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home sweet home

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Author's Note: I am happy to announce that I have finally conquered the dreaded writer's block with my sword of creativity. Now I'm listening to Poppin' Champagne by ATL and smiling like a lunatic. It'a a pretty great feeling.

Fruit baskets, giraffe topiaries, and expensive mascara go out to the following:
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Now onto the long-awaited arrival of your Soap/Gabanti chapter. Enjoy!

41: n u e s t r a c a s a

Soap’s POV

As I stepped out of the steamy bathroom, I noticed Gabe lying on the bed, playing with Rigby’s ears.

“What are you doing?” he asked as I searched my luggage for something to wear.
“Oh, sorry for dripping all over the floor,” I said, wrapping my robe more tightly around my waist.
“Don’t worry about that. I could care less about the carpet,” he said, sitting up. “I was wondering why you haven’t moved your stuff into the dresser or the closet.”

It was true. After a week of being in New York, all of my stuff was either in my lime green luggage or the packing boxes stacked in the corner of the room.

“I don’t know…” Trailing off I bit my lip and directed my eyes to the floor.
“Are you having second thoughts about moving in?” he tentatively asked.
“No. It’s not that…it’s just--I don’t know. It feels like I’d be invading your space.”
“Soooap.” He got up and wrapped his arms around my waist. “It’s our space. Mi casa es su casa. Even Rigby’s set up shop.”

Surely enough, the puppy had scattered her toys all over the floor, and was currently chewing on a fallen pillow.

“Sorry,” I said, suddenly feeling guilty.
“Hey, don’t be.”

He smiled down at me and kissed my nose.

“After I get dressed, wanna help me unpack?”
“Can’t you just unpack naked? It would save you the time of finding an outfit. And it would be more aesthetically pleasing.”
“Uh huh. No,” I said, shaking my head. He chuckled at my response.
“Hey, you can’t blame me for trying. But to answer your question, yes. I’ll help you after you out some clothes on.”
“Thank you.”

Rigby’s POV

Just as Soap left the room to change, Gabe started headed toward the boxes in the corner of the room. He pulled a funny looking toy out of the top box. It looked like two pink bowls were strung together with lace. He spun it around his finger and it flew across the room. I ran after it and caught it in my mouth. I’d never played with one of these before, but it looked like fun. I swung it around and ran around with it while Gabe chased after me.

Soap reentered the room and laughed.

“Last time I checked, I hadn’t unpacked that bra yet.”
“Well, you see…”

Gabe stood there, looking confused while I continued running.

“Rig, here girl,” Soap said, patting her knee. Whatever mommy says goes, so I stopped my dash across the room and walked over to her. She held out her hand and I let go of the toy. She patted my head, then headed over to the same box Gabe had previously opened.

“I think you’ll have more fun playing with this,” she said, tossing a ball to me. I smiled and carried it to the foot of the bed. As I sat there, tossing it between my paws, Soap and Gabe unpacked her boxes. One by one, the big cardboard containers were emptied, and Soap’s stuff was put into the closet, dresser, and shelves.

After they finished, Sophie flopped onto the bed. Gabe took a thin box off the shelf, took a flat circle thing out of it. He put that inside the machine connected to the TV.

“Rigby, wanna watch Gossip Girl with us?” Gabe asked. I eagerly barked, wondering what he was talking about. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

He carefully picked me up and set me down in front of Soap before taking a seat next to us. Then he pressed some buttons on the remote and the show started playing.

By the time we reached the fifth episode, Soap was asleep. I don’t know how, though. It was too exciting to look away from. I nudged the side of her face as Blair tricked Jenny into breaking into Eleanor’s store and stealing a coat.

“Come over here and let mommy get some sleep,” Gabe said. Careful not to wake her, I tiptoed over her arm and took a seat on Gabe’s chest and we spent the rest of the night watching the lives of Manhattan’s elite teenagers get into all sorts of trouble.

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