would keep it to himself, he just wished that he could tell Hermione but things were still awkward since there conversation two weeks ago the day she arrived...

She had just finish unpacking her things in Percy’s room. He had come by some time in the year and remove all of his possession. Which had upset his mum every time she walk by now. Hermione had smile when she saw Ron in the doorway. That is until she saw the expression on his face one of sad determination. Her tall red haired friend entered the room completely and shut the door.

“What’s wrong Ron.” She said so quiet almost a whisper.

“I waited to long didn’t I ‘Mione.”

“To long for what Ron” she said knowing full well what he was talking about.

“I...well...I fancy you and I think you know that and I think you fancied me to for awhile...but I waited like a coward and now you moved on.” The last bit about being a coward was said looking a the ground, his voice full of shame.

“Oh, Ron...” She pause for a moment and the continued “I do not know what to say to that.”

“Just be honest with me I’m not angry” he stop for a moment as if making a another difficult decision “I have a lot better control of my emotions than I used to I feel the same, my emotions a still the same...there just easier for me to rain them in and understand them the healer from the Department of Mysteries said that the brain things gave me a natural kind of Occlumency and organized my mind. I read and think faster now. They say that’s why I had such a temper, you know the saying ‘You stop and think before you act’ well my brains faster now so I think before acting on my anger.”

“Ron I am truly proud of you. In truth I did have feelings for you for a time, honestly a long time since third year when you stood up for me to Malfoy until a couple of months ago. Then they changed...” She stopped and turned away.

Ron walked over to her and placed his hand on her shoulder before finishing her thought “...and you realized that you didn’t feel that way about me anymore...Right so far.”

He waited for her to nod she raised her chin from looking down in fear at his reaction not physically because she knew without doubt that Ron would never hurt her like that but a good rant was the Weasley way at least for Ron, Ginny and Mrs. Weasley anyway.

Ron saw a tear running down her face and reached out and wiped it away with his thumb.

“Its okay its not like we were in love we never even went out. So now we can move on with our friendship still intact...Right.”

She nodded and a bright smile spread across her face a second later she threw herself at him giving him a hug that that could put Molly Weasley to shame “Thank you, Ron, you have grown up...of course we are still friends.”

Ron stood there for a moment then slowly push away “Now one last thing ‘Mione.”


“I have a guess to what made you realize that your feelings had changed...Harry.”

Her eyes went wide and she thought about denying what Ron had implied but they had agreed to be honest and he had been and deserved the same in return. “How did you know.”

“You started to look at him differently the last month or so of school.” She blushed as red as Ron’s hair “Don’t worry I don’t think he noticed. Can I give you some advise though?”

She nodded and though ‘I thing I like the new Ron. Less rash more insightful. But still brave and noble maybe this is who he was always meant to be.’

“If you fancy him tell him he’s a little oblivious to stuff like this.”

Hermione was momentarily lost in thought when she notice Ron had moved to the door and opened it he turned and said “We’re still bestfriends no mater what right?”

“Of course always.” She voiced sincerely.

“Great. That wasn’t as bad as I thought...” he started to walk out then turned and hung his head back into the room between the door and the frame and add “Y’know Susan Bones asked me to owl her this summer but I wanted to clear the air with us first. So now that that’s done. I’ll do that...I’m not going to make the same mistake again.”

Now Hermione was happy if he was telling the truth and she believed he was she had seen Susan starring at him on more than one occasion and she had stopped and talked to Ron before they left the express in June.

Hermione smiled “She is a nice girl and smart she’s in my Arithmancy class. Don’t let her go Ron she seems sweet.”

“Yeah and funny too. I’ll go write her. Have you heard from Harry because he hasn’t written me back at all.”

“No, I’m worried about him he is with those wretched people. With what happened to Sirius...Blaming himself you know how he is.” Worry obvious on her face.

“Asked Ginny yesterday and she said that he hadn’t answered her letters either.”

