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Beyond the Sea

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Alternate Universe. This is a challenge-fic given to me by Macoola/Anya. Loosely based on The Little Mermaid. Touga x Saionji shounen-ai/yaoi. Features Akio and Ruka. Please read and review!

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BlackRoseVixen05: Finally, I'm posting the first chapter of the challenge fic that was given to me by Macoola/Anya. I hope the first chapter is enjoyable for all who read it. ^_^

Disclaimer: I do not own Revolutionary Girl Utena or the Little Mermaid, though I would take Utena if it was offered to me.

Chapter One

Did you know that many years ago, the seas we know today were very different? They were. Even in modern times, some people still cling to the belief that a race of "mer-people" exist in this planet's waters. If you were able to go back in time, you would see that those beliefs were stronger back then. People even claimed to have proof.

One young man actually did...

18th Century Japan

Our story opens at a castle atop a high cliff that overlooked the Sea of Japan. A wealthy English family had just arrived to the majestic building. They were moving in. Robert Kiryuu, a half Japanese man, his wife Mina, his son Touga, and his daughter Nanami were very excited as they explored the giant home. The castle belonged to Touga. He had inherited the castle from his grandfather, an elderly, Oriental gentleman who had recently passed away. Now ten years old, Touga could claim his new mansion and property.

A week passed and the family was now settled into what they decided to make their vacation home. On this sunny Tuesday morning, Touga could be seen outdoors. The wealthy youngster was engaging in his favorite pastime, Kendo practice. Touga had always been very interested in Japanese culture. His interest only grew when his Father introduced him to martial arts.

Touga stood several feet from the edge of the cliff at the rear of the castle. He loved to train here because he felt as though he was standing on top of the world. The wind was magnificent. Sometimes when he closed his eyes, he felt like he was floating.

He was always being nagged by his mother whenever he got anywhere near the cliff. Mina would constantly warn him to be careful and not fall into the sea below. Touga rolled his blue eyes as he held his wooden practice sword. It was almost insulting that his mother thought him to be so careless.

/'I guess it's a mom thing...' /Touga thought, closing his eyes.

Ever since he took up Kendo, Touga wished that he had afriend, another boy who loved the sport as much as he did. The only children Touga had ever been allowed to hang around, however, were his sister, and the other wealthy kids that he was always being introduced to by his parents. Touga never felt happy around those other children. He could almost sense that their"friendship" wasn't real.

Touga sighed and sat down on a rock, deciding to take abreak. He gazed out at the water and made a silent wish that he could somehow find a genuine friend, someone whose company he could actually enjoy and appreciate.

Unbeknownst to Touga, he was being watched. Out in the sea, in the direction going west, a young boy sat quietly on a boulder. The boy looked to be around Touga's age, perhaps a year younger. This child was no regular human. Starting at his hips, the boy had a long fish-like tail instead of legs. The tail was covered in shimmering lime-green scales. The pattern of a rising dragon adorned the tail, spiraling upward until the dragon's head reached his right hip. The scales that made the large dragon pattern were a deeper, darker green, more of an emerald color.

The child's upper body was completely human. Well, almost. The boy's ears resembled fish fins. He wore only a black vest and a shell bracelet on his wrist. Purple eyes stared intently as he gazed up at Touga. Long green hair, identical in color to the dragon, moved slowly in the slight breeze. The boy's hair was very wavy, tied loosely by a black cloth and draping over his left shoulder. This boy...this mer-child, was obviously very interested in Touga. He had been secretly watching him practice Kendo everyday since Touga arrived at the castle.

"Kyouichi!" came a harsh whisper to the mer-boy's right.

The spying child jumped when he heard his name, Kyouichi. Full name: Kyouichi Saionji, though only a few people called him by his first name. Looking around, he discovered his friend Ruka at his side.

Another mer-boy, Ruka's lower body looked like the tail of a dolphin. His tail was dark blue with the light blue pattern of a seahorse on it. Ruka wore no shirt and had the same fin-like ears as Saionji. Ruka also had short blue hair with light blue bangs, looking to be about the same age as his friend.

"Hey, Ruka," Saionji greeted. "What are you doing here?"

The other boy scoffed. "I can't believe you just asked me that. What am /I /doing here?" Ruka stressed. "Don't you know that if we're caught up here, we're doing to be in deep trouble? Your grandma told you to stay away from the surface."

"You won't tell, will you?" Saionji asked, giving his friend an impishly sweet smile.

Ruka smacked his forehead. "No," he mumbled after amoment, sighing. Saionji grinned triumphantly before returning his gaze to the cliff where Touga had resumed training.

Ruka grunted as he used his arms to pull himself up onto the boulder upon which Saionji sat. Swinging his tail around, Ruka maneuvered his lower body into a sitting position. He raised an eyebrow when he saw how Saionji was watching the cliff. "And what is so interesting?" he asked.

"His name is Touga," Saionji answered, "He's out practicing again today."

Ruka squinted. "Oh, that same human..." he murmured.


"You know, Kyouichi, you should have at least put up abarrier spell while you were out here," Ruka pointed out. "Just think of what would happened if that human had seen you? I mean, all he has to do is look this way..."

"Oh... I guess I forgot about one...again..." Saionji mumbled, rubbing the back of his head.

"Again?" Ruka asked, his eye twitching. "Jeeze... You're hopeless."

Saionji only chuckled and went back to spying. He blinked when he realized Touga was not there. "Aww...he left..." he said, pouting.

"Ha! Oh, well, too bad, so sad, let's go!" Ruka exclaimed, grabbing Saionji's arm. The other boy "eeked" as he was pulled off the rock and practically dragged underneath the water.

"Okay, okay, we're going home," Saionji said, easily able to speak even under the sea. "You don't have to pull me all the way there. What are you, anyway? My babysitter?"

"Not letting you get us in trouble isn't enough to label me as your babysitter," Ruka replied, finally letting go of his friend's arm."I will have you know, however, that your grandma asked me to keep an eye on you."

Saionji sighed. "Man..." he groaned.

"Oh, stop it. You can just sneak away and see your precious human again some other time," Ruka said, swimming ahead of Saionji as they dove deeper.

"I wish I could talk to him," Saionji said, referring to Touga.

"Why are you obsessing over this human anyway?" Ruka asked, not understanding.

"Because he's different," Saionji replied, "I want to know more about humans."

"Then read a book," Ruka stated dryly.

Saionji chuckled and shook his head, not saying anything else as he followed his friend. He was silently making plans for his next visit to the surface, determined to learn more.

End of Chapter One

BlackRoseVixen05: Well, there's the first chapter, people. Sorry for the shortness. Hopefully future chapters will be longer. (nervous chuckle) My ideas are still a little foggy, so the second chapter may take a while to get here, but it's coming! I shall conquer this challenge!!! Oh, and in the meantime, please leave me some nice reviews. Thank you!
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