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Blinded in chains

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Gerard expected a lot of things when he started teaching at the high school, but the one thing he didnt expect was to find himself tied into the dramatic and disturbing life of the schools shy, qui...

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So far the day was going as well as I could have hoped. When I woke up this morning I had been certian I was going to puke from nerves but now I felt stupid for ever worrying, this place was great and I felt completely at home. I only had two lessons to go and if they were anything like my other classes then I was going to have a great time.
It was so weird being here, back at school but as a teacher. I was probably the youngest teacher here too, most of the others ranging between forty and sixty, where as I was a mere twenty three years old. In the staffroom, when I was being introduced to everyone they all joked about how I should be sitting there classes I was so young - there was no question about it, I was now the baby of the teachers lounge, which I found wasnt too bad since it meant everyone else offered to make my coffee for me and liked to sit and chat with me, pushing others out of the way as if I were a brand new toy. They were all pretty nice, and complained a lot about the behaviour of their students but so far I had had no problems. Maybe it was because I was knew so all the 'bad kids' were still sussing me out, or maybe it was because I was pretty close to their age considering the other teachers. Either way, I was happy and decided coming here had definitely not been a mistake.
"Oh Gerard -" Mary, one of the older female teachers, flopped down into the armchair beside mine and covered her eyes with the back of her hand. "I have just spent the whole of last lesson trying to make the girls in my class quieten down." She sighed, I took a sip of my coffee after finishing the cookie I had been eating and regarded her over the rim of my mug.
"Oh?" I questioned. She looked over at me with a small grin and nodded, I could see she was exhausted but her eyes sparkled with a juicy secret and I was keen to know what it was.
"Oh indeed. I had the class you taught just after break -" She began only for me to cut across her in shock.
"Really? They were fine when I taught them -"
"Oh I'm sure they were" Mary chuckled as some of the other teachers began to listen too. "You wont believe what I heard some of the girls saying." Mary giggled like a young school girl and leant forward, gripping my lower arm as she said "All they went on about was 'the new art teacher this' 'the new art teacher that' - whew. I do believe your backside made quite an impression." Mary began to laugh as I stared at her in shock, feeling myself blush slightly. My... backside? I began to think of horrible things I might have sat in without noticing or something but then Mary saw the look of horror on my face and continued through her giggles.
"Oh lordie, they were saying it was nice and firm and that your tight trousers hug you in all the right places. Oh my - I nearly killed myself laughing right then and there - it was all I could do to tell them to settle down." Mary spluttered, the other teachers laughing and looking at eachother. I blushed deeply, feeling the heat rise in my neck and cheeks.
"Wow Gerard, you'll need to be careful. Some of those girls will stop at nothing to get a little closer to you." Laughed Ben, a science teacher. I wrinkled my nose up in disgust, as far as I was concerned the students here were children, except for the two older years but I wasnt interested in them either. A student/teacher relationship was the last thing I wanted. I think I'd rather eat my own lungs than date one of these students.