Ron had returned to his room and written Susan. They had been writing back and forth ever since. She had flooed to The Burrow for the afternoon several times and he had gone to her family manor (Bones Manor). They had ended up snogging a couple of times. He really liked her a lot he had never been much for making plans for the future but she was and like to dream about things. She had shared some of them she wanted to be a barrister and was going to apply to some of the more light sided firms for an apprenticeship after Hogwarts.

She had made him think about his life after school. Harry’s idea of being an Auror was actually appealing to him. He could make a difference and help people. Then there was always the fact that it would help him stand with Harry against Voldemort.

Ron placed the sword and letter under his mattress and hide the box in his trunk. Then climbed back into bed turned of the light off. The last thoughts he had before sleep caught him was ‘Maybe should talk to Susan about this she knows all about wizarding law and she even knows Gringotts Procedures.’


Just before midnight on Privet Drive the quiet was broken by a soft pop. There was no movement however as Nymphadora Tonks was under an invisibility cloak. She moved toward the place she was scheduled to debrief and turnover with Dung.

When she reached the place next the rubbish bins and whispered “Dung...Dung...Dung...Dunggy, Dungy, Dung” Despite herself she giggled at the repeated use of the name. “Lazy bastard probably skived off to make a illegal deal again.” She muttered more to herself “Git’s going to get Harry kill.

I’ll skin him alive when I find. Like Harry doesn’t have enough to worry about with those relatives of his and the Dark Tosser trying to kill him.” She laughed again at the ‘dark tosser’ it was Harry who introduced her to that phrase.

She place another water repelling charm on the cloak she would have to recast this spell on the cloak every fifteen minutes. A few moments later she sees a large black bird of some kind land on Harry’s windowsill. Moments later Harry opened the window. Just as she moved to cross the street, to get a better look at what was going on up there, she tripped over her own feet and fell into the rubbish bins.

A few minutes later after she had picked herself and the bins up, reapplied the repealing charm and attempted to dry herself with a drying charm but the stupid cloak kept interfering with the charm.

At that moment she saw Hedwig fly from Harry’s window. To her amazement the owl flew down to her and landed on the bin next to her and raise her leg. Tonks slowly reached out of the cloak and removed the burden form the snowy owl. Hedwig flew back to the window as soon as the package was untied.

She walk across the street to the Dursley’s front door and stood under the over hang. Where it was dry, she then look down at the gossamer material it was silky and beautiful. As she examined it she felt something wrapped in the cloak.

She quickly discovered the note Harry had sent.


Wotcher Tonks,

Please use this it was my fathers and your Demiguise cloak is rubbish if I can spot you in this weather you’ll be a easy target for a Death Eater.

Besides you have to be cold and wet everyone knows that Demiguise cancels all other charms on the wearer. And what kind of chivalrous Gryffindor

would I be if I allowed a incredibly sweet, hopelessly clumsy, completely adorable, ridiculously beautiful (I mean inside as well as out as because I’m still not sure I have seen the real you) women like yourself to suffer the elements wile I wallow it the lap of luxury or hell whatever. Just take care of it for me please and return it when you finished. Stay warm and safe.



She decided to take a risk and quickly removed the Demiguise cloak and replaced it with Harry’s. She was only visible for less than a second and prayed that her position went undetected which it did for on Privet Drive any decent, respectable person would be in bed asleep. She then a couple of protective charms on the parchment refolded the note put it in her back pocket. She placed the Demiguise cloak in her knapsack.

She walked out into the rain and to her surprise she didn’t feel the rain or the cool air. ‘Must have a climate control charm and a built in water repelling charm.’

After returning to her post she started to think about the note that Harry had written. Was he flirting with her, of course not. Why would he do that he was rich, famous, brave and handsome. He was a hero a real hero. Not the boy-who-lived but Harry he always stands up and fights for what he believes in and always tries to help his friends. So why would he be interested in her she was seven years older than him. But he had said that he thought that she was beautiful on the inside. But he had also stated that he was curious at to her natural form. While it was true that they had not spent that much time together they had spent a lot of time talking last summer at Grimmauld Place. They had talked about different things for hours.

