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Better View From Here.

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"Shouldn't we be getting back now? I mean, it's starting to get dark; we're not going to get much done in darkness." Actually, Chase could think of a few things that could get done in darkness.

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"Why did you drag me all the way out onto this cliff in the middle of absolutely bloody nowhere?" Chase asked annoyedly as he slammed the door of the car shut and walked closer towards the edge of the cliff.

"Because, the patient mentioned that he fishes off this coast and judging by the red inflamation that has just shown up, it is most likely a skin related allergy of sorts. So get on your knees and start getting me samples," said House, limping over to the bonnet of the car and promptly leaning against it for optimal viewing of Chase's sample session.

Chase muttered a few choice obsenities under his breath before kneeling down, grabbing a few test tubes out of his coat pocket before doing so and picking out bits of dirt, pollen and anything else that had the probabilty of staining themselves on the knees of his pants.

"Come on now, while we still have daylight," House ordered non-chalantly while absently fiddling with his walking stick, debating whether or not to start prodding his guinea-pig with it but decided against it. He'd save that for when they were testing samples in the lab.

After about 10 minutes of watching Chase crawl around on all-fours, House decided that if he hadn't found anything by now; it obviously wasn't here. "Alright, get up. I think we have enough samples to make it look like we're actually trying to treat the patient. If these turn up to show nothing, we blame one of the nurses for misconduct," House announced with a slight tone of mischief ringing in his voice.

"You can't do that, not without proper proof at least," Chase replied, getting up and dusting the dirt from his pants. Yep, definitely stained with god-knows-what. House raised an eyebrow as he stared back at the blonde, "I'm in charge, I can do whatever I like."

Chase huffed and walked back towards the car, getting inside and shut the door. He sat there for a moment when he realised that House wasn't moving from the bonnet. He scowled and honked the horn, but to no avail. After repeatedly smacking his head against the head rest and banging his fist against the window he realised that House wasn't going to move from the bonnet.

Chase sighed and opened the door once again, swinging his legs out and stood up. He still didn't move. He slammed the door shut again hoping to provoke a reaction. House, statue complex. "Why are we still here, shouldn't we be getting back now? I mean, it's starting to get dark; we're not going to get much done in darkness." Actually, Chase could think of a few things that could get done in darkness.

"We're still here because..." House trailed off and looked at his watch. "Because in about one minute and thirty seconds it'll officially be sunset. Do you know how long it has been since I have seen a proper sunset? And I'm not talking about one of those hundred dollar pictures that move and simulate sunset and even make sea noises if you pay an extra thirty bucks," he replied, not taking his eyes off from the horizon. Chase cracked a small smile.

"You almost sounded like you could be describing a hooker if you changed a few words there," he said with a chuckle at the end. House sighed and nodded, "You're right there kiddo, I mean I should know; best company I've had in a while," he stated dully before realising what he had actually said. "You didn't hear that," he snapped, turning side on to glare at the blonde. Chase gulped and nodded. He never figured House to be a 'lady of the night' type of guy, if he himself were female... No. Stop. Right there.

"Look sharp, sunset at twelve 'o clock. We'll acutally, six forty five; but let's not get technical," House said, back to his usual monotonous tone. Chase lent against the side of the car, starting at House. Every line on his face represented a different worry, concern or problem and boy did he have alot of those. But somehow in the light, they seemed to disappear and he looked somewhat younger. More innocent, without the burden of life weighing down on his shoulders.

Chase felt his facial expression soften, maybe House was the way he was for a reason. Maybe he wasn't such an egotistical, maniacal bastard... Okay, that's a lie. But maybe he wasn't always like this, maybe he was the result of devoting your entire self to your work no matter what the cost. No one would want someone like that. No one could want someone like that.

Besides him.

"The view sucks from here, theres too much glare. I'll stick to the painting next time." House said, bringing Chase back to reality; even if he was still staring at his boss. He still looks better here.

"It's amazing where I'm standing."
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