It was the last lesson of the day and my feet were aching, my body tired, but I was still feeling extremely happy. I guess I was born to teach, and the students had been a joy to be around. I picked up the list of students in my next class and read the small notes the previous teacher had written about them for my benefit. They were the eldest students in the school, and according to the notes were trusted to get on with their work without much instruction except for a small group of students who the teacher had written "If they wont work then dont push them, they wont listen" beside. I contemplated this as the first of the students began to enter the room.
Apparently, news about me had travelled fast as a group of tall blondes, smothered in make - up giggled and winked at me as they walked past my desk. I gave no response and watched as the other students began to enter the room. The blondes were soon joined by three muscular, tanned boys who were most likely in the football team. It seemed to me like everyone in the class were part of their own little clique, and I was intrigued to see each group forming. All the boys either ignored me or gave me a simple nod, but the girls - By the time everyone was finally seated I knew the most random things about them. It was like they found it necissary to tell me something about them when they said hi. Nicola for example, was a vegetarian. Maria's favourite colour was pink. Joanne thought that world peace could never be acheived. Samantha strongly disagreed with Joanne. Katy's birthday was tommorow... I tried to be polite to each girl but I wasnt sure what they wanted me to do exactly... I mean what were they expecting - "Hey sir, its my birthday tommorow" "Really, fabulous. Come to my room after school and I'll give you a present..."
I dont think so.
I was just about to start the lesson when a boy walked in, he kept his head down and his arms wrapped tightly around his body. His hair caught my attention the most, it was shaved and dyed red at the sides with a black fringe that fell over the one side of his face. I could see he had a nose and lip ring and although his appearence reminded me of the popular punk kids who had been at my school when I was a student he didnt seem to emit the confidence I felt suited his appearence.
He sat down at a desk by himself and kept his head low, as if he didnt want anyone to look at him. I stared at him for a second before calling the classes attention and introducing myself.
"Right, hi everyone - my name is Mr. Way and I'm your new art teacher. I've spoken to most of you already so I'll just start the lesson right away, I believe that you've all been working on -" I stopped. I could hear whispering coming from the table with the blondes and footballers and it was seriously annoying me. I crossed over to them, aware of how the rest of the class were staring at me with baited breath. I could just imagine how much these blondes and their most likely boyfriends got away with around here, I knew they were the type of people to argue back with a passion.
"Ahem." I cleared my throat once I reached their table and slowly they turned their heads to look at me. "I presume that since your talking over me that it means your discussing something very important." I said brightly, the group looked at eachother stupidly, clearly unsure of what I was getting at.
"Erm... yeah." Said when of the boys, sounding like an ogre - a stupid ogre. "Yeah, we were." He said with more confidence, he probably thought that meant I would let them off.
"Ah... well, if it is important then I'm sure the rest of the class would like to hear it too." I said. I heard a girl at the back of the room snigger and one of the blondes scowled.
"Well... we dont really... we werent going to tell everyone..." Mumbled one of the boys, they really were idiots. I sighed and put my hands on my hips, using my best teachers voice I spoke.
"Well then I suggest you shut up when I'm talking. I'd like to think I'm a fair person but impoliteness is something I will not tolerate." The girls nodded as the boys continued to look confused and I walked away satisfied, addressing the whole class once more.
"Now then as I was saying, I believe you've all been working on making a sketch book of your own work so for now I think you should continue with that and I'll come round and see where everyone is in their work." I said brightly and instantly people began to get up and get the things they needed for the lesson. I watched them all for a moment before going to my desk and sitting down, pulling some work I needed to mark infront of me and grabbing a red pen.
I worked for about half of the lesson before looking up to see how everyone was doing, the blonde table as I now decided to call it were sat talking, not a single peice of work infront of them. I guessed they were the group the previous teacher had advised not to bother. I looked around to see everyone else were talking and working contentedly, all except for the boy with the piercings. He was sat with some paper infront of him and was absently drawing a circle on it, his pencil going round and round again and again as he stared out the window in a world of his own. Intrigued, I scanned the list of names to see if I couldnt guess who he was. A name caught my attention as the previous teacher had put little smiley faces by each one and this one had peircings.
'Frank Iero - shy and quiet. But a hard worker.'
I looked up at him again, shy and quiet I could believe but it didnt look like he was working hard to me. I got up from my seat and walked over to his desk, he didnt notice me as I stood before him he was so caught up in his daydream.
"Frank Iero?" He started and looked at me with wide eyes, reminding me of a frightened animal.
"Y- yes?" He asked. I smiled as gently as I could, I hadnt meant to surprise him.
"That doesnt look like much work." I said softly, looking down at the paper he had been drawing on, the circle he had drawn was perfectly round as if he had been drawing round a circular object, the line was shiny and deep black, slightly indenting the paper because he had gone over it so much.
"Sorry - I've finished my sketch book." He said quietly.
"Really? May I see it?" I asked, he shrugged and pulled the sketchbook from his bag, handing it to me with trembling fingers. I got the feeling he was frightened of me, and he kept his free arm around his body at all times, he had major closed body language and it confused me a little. I flicked through his sketch book with interest, each piece was a drawing based round song lyrics which he had written scruffily in biro. I smiled, impressed.
"This is really good." I commented, looking at him to see he was looking back at me with worried eyes. "Seriously, I really like this. I'm impressed." I smiled at him but he simply looked down and mumbled a thanks. I didnt know what to say to him, so I placed his book back on the table and took a step back, I saw him relax a little and I frowned.
"So... well, the lessons nearly over so I guess you can just do whatever, I'll start you on some new work next lesson." I said getting a faint nod in return, without another word I turned on my heel and went round to look at everyone elses work. Frank remaining motionless, his arms wrapped tighter round himself than before.
When the bell signalling the end of the day rang everyone jumped from their chairs and bolted for the door, nearly crushing me in the process. Frank was one of the first out of his seat but just as he passed me one of the footballers tripped him up, making the blonde girls cackle with laughter. I glared at them all and they hurried away before I could shout at them, Frank got to his knees and began picking up everything that had dropped out of his bag. I crossed over to him as he fastened the button and touched his arm to help him up, he gasped and flinched, pushing away from me with such force it caused me to stumble back.
"Hey - wha -" I reached out but Frank had jumped to his feet and I barely had time to take a step closer to him before he had ran full speed out the door.

A/N: Woo! New story xD Okay, I know I need to add to my other stories and I will be but I'm just not motivated at the moment because I've got bored of writing them falls over I've had this idea in my head for a while now and I just really wanted to start writing it so I figured I may as well just post it and hope my writing standard goes back to what it used to be.
So yeah, this is gonna be a frerard filled with abuse, drama, romance, and all sorts of juicy elements that I love ^_^
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