It was late at night and he would have nightmare not be able to get back to sleep and she would be on call for the order which meant sitting there waiting for something to happen.

They had talked about everything from her abilities to the night You-Know-Who came back. They had even compared their childhoods. Hers had be wonderful a mother and father who loved her. He had finally opened up and told her some of the things that the Dursleys had done to him as a kid.

After the summer he had written her at first then had stopped and she had assumed that he was at school with his friends why would he want to keep in touch with her. When he had seen her at Christmas he had explained that he had found out that his mail was being intercepted by Umbridge. She knew the toad, and that interfering with the owl post was illegal however Umbitch (as Harry had called her) was close to Fudge so there was nothing the she could do about the situation. They had a few more chances to talk over the holidays.

This was the first time she had stood watch here this summer because she suspected that the disagreement she had with Dumbledore about sending Harry back to this place. The only reason she was here at all was that a few of the usual watch standers had be hurt trying to stop a Death Eater raid in Brighton.
If she was completely honest with herself she more than fancied Harry, she was falling for him. She still had a hard time believing that she had connected more with a fifteen year old boy-no that wasn’t right young man because with all that he had been through in his life is no boy, than the other blokes that she had dated over the years.

The light in his room is out now.

‘He must have gone to bed’ she though ‘Sleep well Harry.’


As the sunlight crept into the smallest bedroom of Number Four, Harry Potter opened his eyes to find that he wasn’t alone. There was a women sitting

at his desk. He jumped to his feet grabbing his wand from under his pillow in the process falling into a dueling stance.

The women also got to her feet however didn’t move to draw her wand she just stood there. She was rather petite maybe 5’4 maybe 8 ½ stones she and dark brown wavy about half way down her back and her eyes were the brightest of blues. And it was quite possible she was the most beautiful women he had ever seen. She looked to be in her early twenties and as his eyes travel from her face to the curves of her body. Which was covered in a neon pink weird sisters tee-shirt that looked several sizes to small for her C-cup and a pair of form fitting jeans. “Like what see” the women said in a voice that he recognized right away.


“Wotcher Harry, I see you’ve been working out.”

At this point he remembered that he had slept wearing only a pair of boxer. He in blushed, reaching down to were he had discarded his shirt the night before.

“Why are you here, Tonks.” Harry said, trying not to look at her.

Tonks seeing his embarrassment reached into the knapsack on the desk, she pulled out the neatly folded gossamer cloak Harry had sent her. Then she moved a few steps closer and holding out the cloak to Harry.

“Thank you, Harry this is a remarkable cloak. It only stopped raining about a hour ago. It would have been miserable night without it.”

Harry took the cloak from her.

“I’m glad it helped you.”

Tonks smirked at the fact that Harry was still avoiding looking at her. Moving forward still eyeing Harry’s muscles through his shirt.

“You said you like to see my natural form so what do you think?” For the first time in long time she felt nervous about her appearance.

At this last statement he finally looked at her again and smiled.

“So this is you,” then noticing her nervousness moved closer and placed a hand on her shoulder “Why are you so nervous your beautiful Tonks, you know that don’t you.”

Her face brightened immediately and she threw herself at him without thinking. Harry not being prepared for the onslaught, fell back on to the bed.

She pressed her lips to his and a second latter Harry felt her tongue brush against his lips begging for entrance. He didn’t have much experience with kiss or girls in general but apparently he his body new enough for his lips parted and the kiss deepened.

After a few minutes their hands began to wander over each others body. A rather long snog session they broke apart breathing hard. Still laying next to each other on the tiny bed.

“So what does mean” Harry said quietly.

It was his turn to be nervous as the silence seemed to last for ever.

“I can’t speak for Harry, but for me I fancy you and have for a long time now I want to be together.....but if you don’t want me I understand.” The last part was spoken in almost a whisper. She was truly afraid of the answer.

In response reached over and put his arm under her head and pulled her closer. For the next hour there was nothing said the just lay there and held each other and let what had happened sink in. Then the silence was broken by Harry

“What do we do now.”

