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Text Fight!?! TWINCEST

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Tom over protective of Bill and gets mad

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Twincest - kaulitzcest
I don’t know why I made Bill so emotional in this fic but I did. >.<

Warning: boyxboy twincest - don’t like don’t read. As it says in my other fanfics don’t leave nasty comments if you don’t like it, it makes you look stupid and it pisses me off. And for you who do enjoy. Well enjoy!
Bill was sitting at the table down stares in the hotel dinning room with the others waiting for his omelet to come. He was in a happy mood do to the text that tom had sent to him.

hey sexy - text -

Bill looked at his cell phone screen with a blush and small smile on his face. He looked up to see tom looking at him with a cocky grin on his smug face. Bill quickly looked down and texted to be brother.

Tommy don’t look at me like that

Bill looked up to see tom wink at him. Bills blush darkened as he looked down.

I can’t help it that you look sexy today

If possible, bills blush darkened as he the text.

but Tommy I thought that I was sexy all the time. Do you think not?

Bill heard a chuckle come from the other end of the table.

No not all the time lol jk

Bill scoffed and looked to his side to see the waiter with his food, when the waiter got to him and set his omelet in front of him he smirked and grabbed his wrist. Bill whispered in the waiter’s ear and the waiter laughed and blushed as bill pulled away and winked. When the waiter was out of the room bill looked up to see a red-faced tom. Bill gasped as his pocket vibrated.

what the fuck bill

Bill answered with a sour look on his face.

you called me ugly

no I didn’t, I said I was kidding

Bill took a bite from his omelet and looked up from his omelet to tom.

you hurt my feeling tom, I’m sorry

Bill started to regret what he had done he new that tom was a possessive brother and boyfriend when it came to bill.

so you flirt with the waiter!

Tom looked like he would explode any minute.

I’m sorry

Bills head snapped up when he heard toms fist hit the table and his chair fall to the ground with a thud. Tom walked out of the room in a fast pace to the elevators. Bill got up and ran after tom with tears gathering up in the corners of his eyes.
Georg sat there with a confused look on his face, he looked to Gustav. “Um what just happened?” Georg asked Gustav. “Lover quarrel just leave them alone.” Geoge only nodded and went back to his food.

Tom had just reached the elevator as it dinged opened. He took a step in as Bill ran around the corner. Bill through himself in the elevator as it started to close. Tom eyes wiled when the elevator closed and jolted up and bill fell to his knees. Chocking on a sob bill wrapped his arms around his legs. “I’m sorry Tom.” Bill sobbed harder. Tom got to his knees in front of Bill and gathered him in his arms. Bill hugged Tom waist tightly. “Bill.” tom said as he stood up taking bill with him. “Don’t be sorry, ok.” bill looked at tom with a black smudged face. “But I went to far Tommy, I should be sorry.” bill looked down, but tom took bills chin in his hand and raised it up so that bill was looking at him.
“Just don’t do it again and stop crying ok I don’t like it when you cry.” tom kissed bills forehead. “Even though I make you do it sometimes.” tom whispered as he kissed both of bills cheeks. Bill opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted when the elevator stopped and dinged open.

Tom grabbed Bills hand and lead them out of the elevator and down the hall to tom’s room. Tom was walking fast and bill was stumbling and trying to keep up. “Tommy slow down.” bill whined as he tripped once again. Tom just kept walking the same speed as he turned a corner and whipped out his hotel room key. Once they were in the room tom shut the door and pushed bill against it and kissed him hard on the lips. “Tommy?” bill looked at tom as he kissed back.

Bill wrapped his arms around his neck and his legs around tom’s waist. One of tom hands rested itself on bills butt and the other one was tangled in his hair. Tom pushed further against the door as he kissed Bill furiously; bill was grinding against tom and moaning in his ear. “Billa I want you so bad.” tom slipped his hand inside of bills pants and teased bill by sliding his finger over his tight entrance over and over again. “Mmm Tommy I want you to.” Bill grinded against his brother’s finger hoping tom would get the hint. “You want this Billa?” smirking, tom pushed one of his fingers into bill. Bill gasped and ground down on tom’s finger frantically.
Tom added another finger and started to thrust then in and out faster. Bill arched up from the door and up against tom. “Mmm Tommy I need you so bad I’m so hard.” bill trusted his hard cock against toms.