She was pensive for a moment the answered “We should probably keep this to ourselves for a while. I know for a fact that Dumbledore will try to keep us apart.”

“He does have control issues doesn’t he. Then again I’m not sure that many people would understand with the age difference maybe we should keep it a secret until I’m of age.”

Then seeing her face fall. He turned on his side to face placing his hand on her cheek and stocking it with his thumb. He truly notice that her face was thinner that the heart shape he was used to; He could see the Black’s blood in her a mixture of Sirius, Bellatrix, and Narcissa. But at the same time clearly unique.

As his hand meet her cheek she looked up and Blue found Green.

“I would like nothing better that to tell everyone that were together but you said it yourself Dumbledore would take who knows what measures to keep us apart. Not to mention the paper the would probably crucify you. Mrs. Weasley yell at the both of us about what is and what is not appropriate behavior for persons our ages and snogging each others brains out is not one of them.” He grinned boyishly at her and wagged his brows at her before crushing her lips with a searing kiss.

“Well sneaking around might be fun after all,” she paused for a moment as if unsure how he would react but her curiosity got the better of her “Harry,

last night when I was outside I saw a black bird a hawk, and you don’t have to tell me. I’m not trying to get information for Dumbledore or anything like that I promise, never mind...”

She stopped suddenly and started to get up from the bed, fear in her eyes. Until Harry grabbed her hand and pulled her back down to him she didn’t resist and her head came to rest on his shoulder her shoulder fitting perfectly into the crook of his arm.

“I’m not upset Tonks. I know your curious. I would be to if I were you. But why do you keep acting like you’re afraid of what I’m going to say or of how I’ll react to what you say? Please trust me, I trust you.”

“I haven’t had a lot of luck with dating not that I’ve dated a lot, only three serious boyfriends. One at Hogwarts and two since and by serious I mean we dated for longer than a month. The one at Hogwarts was the longest almost six months. Then he dumped me because I wouldn’t sleep with him...well I dumped him or we just ended because we almost slept together but when we were close he asked me to change into another girl I knew

that was in our year...anyway I ran out of the empty classroom and me and Char...The guy never really spoke much after that.”

Harry had kept quiet through her admission could guess the rest. “Let guess the other two have similar stories. And the other blokes you’ve dated

that didn’t even last past a few dates before making right arses of themselves. Judging by the way I’ve seen some of the guys at school act...” He finally made a connection ‘She had started to say a name and then stopped so it had to be someone I know she had said Ch...Or Char...No it couldn’t Charlie Weasley was in her class I think.’

He took a moment and then continued “Charlie Weasley right the first boyfriend.” He could feel her head nod against his chest. “I thought he was a better guy than that.” His voice was dripping with equal parts anger and disappointment.

“I know its a cliché but he was young and maybe he’s different now he was a nice guy he just made a very bad choice.” She paused “Besides over the past year I have felt closer to you than anyone I’ve ever known...I know we only been seeing each other for a couple of hours but that’s how I feel.”

“I feel the same way but I still can’t believe that you would return my feelings. I’ve become used to being everyone’s friend.”

“I’d do some more to convince you that you’re more than my friend but your relatives will be up soon so and I should be on watch” the metamorph said almost purring.

A second latter the young women got out of the bed. Harry instantly felt the lose of warmth next to him and rose as well.

Harry watched as her face grew more heart shaped and her hair became short and spiky and turned bubblegum pink. She gave him a cheeky smile before he giving him a passionate kiss.

“So when does your watch end.”

“Noon, Mad-Eye’s taking over for me. But I’ll be back at midnight and after I turn over I’ll come up here.”

“Okay, I will see you then. Tonks...” he thought for moment “Is there something else I could call you more personal than Tonks.”

She looked in his eye and saw his sincerity. So she thought for a minute of so the answered “Well my mum calls me insist on calling me Nymphadora”

her face grimaced the continued “My dad calls me Dora. I don’t mind that to much but it may be a little weird because he is the only one who does”

then she consider something she hope she would not regret “You can call me Nym or maybe Nymmy but not Nymph, Nymphy, and for damn sure not Nymphadora. Got it, Mister Potter!”

She emphasized the Mister Potter with a playful poke to the chest.

He smiled and gave a her quick peek of the lips.

“Yes Nym, dear, anything you say Nymmy Poo.”

“Git” she said with a giggle and a playful swat on the arm.

Their banter was interrupted by his uncle’s bellowed from down stairs “BOY, STOP BEING LAZY AND GET DOWN HERE AND HELP YOUR AUNT WITH BREAKFAST. AND I MEAN NOW!!!”

“Oh Shite,” he looked at his alarm clock “Its after eight already its been nearly three hours already...”


“We both need to go, I’ll see you later Harry.”

Harry kissed her quickly. “Tonight, I’ll tell you about the hawk...”

“You don’t have to...” She was stopped by finger on her lips.

“I want to” He moved away from her and picked up his pants and pulled them on. He saw her pull on the Demiguise cloak and disappear.

As he stepped out of the smallest bedroom.

He heard his uncle again “BOY...”


Harry was again laying on his bed starring at the ceiling hoping that he had not imagined this morning. He glanced at the alarm clock 11:45. He was

tired after playing the Dursley’s house-elf all day but he really wanted to see his Nym. ‘My Nym I like the sound of that’ he thought. He had already gotten ready for bed but tonight he was wearing pyjamas.

He knew he had to trust her because if he couldn’t trust her then who could he trust with this what ever this is.

He didn’t have to wait long before he heard the soft pop of apparition. He had his hand on his wand just in case it was need. However it was unnecessary. Nym remove her cloak to reveal her hair was now a livid purple with eyes to match.

“Hey Nym” He asked getting out of bed and moving toward her “how was your day.” He punctuated the statement with a kiss. Which she readily
returned as he deepened it. This time he pushed her on to the bed, falling on top of her both of their hands starting to explore each others body.

A half hour later Harry ended the intense snog session when he pulled away and got off the bed and move to his closet. At the back of the closet he retrieved the letter and sword. He walked back over to Nym who was now sitting up on the bed. He place the sword on the bed and handed the letter to Nym. Who took it and began to read. She finished a couple of minutes later. Handed the letter back to him.

“You going to go.”


She did not respond she reached in her back jean pocket and pulled out a letter of her own and handed it to him.

“I found one of those hawks at my window when I went home after Mad-Eye relieved me” She said a he began to read...


Dear Nymphadora Cassiopeia Tonks,

Your presence is required at the Gringotts London Branch on an urgent mater. It has been brought to our attention that you are currently working with Headmaster Dumbledore. We would ask that you not inform the Headmaster as to this meeting as it is the opinion of myself and the Bank the he would endeavor to stop you from attending.

We also suspect your post is being monitored, by the Headmaster or one of his agent acting on his behalf that is why we sent this with one of our saber hawks they are breed to be immune to repelling charms and have a natural stealth which makes them almost undetectable.

The letter is a portkey set of to bring you to my office at ten o’clock on the 31st of July.
Senior Account Manager


“What do you think this mean, Nym, it has to be the same meeting right?”

“Same day and time signed by the same Goblin.” Nym said only half paying attention to the conversation. She was now examining the old sword more specifically the crest with the lightning bolt.

“I’ve seen this before, well not exactly...” then she moved her right hand to the bottom of the section and pointed to the lightning bolt. Then continued “This however is knew...In all the ones that I seen this was a group of three, four-pointed stars.”

“What is it then?”

“Well I was still at the Auror Academy and they had us studying the founding of the Wizengamot, nine hundred years ago near the end of the lives of the founders. Of course then is was the called the Counsel of Nobles which had the same function as the Wizengamot. But the charter was never changed just the name. They just started making changes and actually the Wizengamot was the one who wrote and ratified the Charter for The Ministry or as the charter refers to it as The Central Wizard Government. Basically they did it so they didn’t have to make all the daily decisions and the Charter also gave the Minster or as was called The Governor of Magical Britain, his privileges and responsibilities. Over the years the Wizengamot have added or changed these....”