Tom pulled out his fingers from bill, and wrapped his arms around bill to keep him up as bill did the same. Tom walked to the bed and dropped bill on the bed. When bill landed on the bed he quickly pushed himself to the upper part of the bed and leaned against the head bored. Tom crawled up the bed to bill taking his shirt off at the same time. When tom was in front of bill he reached up and took bills shirt in his hands and took it off. Tom slid his hands down bills body to his ankles and pulled. Bill was now laying on his back with tom over him working on bills belt. When said belt was finally removed, tom brought bills hands to the head bored post with the belt. Bill looked up at tom as he wiggled around a little. “Tommy.” bill whined and lifted his hips trying to meet toms but tom was already off of him and was at his feet again. Tom was in just his boxers and was taking bills pants and boxers off at the same time. Once bill was completely naked tom removed his own boxers and climbed on top of bill and kissed him hard. “Are you thinking about all the things I’m going to do to you while your tied up Billa?” tom asked as his and slowly pumped bills erection and licked and nipped at his nipple. Bills face was flushed and his skin was moist with sweat. He tugged on the belt that kept his arms tied to the bed. Bill wanted to touch tom to, he couldn’t say he didn’t like being tide up. But he like to touch tom to and he couldn’t do that in the current position he was in. tom continued to suck and nip at bills nipples and moved a little faster, stroking bills erection. “Tommy please.” bill half moaned and whined. “Please what Billa.” tom grinned and moved away from bill once again and stood at the foot of the bed in all his naked glory. Tom bent down and dug in his pants pocket and pulled out some lube. “You a fucking tease Tommy I want you in me NOW!” bills yelled the last part and pouted. Tom only smiled and got back on the bed and popped open the cap and looked to bill. “Do you want me to stretch you first?” tom chuckled as he eyed bill. “No I want you in me, and now, please Tommy I need you.” bill spread his legs and gave tom a seductive smirk. Tom stared at bills hard cock and tight entrance. Tom was between bills legs in a blink of an eye. Bill arched up and screamed in pain and pleasure as tom plowed into him. Both of bills hands were gripped to the bed post as to stop his head from hitting it as tom kept pounding into him. “Mmm ahh Tommy.” bill moaned loudly as his body arched up with each one of toms thrust. “You like that Billa.” tom whispered in bills ear. Tom kept thrusting and grabbed bills cock and stroked it in time with his thrusts. “Ahh oh…..god…yes. Mmm…ahh Tommy faster.” bill was looking right into toms lust filled eyes. Tom When faster, pounding harder at the same time. “t-tommy I’m s-sorry.” bill apologized. Tom frowned. “I told you not to be sorry Billa.” tom gave a sharp thrust to bill prostate that made bill scream in pleasure. “AHHH……Tommy……again….deeper.”

Tom pulled out of bill and pushed him on to his side and place one of bills legs on his shoulder and startled the other one as he thrusted in to bill once again. Tom was bucking and thrusting wildly, getting deeper and deeper into bill as bill was whispering and moaning tom’s name. Tom kept pounding against bills prostate over and over. Bill came on the bed sheets as tom exploded in bill. Tom pulled out of bill and lay behind him and untied his hands. Bill turned around to face tom and wrapped his arms around his neck and snuggle closer to him. Slipping his arms around bills waist, tom kissed in bills hair. “Mm Tommy that was one the best sex we have ever had.” bill giggled as tom pulled him closer. “Mhmm your right.” tom sighed happily as he pulled a clean blanket over them. “Tommy its to early to go to bed silly.” bill giggled again as tom hugged him tighter and shook his head, “no it never to early to go to bed Billa.” tom kissed bills forehead as he snuggled into the bed with bill. “I love you.” bill kissed tom neck and rested in toms arms. “I love you to Billa.” tom smiled and they kissed and both drifted to sleep.

The end!
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