At this point Harry interrupted her “Okay, Nym take a breath I don’t think that I have ever seen you go into such detail about something before however interesting this history lesson was and don’t get me wrong your much better than Binns. How does the charter relate to this crest.”

She actually blushed. “Oh it was on every page of the charter. And on the signature page with all the founding members of the Council of Nobles signatures it was at the top of the page with the oath of membership.

“All members take the oath when they are either granted membership by achieving a certain level of wealth either monetary or by owning large tracks of land. They are the given the title of Baron once that level is reached it is confirmed by Gringotts and the funny thing is that even if the family falls into abject poverty the title can’t be taken away.

“The other way is granted merit of a accomplishment by service to the wizarding world and given the title of Lord by a vote of the Wizengamot that’s how Dumbledore received his he’s a half-blood and both his parents were muggleborn. Anyway the lordship then becomes hereditary and can be passed down you are also granted a family crest and Charter. And are a are given a family signet ring. When the signet is made they add a few drops of your blood. This makes the ring only able to be worn by someone of the founding member’s bloodline.

“At the same time it the signet is also tied to the family charter and can only the be worn by the head of the family, as dictated by the charter, as to how succession is done for the family some allow female head of families some forbid it. For the most part its father to son.”

As she stopped because she finally noticed Harry grinning at her and knew she had been rambling. However her boyfriend took pity on her and said

“Tell me how all this ties to that crest” Harry said pointing to the crest.

“My point is all members of the Wizengamot before they are excepted they place their hand on the Charter for the Council of Nobles and ‘Swear to follow all the codes of establishment for this Charter’.”

Harry look at Nym but before he could voice his question she answered it “There were only three listed under the crest on the signature page before the actual signatures. The first one was to never cheat on a vote, this mean using the Imperius or something to control another member. The second says that there is no dueling or challenging others to a duel in the chamber. But it says that you may defend yourself or another if attacked but only necessary force. The third state that you take responsibility for any proxy you should choose.”

“Proxy, so they can just send someone else to do their job no wonder every things all turned to shite.”

“Well no, no one what’s to lose their magic the oath is magically binding. If the proxy brakes one of the Codes of Establishment then they, mean the actual member, would be punished by their own magic. They could lose their magic and become a squib or in the case of a man he could lose something more personal or both. But this isn’t a unbreakable vow so they can’t die only wish they had.”

“So what your saying is that this crest is on the Charter of the Council of Nobles. But no one knows what it is or what it mean. For all any one knows it could just be decoration. Wow, so you channel Hermione often...” He broke off suddenly as he fell off the bed were he had been sitting next to Nym. He was pointing and laughing at the expression on her face.

When he stopped laughing he stood up took her in his arms and said “Enough of that well find out on my birthday, right.”

She nodded. Then gave him a searing kiss.

When they broke apart minutes later she said “Why don’t we get some sleep I set up so magical tripwires around the perimeter so if any one magical approaches the house.” As she finish she began to take off her jeans. The reverted to her natural state.

“I like your natural form best it truly suits you, it make me feel that you trust me. Well that and your so amazingly sexy...”

“No I am not in this form I’m plain. But I revert in my” She shrugged “Thanks for saying it though.”

Harry scowled at her “Why do you do that? You never self-conscious about thing why don’t you like your natural form.”

“I don’t know its just when I started Hogwarts the other kid always wanted me to look like this way or that and after a while figured out that the other forms were more interesting. Than this” she indicated herself “After first year I stayed in the form you usually see me in except when I went home on school breaks my parents always insisted that I take my natural form around the house.”

“Kids are stupid you know that and what I said I said not to be nice. I meant it you are beautiful and I think I’m going to learn from your parents and start insisting that when we’re alone the you give me the pleasure of looking at that beautiful face and spectacular body. Will you do that for me.”

“Okay” she smile evilly “If you take off those hideous pyjamas.”

A few minutes later Harry was in his boxers Nym was in a t-shirt and panties. They were snuggle up to each other with the lights out. Just starting to doze off. To the most peaceful sleep either had ever had.
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